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รอ เรือboat; ship; barge; vesselThe 35th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ร (ร)
TIS-620 value: 0xร (ร)

3417 Thai words on 69 Pages

Page 41
รู ruuMnountiny hole; cavity; gap
classifier[numerical classifier for tiny holes]
รูกระดุมruuM graL doomMnounbutton hole
รูขนruuM khohnRnounpores (in skin)
รูขุมขนruuM khoomR khohnRnounpore (of the skin)
รูจมูก ruuM jaL muukLnounnostril
รูตูดruuM dtuutLnoun[รูตูด] the anus; the rectum; buttocks
รูโพรงruuM phro:hngMnouncavity (in tooth)
รูม่านตาruuM maanF dtaaMnounpupil [of the eye]
รูรับแสงruuM rapH saaengRnoun(camera) aperture
รูรั่ว ruuM ruaaFnouna leak
รูหูruuM huuRnounauditory canal; ear hole
รู้ ruuHverb, intransitive, colloquialto know a subject or piece of learned information
verb, colloquial[ไม่รู้] does not know; did not know; don't know; to be uninformed
verb[จะรู้] will know
verb[ต้องรู้] must know
verb[ควรรู้] should know
verb[เพิ่งรู้] (has, have) just learned
verb[คงจะรู้] probably will know
noun[ความรู้] knowledge; information
verb[จะต้องรู้] will have to know
verb[ยังรู้] still knows; could yet know; can still know
รู้กว้าง ruuH gwaangFexpert in ; be skilled; be well-versed; be proficient
รู้กัน ruuH ganMverbunderstand each other; conspire; connive; encourage; be an accomplice or accessory
รู้กันอยู่ในทีruuH ganM yuuL naiM theeMverb, phraseto have an unspoken understanding
รู้กำพืดruuH gamM pheuutFverb, phraseto understand someone; know someone’s inner fellings
รู้แก่ใจruuH gaaeL jaiMverbto know in (one's own) heart
รู้แกวruuH gaaeoMverbto have an inkling; to have a hunch
รู้เขารู้เราruuH khaoR ruuH raoMexample sentence, idiom"To recognize others' emotions (e.g. your spouse)."
รู้เขารู้เราruuH khaoR ruuH raoMverbto know one's enemy; understand another's strengths and weaknesses
รู้เขารู้เรา รบร้อยครั้งไม่มีพ่ายruuH khaoR ruuH raoM rohpH raawyH khrangH maiF meeM phaaiFexample sentence, idiom"Use your wisdom and skills (i.e. not strength) to study and conquer the enemy, and the victory will always be yours."
รู้ครับruuH khrapHexample sentence"(Yes,) I know (his name)."
รู้ความ ruuH khwaamMverbunderstand; realize; learn
รู้คิดruuH khitHverbto know how to think
รู้คุณruuH khoonM naHadjective[is] grateful; thankful; show gratitude
รู้คุณruuH khoonMverbto show รู้คุณคน
รู้คุณค่าruuH khoonM naH khaaFverbto know or appreciate the value of something
รู้งูๆปลาๆruuH nguuM nguuM bplaaM bplaaMexample sentence, idiom"A jack of all trades, master of none."
รู้จัก ruuH jakLverb[of a person, place, or idea] to know
รู้จักกันดีruuH jakL ganM deeMadjective, verb, phrasewell-known (known by many)
รู้จักกันทั่วไปruuH jakL ganM thuaaF bpaiMadjectivecommonly known; widely known
รู้จักกาลเทศะให้เข้ากับหมู่คณะนั้นruuH jakL gaaM laH thaehM saL haiF khaoF gapL muuL khaH naH nanHexample sentence"[He should] be aware of the appropriate time and place to enter that group."
รู้จักครับruuH jakL khrapHexample sentence"Yes, I do know (him)."
รู้จักดีมากruuH jakL deeM maakFverbto know (someone or something) very well
รู้จักผิดชอบชั่วดีruuH jakL phitL chaawpF chuaaF deeMverb, phraseto know right from wrong
รู้จักมักคุ้นruuH jakL makH khoonHadjective[is] acquainted with; know someone well; [is] familiar with
รู้จักอดออมไว้ใช้เมื่อยามจำเป็น มีไว้พอกินพอใช้ ถ้าเหลือก็แจกจ่าย จำหน่ายruuH jakL ohtL aawmM waiH chaiH meuuaF yaamM jamM bpenM meeM waiH phaawM ginM phaawM chaiH thaaF leuuaR gaawF jaaekL jaaiL jamM naaiLexample sentence"Know how to be frugal when you need to be, to have enough to eat and to live; if you have anything left over, give it to the needy;"
รู้แจ้งเห็นจริงruuH jaaengF henR jingMverb, phraseto have a thorough knowledge
รู้ใจruuH jaiMverb, transitiveto know (one's) mind
รู้ชั้นเชิงruuH chanH cheerngMverbto know tactics; know artifice; know trick
รู้เช่นเห็นชาติruuH chenF henR chaatFverb, phraseto understand someone; know someone’s inner workings; know someone's true colors; know someone's behaviors (usually bad ones), their stands, points of view, and backgrounds very well, but do not know them personally
รู้ซึ้งruuH seungHverbto realize; know well; understand
รู้ซึ้งถึงruuH seungH theungRverb[รู้ซึ้งถึง] to understand [about]; have an understanding of
รู้ดำรู้แดงruuH damM ruuH daaengMadverb, phraseto the end; have a showdown
รู้ดำรู้แดงruuH damM ruuH daaengMverb, phraseto know something clearly; know the truth about something
รู้ดี ruuH deeMverbto know full well; to understand fully
รู้แต่ว่า เราซื้อข้าวสารแพง แต่ชาวนาขายข้าวเปลือกได้ราคาถูกอยู่ตลอดมาruuH dtaaeL waaF raoM seuuH khaaoF saanR phaaengM dtaaeL chaaoM naaM khaaiR khaaoF bpleuuakL daiF raaM khaaM thuukL yuuL dtaL laawtL maaMexample sentence"All I know is that milled rice is expensive to buy [for the consumer], but farmers consistently have to sell their unhusked rice [to the market] at a low price."
รู้ไต๋ ruuH dtaiRverbto know what someone is up to; to know someone else's cards; know someone’s ulterior motive
รู้ถ่อมตน เป็นคนสู้ ไม่อู้งานruuH thaawmL dtohnM bpenM khohnM suuF maiF uuF ngaanMexample sentence"Know how to be humble; be a person who tries hard and does not slow down."
รู้ถึงruuH theungRverb, transitiveto see through (i.e. a deception); to infer (i.e. someone's thoughts)
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