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รอ เรือboat; ship; barge; vesselThe 35th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ร (ร)
TIS-620 value: 0xร (ร)

3445 Thai words on 69 Pages

Page 40
รื้อ reuuHverbto demolish; raze; dismantle; take down
รื้อถอนreuuH thaawnRverbto tear down; demolish; raze; root out
รื้อฟื้นreuuH feuunHverbto resurrect; bring back; renew; revive; reintroduce; recollect
รุ rooHverb, transitiveto evacuate; to purge; to discard
รุท้อง rooH thaawngHverbto take a laxative
รุก rookHverb, transitive, intransitive, formal, colloquialto attack; to invade; advance; infringe; violate; encroach; enter with an army; check (as in checkmate)
verbpush; shove; jostle
adjective[is] on offense
noun[การรุก] offense (opposite of defense)
adjective, colloquial[sexual position] top, active
รุกกลับrookH glapLto backlash
รุกคืบrookH kheuupFverbto advance; move forward; invade
รุกฆาต rookH khaatFverb, intransitivea [certain type of] checking move in the game of chess
รุกจน rookH johnMverb, transitiveto checkmate
รุกร้น rookH rohnHverb, intransitiveto hurry
รุกล้ำrookH lamHverbto trespass; transgress; violate
รุกล้ำอธิปไตยrookH lamH aL thipH bpaL dtaiMverbto violate the sovereignty; to trespass on the sovereign property
รุกไล่rookH laiFverbto smash
รุกข rookH khaLnoun, adjective, loanword, Palitree, plant; of or relating to trees or plants
รุกขชาติrookH khaL chaatFnountree
รุกขเทวดาrookH khaL thaehM waH daaMnoun[same as รุกขเทวา]
รุกขเทวาrookH khaL thaehM waaMnountree spirit; tree fairy
รุกขมูลrookH khaL muunMnoun, phrase, poetic, loanword, Palithe base of a tree
รุกราน rookH raanMverbto trespass; invade; aggress
noun[การรุกราน] aggression; invasion
noun[ผู้รุกราน] aggressor; invador
รุ่ง roongFnoundawn; daybreak
verbto dawn
noun[ดาวรุ่ง] the morning "star," Venus; [fig.] a rising star, a person who is becoming prosperous
noun[ดาวรุ่ง] a rising star [in sports and entertainment]
รุ่งขึ้น roongF kheunFnoundawn
รุ่งเช้าroongF chaaoHadverbdaybreak
รุ่งเรืองroongF reuuangMverb, intransitive[รุ่งเรือง] to flourish; to prosper; to thrive; to succeed
รุ่งโรจน์roongF ro:htFverb, intransitive[รุ่งโรจน์] [same as รุ่งเรือง] to prosper; florish; succeed
รุ้ง roongHnounrainbow; spectrum of colors
adjectivewide and curved
รุ้งกินน้ำroongH ginM naamHnounrainbow
รุงรังroongM rangMadjective[is] messy; unkempt; untidy; disordered
adjective(of fur or hair) [is] bushy; shaggy; thick
noun[รกรุงรัง] clutter; disorder
รุ่งริ่งroongF ringFadjective[is] ragged; tattered; shabby
รุ่งสิทธิ์roongF sitLproper nounRungsit [a Thai given name]
รุด rootHverbto hurry; to go hastily; to rush on; to proceed in a hurry
adjectivehurried; rapid
รุดหน้า rootH naaFverbto hurry ahead; push forward; move ahead; make progress
รุทธาราม rootH thaaM raamMproper noun, formal, loanword, PaliRutharam
รุน roonMverbto push upon; exert force against
รุนแรง roonM raaengMadjective[is] forceful; harsh; violent; severe; strong; radical; extreme
รุ่น roonFadjective[is] adolescent; young
noungeneration; era
noun, formalmodel (auto model); [formal term officially endorsed by the Royal Institute] version (of software)
class (of graduating students)
nounweight class (in boxing)
classifier[numerical classifier for school class (of graduating students]
verbto reach puberty
รุ่นเก่า roonF gaoLadjectivethe older generation
รุ่นแตกลายงาroonF dtaaekL laaiM ngaaMadjective[is] aged; of old age; wrinkled and wizened
รุ่นน้องroonF naawngHnounclassmates from a more junior year; lower classman
รุ่นปู่รุ่นทวดroonF bpuuL roonF thuaatFnoun, phraseone’s ancestors
รุ่นพี่roonF pheeFnounsenior citizen; classmate from a more senior year; upper classman
รุ่นพี่ที่คณะหลายคนก็เริ่มจากการฝึกงาน roonF pheeF theeF khaH naH laaiR khohnM gaawF reermF jaakL gaanM feukL ngaanMexample sentence"Many of the upper classmen who graduated from his faculty started their careers at the place they interned."
รุ่นยาย roonF yaaiMnounthe older generation
รุ่นราวคราวเดียวกันroonF raaoM khraaoM diaaoM ganMadjectiveof the same age; contemporaries
รุ่นศิษย์เก่าroonF sitL gaoLnoun, phrasealumni class
รุ่นสู่รุ่นroonF suuL roonFadverb, phrasefrom generation to generation
รุ่นหลังroonF langRnounnext generation
รุ่นใหญ่roonF yaiLnouna senior person; superior person
รุ่นใหม่roonF maiLnounnew model (of a product)
รุ่นใหม่roonF maiLnounnew generation; new class; younger classmen
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