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เมื่อจำนองแล้วถ้าลูกหนี้ไม่ชำระหนี้เจ้าหนี้ก็มีอำนาจยึดทรัพย์ที่จำนองออกขายทอดตลาด เอาเงินชำระหนี้ได้และมีสิทธิพิเศษได้รับชำระหนี้ก่อนเจ้าหนี้ธรรมดาทั่วไป
meuuaF jamM naawngM laaeoH thaaF luukF neeF maiF chamM raH neeF jaoF neeF gaawF meeM amM naatF yeutH sapH theeF jamM naawngM aawkL khaaiR thaawtF dtaL laatL aoM ngernM chamM raH neeF daiF laeH meeM sitL thiH phiH saehtL daiF rapH chamM raH neeF gaawnL jaoF neeF thamM maH daaM thuaaF bpaiM
pronunciation guide
Phonemic Thaiเมื่อ-จำ-นอง-แล้ว-ท่า-ลูก-นี่-ไม่-ชำ-ระ-นี่-เจ้า-นี่-ก้อ-มี-อำ-นาด-ยึด-ซับ-ที่-จำ-นอง-ออก-ขาย-ทอด-ตะ-หฺลาด-เอา-เงิน-ชำ-ระ-นี่-ได้-และ-มี-สิด-ทิ-พิ-เสด-ได้-รับ-ชำ-ระ-นี่-ก่อน-เจ้า-นี่-ทัม-มะ-ดา-ทั่ว-ไป
IPAmɯ̂ːa tɕam nɔːŋ lɛ́ːw tʰâː lûːk nîː mâj tɕʰam ráʔ nîː tɕâw nîː kɔ̂ː miː ʔam nâːt jɯ́t sáp tʰîː tɕam nɔːŋ ʔɔ̀ːk kʰǎːj tʰɔ̂ːt tà làːt ʔaw ŋɤn tɕʰam ráʔ nîː dâj lɛ́ʔ miː sìt tʰíʔ pʰíʔ sèːt dâj ráp tɕʰam ráʔ nîː kɔ̀ːn tɕâw nîː tʰam má daː tʰûːa paj
Royal Thai General Systemmuea chamnong laeo tha luk ni mai chamra ni chao ni ko mi amnat yuet sap thi chamnong ok khai thot talat ao ngoen chamra ni dai lae mi sitthi phiset dai rap chamra ni kon chao ni thammada thua pai

 [example sentence]
"Once a property is subject to a mortgage, and if the debtor does repay his loan [in accordance with its terms], the lender has the power to attach the mortgaged property and sell it at auction, and take the money to repay the loan; the mortgage lender’s rights transcends the rights of all ordinary claimants."

componentsเมื่อ meuuaF[indicating a point in time] when; on (a date)
จำนอง jamM naawngMto mortgage
แล้ว laaeoH[positioned at the end of a clause indicating current position, fulfilment of a condition, emphasis, or confirmation] already; any more
ถ้า thaaF[indicating a condition] if
ลูกหนี้luukF neeFdebtor; borrower; person obligated to repay a debt
ไม่ maiFnot; no
ชำระหนี้chamM raH neeFto repay a debt
เจ้าหนี้jaoF neeFcreditor; lender; party holding a debt instrument
ก็มีgaawF meeMthere are; there is
อำนาจ amM naatFauthority; power
ยึดทรัพย์yeutH sapHto seize property, seize assets, confiscate
ที่ theeF[the relative pronouns] that; which; which is...
จำนอง jamM naawngMto mortgage
ออก aawkL[resultative grammatical marker; directional auxiliary meaning "away" or "out"]
ขายทอดตลาดkhaaiR thaawtF dtaL laatLto sell at auction; put up for sale at an auction
เอา aoMto take; get; bring
เงิน ngernMmoney; finance; silver
ชำระหนี้chamM raH neeFto repay a debt
ได้ daiFcan; to be able; is able; am able; may; might [auxiliary of potential, denoting possbility, ability, or permission]
และ laeHand
มี meeMto have or possess; to be available
สิทธิพิเศษsitL thiH phiH saehtLprivilege; special rights
ได้ daiFto receive; to obtain; acquire; get; have got
รับ rapHto receive, get; accept; catch a thrown object, take, to fetch, to pick (someone) up, (colloq.) telephone call
ชำระหนี้chamM raH neeFto repay a debt
ก่อน gaawnLbefore; earlier; time gone by; prior to; in advance of; ahead of time; previously; formerly; initially; beforehand; firstly; first; now; ago
เจ้าหนี้jaoF neeFcreditor; lender; party holding a debt instrument
ธรรมดา thamM maH daaM[is] usual; ordinary; normal; average; plain; regular; natural; common
ทั่วไปthuaaF bpaiMall over; all around; everywhere; in general; commonplace; common; normal

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