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สอ เสือtigerThe 40th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ส (ส)
TIS-620 value: 0xส (ส)

4413 Thai words on 89 Pages

Page 88
ใส่เกลือในเมล็ดข้าวsaiL gleuuaM naiM maH letH khaaoFverb, phraseto corn, that is, to preserve (beef, for example) in brine or granulated salt
ใส่เกียร์ว่างsaiL giiaM waangFverbto put (a transmission) into neutral gear
ใส่เกียร์ว่างsaiL giiaM waangFnounto become neutral about one's duty or actions
ใส่เกียร์หมาsaiL giiaM maaRverb, phraseto run quickly; run away; escape
ใส่ขดลวดค้ำยันเพื่อขยายหลอดเลือดแดงsaiL khohtL luaatF khamH yanM pheuuaF khaL yaaiR laawtL leuuatF daaengMverb, phraseto implant a heart stent to expand a blocked artery
ใส่ครีมsaiL khreemMadjective, phrase[is] cream-stuffed
ใส่ความ saiL khwaamMverbaccuse
ใส่ความsaiL khwaamMto slander; frame; defame
ใส่ไคล้saiL khlaiHverbto slander; discredit
ใส่ใจ saiL jaiMadjective[ใส่ใจ] [is] mindful of
ใส่ใจsaiL jaiMverb[ใส่ใจ] to pay attention to
ใส่ตรวนsaiL dtruaanMverbto shackle; put in chains
ใส่ตะกร้าล้างน้ำsaiL dtaL graaF laangH naamHphrase, idiom[to] make a silk purse out of a sow's ear; reestablish someone's bad name; a girl's parents making good their daughter's reputation after an incident or history which damaged her reputation
ใส่ตีนหมาsaiL dteenM maaRverb, phrase, colloquialto run quickly; bolt; escape by running
ใส่ถุงกลับบ้านsaiL thoongR glapL baanFverb, phraseto pack up (food) to take home; put in a doggie bag
ใส่น้ำแข็ง saiL namH khaengRadjectivewith ice; "on the rocks"
ใส่บาตร saiL baatLverb, intransitive, phrase, colloquialto put food into a monk's bowl; give food to a monk
ใส่ปลอกหมอนsaiL bplaawkL maawnRverbto put on a pillowcase
ใส่ผ้าอ้อมบนตัวเด็ก saiL phaaF aawmF bohnM dtuaaM dekLverbto diaper a baby
ใส่ไฟsaiL faiMverbto vilify; incite; instigate
ใส่ไม่เข้าsaiL maiF khaoFadjective, phrase[is] unable to insert; can't get it in
ใส่รองเท้าเบอร์อะไรsaiL raawngM thaaoH buuhrM aL raiMexample sentence"What size shoe do you wear?"
ใส่รองเท้าส้นสูงเดินถนนสุ่มเสี่ยงโรคข้อต่ออักเสบsaiL raawngM thaaoH sohnF suungR deernM thaL nohnR soomL siiangL ro:hkF khaawF dtaawL akL saehpLexample sentence"Walking while wearing high heels creates a risk of arthritis."
ใส่ร้าย saiL raaiHverbto accuse; incriminate; slander; defame
ใส่ร้ายป้ายสี saiL raaiH bpaaiF seeRverbto slander; defame; malign; traduce; incriminate
ใส่แล้วเท่saiL laaeoH thehFexample sentence"[You can] wear it and look sharp!"
ใส่สิ่งที่ดีที่สุดลงไป แล้วจิตใจสบายก็ดีแล้วนะsaiL singL theeF deeM theeF sootL lohngM bpaiM laaeoH jitL jaiM saL baaiM gaawF deeM laaeoH naHexample sentence"However, we should put in the best food we can so that our own hearts and minds will be satisfied and that should be good [enough for us]."
ใส่สีใส่สันsaiL seeR saiL sanRverb, phraseto sugarcoat, gild the lily, embellish, exaggerate
ใส่สีใส่สันsaiL seeR saiL sanRverb, phraseto sugarcoat, gild the lily, embellish, exaggerate
ใส่เสื้อผ้า saiL seuuaF phaaFverbto dress; to put on clothes
ใส่หน้าsaiL naaFadverbin one's face; to one's face; directly to one's face
ใส่หน้ายักษ์saiL naaF yakHverb, phraseto express anger on one's face
ใส่หมวกในตอนที่อากาศร้อนอบอ้าวเช่นนี้ซะ ทำไมsaiL muaakL naiM dtaawnM theeF aaM gaatL raawnH ohpL aaoF chenF neeH saH thamM maiMexample sentence"What are you wearing a hat in this sweltering hot weather for?"
ใส่ให้เต็ม saiL haiF dtemMverbfill; fill up; fill it up
ใส่สีสันsaiL seeR sanRverbto sugarcoat, gild the lily, embellish, exaggerate
ไส saiRverbto push forward; to shove; to thrust
particle[Isaan dialect] ไหน 
ไสกบ saiR gohpLverbto plane (wood)
ไส้ saiFintestines, innards, entrails, bowels, interior parts; a center or cavity
noun(food) stuffing or filling, the food which is packed inside another
a person in the family
ไส้กรอก saiF graawkLnounsausage; hot dog; hotdog
ไส้กรอกตับsaiF graawkL dtapLnounliverwurst; liver sausage
ไส้กรอกเลือดsaiF graawkL leuuatFnounblood sausage; blutwurst
ไส้กรอกอีสานsaiF graawkL eeM saanRnounIssan-style sour sausage
ไส้กลวง saiF gluaangMadjective, phrase, figurative, idiom[figurative] [of feelings] having an empty feeling in the stomach; [of appearances] deceptive; [of objects] having a hollow cavity or center; [of plants] having a hollow center in the fruits due to lack of calcium and boron
ไส้กล้วยsaiF gluayFnouna Thai sweet of banana in sweet sticky rice wrapped in a banana leaf
ไส้แขวนsaiF khwaaenRadjectivehave an empty stomach; [is] famish; starving
ไส้ตัน saiF dtanMnounvermiform appendix (of the body)
ไส้ติ่ง saiF dtingLnounappendix (of the body)
ไส้แตก saiF dtaaekLverbto stuff something in so tighly that the container breaks
ไส้เป็นน้ำเหลืองsaiF bpenM naamH leuuangRadjective, phrase[is] impovershed
ไส้เลื่อน saiF leuuanFnounhernia
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