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พอ พานtray on which items are offered to a Buddhist monkThe 30th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+พ (พ)
TIS-620 value: 0xพ (พ)

3117 Thai words on 63 Pages

Page 32
พอล่าphaawM laaFproper noun, loanword, EnglishPaula [an English given name]
พอลีนphaawM leenMproper noun, loanword, EnglishPauline [an English given name]
พะ phaHnounshack; shed; roof attached to a main building; outbuilding
verbto thrash
พะโค phaH kho:hMproper noun, poeticPegu, a city in Burma (Myanmar)
พะงัน phaH nganMproper noun, geographicalPha Ngan
proper noun, geographical[เกาะพะงัน] Koh Pha Ngan, an island in the Gulf of Thailand known for excellent scuba diving, beautiful beaches, and a monthly "full-moon" party.
พะงาบphaH ngaapFverbto shut one's mouth slowly; open and close one's mouth
พะทำมะรง phaH thamM maH rohngMnounwarden; jailor
พะนม phaH nohmMverbto salute
พะนอ phaH naawMverb, transitiveto pamper
พะเนิน phaH neernMnoun, adjectivepiles; heaps; lots; plenty
large hammer used for beating metal
พะเนินเทินทึกphaH neernM theernM theukHadverb, phrasein a heap; in a pile
พะเนียง phaH niiangMnoun[ไฟพะเนียง] sparkler variety of fireworks; Roman candle
adjective[is] sparkling
noun[ต้นพะเนียง] [a tropical tree with edible seeds] Archidendron jiringa
noun[ลูกพะเนียง] seeds of the tree Archidendron jiringa
พะแนง phaH naaengMnoun[แกงพะแนง] evaporated (thickened) spicy Thai curry
พะแนงphaH naaengMnouna dry curry dish [as compared to แกง  a wet curry dish]
พะยะค่ะ phaH yaH khaFparticle, formal[extremely polite particle used when addressing royalty by placing at the end of a sentence like ครับ  and ค่ะ ]
พะยุพยุงphaH yoopH phaH yoongMverbto help; assist
พะยูน phaH yuunMnounsea cow, manatee, Dugong, Trichechus
พะยูนเป็นสัตว์เลี้ยงลูกด้วยน้ำนมที่อาศัยอยู่ในทะเลphaH yuunM bpenM satL liiangH luukF duayF naamH nohmM theeF aaM saiR yuuL naiM thaH laehMexample sentence"The dugong is an ocean-dwelling mammal."
พะเยา phaH yaoMproper noun, geographicalPhayao, a province in northern Thailand with a 1995 population of 517,257 (rank 45 of 76)
พะรุงพะรังphaH roongM phaH rangMadjective[is] disheveled; disorderly; tattered; messy
พะโล้phaH lo:hHnouna [type of] Chinese prepared dish consisting of pork or duck stewed in gravy
พะไล phaH laiMnounverandah; porch; lanai; gallery
พะวง phaH wohngMadjective, formal[is] anxious (for); worried; concerned
noun[ความพะวง] care; concern; anxiety
adjective, colloquial, idiom[มัวพะวง] [is] overly anxious for; worried or concerned about
พะว้าพะวัง phaH waaH phaH wangMadjective[is] worried; anxious; distraught; overwrought
พะอืดพะอมphaH euutL phaH ohmMto feel nauseous; feel sick
adjectivein a difficult situation; [is] in a dilemma
พัก phakHverbto halt, lay-over, stop for the night, stay overnight at a place, to rest or relax, remain at a place temporarily
nouna short while
noun[ที่พัก] accommodations, abode, residence, apartment, board, boardinghouse, crib, digs, hotel, house, housing, lodging, pad, quarters, rooms, shelter
พักค้างคืนphakH khaangH kheuunMverbto stay overnight; to layover
พักงานphakH ngaanMadjective, verb[is] suspended from work; temporarily laid off
พักได้...แต่อย่าหยุดphakH daiF dtaaeL yaaL yootLexample sentence"You may rest, but do not stop."
พักโตเกียว ๔ คืนนิกโก้ ๒ คืน สนุกครับphakH dto:hM giaaoM seeL kheuunM nikH go:hF saawngR kheuunM saL nookL khrapHexample sentence"[We] stayed in Tokyo for four nights, Nikko for two nights; it was a lot of fun."
พักที่โรงแรมphakH theeF ro:hngM raaemMverb, phraseto stay over at a hotel
พักเที่ยงphakH thiiangFnoun, phrasenoon break; lunch break
พักผ่อน phakH phaawnLverbto rest; relax; wind down; ease
พักผ่อนเยอะ ๆ จะได้หายป่วยเร็ว ๆphakH phaawnL yuhH jaL daiF haaiR bpuayL reoMexample sentence"Get a lot of rest so you can get well soon."
พักผ่อนหย่อนใจ phakH phaawnL yaawnL jaiMverbto physically relax oneself
พักผ่อนเอาแรงphakH phaawnL aoM raaengMverb, phraseto rest up; recover from one's work
พักพิงphakH phingMverbto stay; take shelter
พักฟื้น phakH feuunHverb, intransitiveto recuperate; to convalesce
พักรบphakH rohpHverbto stop warring; cease fire
พักร้อนphakH raawnHverbto have a vacation, holiday; to go on a summer vacation
พักแรม phakH raaemMverbto camp; encamp
พักสายตาphakH saaiR dtaaMverbrest one's eyes (upon)
พักหนึ่งphakH neungLnoun, phrasefor a little while
พักหนึ่ง ผมเห็นคนปั่นจักรยานแซงรถบัสที่โดยสารphakH neungL phohmR henR khohnM bpanL jakL graL yaanM saaengM rohtH batL theeF dooyM saanRexample sentence"After a while, I saw some people pedaling bicycles and passing by the busses."
พักหลัง ๆ เขาดื่มจัดเพราะทุกข์ใจเกี่ยวกับเรื่องภรรยาของเขาphakH langR khaoR deuumL jatL phrawH thookH jaiM giaaoL gapL reuuangF phanM raH yaaM khaawngR khaoRexample sentence"Afterwards, he drank heavily because he was distressed about his wife."
พักห้องเดียวกันphakH haawngF diaaoM ganMverb, phraseto room together; to stay together in the same room
พักอย่างสบายphakH yaangL saL baaiMverbto snuggle up
พักอยู่ phakH yuuLverbremain; remain at; stay; stay at (temporarily)
พักอยู่ชั่วคราวphakH yuuL chuaaF khraaoMverbto encamp; to stay at a (temporary) camp
พักอยู่ที่phakH yuuL theeFverbto lodge at...; to stay (over) at...
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