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พอ พานtray on which items are offered to a Buddhist monkThe 30th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+พ (พ)
TIS-620 value: 0xพ (พ)

2965 Thai words on 60 Pages

Page 58
แพร่กระจายผ่านทางอินเทอร์เน็ตอย่างรวดเร็วphraaeF graL jaaiM phaanL thaangM inM thuuhrM netH yaangL ruaatF reoMverb, phraseto go viral on the Internet
แพร่ข่าวphraaeF khaaoLverbto spread news; broadcast
แพร่เชื้อphraaeF cheuuaHverbto spread a disease; infect (someone)
แพร่พันธุ์phraaeF phanMverb, phraseto breed; multiply; propagate
แพร่ภาพ phraaeF phaapFverb[of TV] to broadcast; to telecast
แพร่ระบาด phraaeF raH baatLverb[of a disease] to spread; become an epidemic
แพร่สนั่นphraaeF saL nanLverbto spread; circulate; disseminate; propagate; get around; go around
แพร่สะพัดphraaeF saL phatHadjective, verb, transitiveto spread; become widespread; [is] widely talked about
แพร่หลาย phraaeF laaiRadjective[is] widespread; current
แพร่หลายphraaeF laaiRverbto spread out; extend; flow outward; permeate
แพร่กระจายphraaeF graL jaaiMverb, intransitiveto spread; circulate; disseminate; propagate
แพร่ง phraaengFnouncross-road; fork; junction
verb[of secret or confidential or classified information] to spread out; to break off; to branch off; to reveal
แพร่งนรา phraaengF naH raaMproper nounPrang Nara (an intersection in Bangkok)
แพร่งพรายphraaengF phraaiMverb(of information or gossip) to leak; make known; spread; disclose; disseminate; reveal
แพร่งภูธร phraaengF phuuM thaawnMproper nounPrang Pootorn (an intersection in Bangkok)
แพรว phraaeoMadjective[is] luminous; sparkling
แพรวพราว phraaeoM phraaoMadjective, adverb[is] shiny; sparkling; dazzling; glittering
แพรวพราว phraaeoM phraaoMadjective[of a person] [is] tricky; wily
แพร็อกซิทีน phaaeM rawkH siH theenMformal, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] paroxytine
แพร็อกซิทีน เอชซีเอลphaaeM rawkH siH theenM aehtL seeM aehnMphrase, formal, loanword, Englishparoxytine hydrochloride; แพ็กซิล  (Paxil)
แพลง phlaaengMverbto sprain the ankle, knee, or wrist
verbto twist; sprain; wrench
แพลทินัมphlaaeM thiH namM[alternate spelling of แพลทินั่ม]
แพลทินั่มphlaaeM thiH namFnoun, loanword, English[chemistry] Platinum, Pt, atomic number 78
แพลนphlaaenMverb[Thai transcription of foreign loanword] plan; to make plans; plan
แพลมphlaaemMverbto let out; protrude
แพล็ม phlaemMadjective, intransitive[is] protruding; showing a small part of; revealing a portion of
adjective, adverb[พล็อมแพล็ม] [is] (shining or appearing) intermittently
แพล็มตาหนู phlaemM dtaaM nuuRadjective, colloquial[is] post-pubescent (i.e. retractable foreskin)
แพ็ลเลเดียมphaenM laehM diiamMnoun[chemistry] Palladium, Pd, atomic number 46
แพละโลม phlaeH lo:hmMverb, transitiveto flirt with; to woo; to court
แพ้ว phaaeoHnounscarecrow
แพศย์ phaaetF[of the Four Castes in Code of Manu in ancient India's Hindu society] member of the third of the Four Castes; traders; merchants
แพศยาphaaetF saL yaaRnounprostitute
adjectivelustful; wanton; [of morals] loose; licentious; using feminine wiles
noun[ความแพศยา] prostitution (the institution)
แพะ phaeHnoungoat
noun, proper noun, colloquial[ปีแพะ] year or zodiac sign of the Goat
แพะบ้าphaeH baaFnoun, proper nounCrazy Goats (nickname for FC Cologne football club, after their mascot)
แพะรับบาปphaeH rapH baapLnoun[แพะรับบาป] scapegoat; fall guy
แพะโลมphaeH lo:hmM[alternate spelling of แพละโลม ]
โพpho:hMnoun, proper nounthe bothi (bo) tree, the pipal or sacred fig tree (esp. the onegrowing at Mahabodhi Temple)
prefix[playing cards] [prefix for] hearts or spades
โพดำpho:hM damMnoun[playing cards] spades; spade
โพแดงpho:hM daaengMnoun[playing cards] hearts; heart
โพก pho:hkFto wrap a piece of cloth around the head
โพง pho:hngMnounto bail (water); to ladle; to scoop
nounirrigation water-lifting device
nountom cat; male cat
noun[ผีโพง] evil ghost
โพงพาง pho:hngM phaangMnoun, proper noun, colloquial[name of a traditional Thai game/entertainment in the past]
nounfish trap; fish trap consisting of a long net laid across part of the river
โพชฌงค์pho:htF chohngMnounenlightenment factors
โพแทสเซียมpho:hM thaaetF siiamM[alternate spelling of โปแตสเซียม]
โพธิ์ pho:hMnounBhodi tree (such as the one under which the Buddha attained โพธิญาณ  [enlightenment])
โพธิpho:hM thiH[alternate spelling of โพธิ์ ]
โพธิญาณ pho:hM thiH yaanMnoun[พระโพธิญาณ] Buddhist enlightenment
โพธิสมภาร pho:hM thiH sohmR phaanMnoun, formalKingly protection; the King's grace
โพธิสัตว์ pho:hM thiH satLnounBodhisattva, one who seeks salvation for others, such as the Buddha before enlightenment
noun[พระโพธิสัตว์] Bodhisattva; Buddha
โพน pho:hnMverb, intransitiveto catch; trap; ensnare
noun[a method of] wild elephant trapping
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