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รอ เรือboat; ship; barge; vesselThe 35th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ร (ร)
TIS-620 value: 0xร (ร)

3064 Thai words on 62 Pages

Page 35
ริมคลอง rimM khlaawngMnounedge of a canal; next to the canal
ริมถนนrimM thaL nohnRnounroadside; side of a road
ริมถนนสายนี้มีใบปิดโฆษณาสินค้าติดเต็มไปหมดrimM thaL nohnR saaiR neeH meeM baiM bpitL kho:htF saL naaM sinR khaaH dtitL dtemM bpaiM mohtLexample sentence"The sides of this road are completely papered over with advertising posters."
ริมธารน้ำในป่า rimM thaanM naamH naiM bpaaLpreposition, phraseby or beside a brook in the woods
ริมน้ำ rimM naamHnounwaterfront
ริมฝั่งrimM fangLadverbalongshore
ริมฝีปาก rimM feeR bpaakLnounlip
ริมแม่น้ำrimM maaeF naamHnounedge of a river
ริยาด riH yaatFproper noun, geographicalRiyadh, the capital city of ซาอุดิอาระเบีย  (Saudi Arabia)
ริเริ่มriH reermFverbto begin; initiate; start; originate
noun[ผู้ริเริ่ม] originator; creator; inventor; founder; initiator
ริ้ว riuHadjective[is] shredded
nounline; molding; stripe; straight marking
nounstripe; furrow
ริ้วขบวนในพระราชพิธีถวายพระเพลิงพระบรมศพriuH khaL buaanM naiM phraH raatF chaH phiH theeM thaL waaiR phraH phleerngM phraH baawM rohmM maH sohpLnoun, formalprocession for a royal funeral and cremation
ริ้วรอยriuH raawyMnounwrinkle; furrow; line
ริเวียร่าriH wiiaM raaFproper nounRivera [coastal section of France]
ริษยา ritH saL yaaRnounenvy
verb[is] resentful; envious
ริโอเดอจาเนโรriH o:hM duuhrM jaaM naehM ro:hMproper nounRio de Jainerio, a city in Brazil
รี reeMadjectiveoblong; oval
verbto wait for; delay
prefix, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] "re-", the English prefix
รีเทิร์นreeM theernMnoun, verb, transitive, intransitive, colloquial, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword, "return"]
รีรอreeM raawMverbto delay; to hesitate; to wait (for); to pause; to hold back
รี ๆ รอ ๆreeM reeM raawM raawMadjective[is] hesitant; uncertain; wavering; reluctant
รี่ reeFverb, adverbto head straight for; directly
noun[same as ลี่]
รีกัตต้าreeM gatL dtaaFnoun, loanword, English[from English] regatta
รีคอร์เดอร์reeM khaawM duuhrMnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] recorder
รีเจนต์ reeM jaehnMnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] Regent
รีเซตreeM saehtFverb, loanword, English[Thai transcription of foreign loan word] reset
รีด reetFverbto iron; to squeeze; to press; wash; launder
verbto abort or miscarry a fetus
รีดเงินreetF ngernMverbto extort
รีดไถreetF thaiRverbto squeeze; extort; extract; fleece
รีดนม reetF nohmMverb, transitiveto milk a cow
รีดนาทาเร้นreetF naaM thaaM renHverbextort (i.e., something from someone); extract; squeeze; fleece
รีดผ้า reetF phaaFverbto iron clothes
รีดลูกreetF luukFverb, intransitiveto abort or miscarry a fetus, to have an abortion or miscarriage
รีตreetFnouncustom; tradition; ritual; convention
verb[of a religion] to convert (to)
verb[เข้ารีต] [of a religion] to convert (to); join a sect; become a Christian
รีบ reepFverb, intransitiveto hurry
รีบกลับreepF glapLverbto hurry up and return
รีบด่วนreepF duaanLadjectiveurgent; very fast
รีบทำreepF thamMverbto hop to it; to get on with it; to press ahead
รีบทำเสียเดี๋ยวนี้reepF thamM siiaR diaaoR neeHexample sentence"Do it right now!"
รีบร้อนreepF raawnHadjectivein a hurry; rushed
รีบร้อนลนลานreepF raawnH lohnM laanMverb, phraseto rush; hurry
รีบเร่ง reepF rengFverbto hurry or rush off in a hurry; scurry
รีบออกไปreepF aawkL bpaiMverbto hurry off (with); make off with; bundle off
รีบใส่reepF saiLverbto hurry along; hurry on; dash away
รีเบคก้าreeM baehkL gaaF[alternate spelling of รีเบ็คก้า]
รีเบ็คก้าreeM bekL gaaFproper noun, loanword, EnglishRebecca [an English given name]
รี้พลreeH phohnMnounforces, troops; an array of soldiers or forces; battalions
รีฟส์reefFproper noun, person, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] Reeves
รีเฟรชreeM fraehtFverb[Thai transcription of foreign loanword] to refresh
รีเฟล็กซ์reeM faL lekLnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of foreign loan word] reflex; reflector screen or disk used in phorography
รีมreemMclassifier, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] ream
classifier, English[numerical classifier for paper sold in packages] 500 sheets (of paper)
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