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พอ พานtray on which items are offered to a Buddhist monkThe 30th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+พ (พ)
TIS-620 value: 0xพ (พ)

2965 Thai words on 60 Pages

Page 38
พิมพ์หนังสือ phimM nangR seuuRverbto print or publish a book
พิมพ์หน้าราบphimM naaF raapFnounsmooth-face offset lithography
พิมพ์ใจphimM jaiMproper nounPhimchai [a Thai given name]
verbto impress
พิมพ์วสีphimM waH seeRproper nounPimwasee [a Thai given name]
พิมล phiH mohnMadjective, Pali[is] pretty; beautiful
proper noun[a common Thai name]
พิมเสนphimM saehnRnouna [type of] mango
nounBorneo camphor, borneol C10H18O
พิมานphiH maanM[alternate spelling of วิมาน ]
พิระยะphiH raH yaHnoundiligence
พิราบ phiH raapFnoun[นกพิราบ] pigeon
"dove" (anti-war)
พิรามphiH raamMadjective[is] beautiful; handsome
verbto come to an end; to rest; to stop; to cease; to terminate
the end; the termination; the cessation
พิราลัย phiH raaM laiMnoun, formal, archaic, loanword, Pali[royal use only] heaven; the abode of พระอินทร์ (the God Indra); death
verb, intransitive, formal, loanword, Pali[royal use only] to pass away; to die; to go to heaven
พิราวรรณ์phiH raaM wanMproper nounPirawan [Thai female given name]
พิริยะphiH riH yaHnounbravery; vigor
nounwarrier; brave
proper nounPhiriya [a Thai given name]
พิรี้พิไร phiH reeH phiH raiMverbto cry or moan over a loss, to complain tearfully
adjective, adverbslowly (in doing something) as if unwilling; at a leisure pace; unhurriedly; sluggishly
verbto dawdly; dilly-dally
พิรี้พิไรบ่นว่าตนลำบากยากแค้นphiH reeH phiH raiM bohnL waaF dtohnM lamM baakL yaakF khaaenHphrasego about telling people how hard up one is
พิรุณphiH roonMnoun, poeticrain
พิรุธphiH rootHadjective[is] suspicious-looking
verbto behave suspiciously
adjective[is] suspicious; doubtful; dubious
พิเรนphiH raehnMadjective[is] abnormal; unusual; queer; odd; extraordinary; uncommon
พิเรนทร์phiH raehnM[alternate spelling of พิเรน]
พิโรธphiH ro:htFadjective, poetic[is] angry; furious
พิโรธวาทัง phiH ro:htF waaM thangMnoun, formal, poetic, loanword, Pali[the mood in Thai literature or poetry that deals, traditionally, with expressing the persona's anger through remonstrating with slighted feeling(s)]
พิไรphiH raiMverbto complain; grumble (about)
พิลาปphiH laapFverbto moan; complain
พิลาปรำพันphiH laapF ramM phanMverbto moan
พิลาสphiH laatFadjective, formal, poetic[is] beautiful
verbto enjoy
พิลิปดา phiH lipH daaMnounone second of angular measure; for example when specifying longitude or latitude
พิลึก phiH leukHadjective[is] uncanny; queer; weird; odd; grotesque
พิลึกกึกกือphiH leukH geukL geuuMadjective[is] queer; fantastic; odd
พิลึกพิลั่นphiH leukH phiH lanFadjective[is] weird; bizarre; very strange; peculiar
พิไล phiH laiMbeautiful
‘พิวเตอร์ phiuM dtuuhrMnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] -puter; [short for] computer
พิศphitHverb, transitiveto stare at; to gaze at for a long time
พิศวง phitH saL wohngRadjective, formal[is] puzzled about; bewildered; suspicious of
adjective, formal[น่าพิศวง] [is] wonderful
พิศวงงงงวยphitH saL wohngR ngohngM nguayMadjective[is] puzzled; confused; surprised
พิศวาสphitH saL waatLnoun, poetic, Pali, Sanskritlove; intimacy; affection; tenderness
adjective[is] loving; affectionate; tender
to love
พิศาลphiH saanRadjective[is] broad, wide
พิศาลบุตรphiH saanR bootLPisarnbutr [surname]
พิเศษphiH saehtLadjective[is] special; particular; unique; extraordinary; extra
noundistinction; uniqueness; peculiarity; oddity
noun, formal, loanword, PaliEmeritus
พิษ phitHnounpoison; toxin; venom
adjective[is] poisonous; toxic; venemous
พิษงูphitH nguuMnounsnake venom
พิษภัยphitH phaiMnoundanger; harm
พิษร้ายphitH raaiHnounhighly toxic chemical; poison
พิษสุราเรื้อรังphitH sooL raaM reuuaH rangMnounalcoholism
พิษฐานphitH saL thaanRnounvow; will; resolution; wish
verbto (make a) wish
พิษณุโลก phitH saL nooH lo:hkFproper noun, geographicalPitsanulok, a province in northern Thailand with a 1995 population of 846,630 (rank 23 of 76)
พิสดาร phitH saL daanMadjectivedetailed; comprehensive; unabridged
adjectivequeer; strange; odd; uncommon; unusual; particular; extraordinary
พิสมัย phitH saL maiRverb, formal[formal] to love; to admire; to adore
[น่าพิสมัย] [is] loveable, adorable
พิสัยphiH saiRnounrange; affected area; domain
พิสูจน์phiH suutLverb, formal, loanword, Palito prove; demonstrate; establish
noun[การพิสูจน์] proof; proving
พิสูจน์ความบริสุทธิ์phiH suutL khwaamM baawM riH sootLverbto prove one's innocence
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