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สอ เสือtigerThe 40th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ส (ส)
TIS-620 value: 0xส (ส)

4620 Thai words on 93 Pages

Page 91
แสรก saL raaekLloanword, Khmer[สาแหรก ]
แสร้ง saaengFverbto simulate; to feign; to pretend
แสร้งทำ saaengF thamMverbpretend
แสร้งทำเป็นไม่ได้ยินsaaengF thamM bpenM maiF daiF yinMverb, phraseto act as of one does not hear something
แสร้งทำเป็นไม่รู้saaengF thamM bpenM maiF ruuHverb, phraseto act as if one does not know something
แสร้งทำเป็นไม่สังเกตsaaengF thamM bpenM maiF sangR gaehtLverb, phraseto act as if one does not notice something
แสร้งเป็นไม่เห็นsaaengF bpenM maiF henRverb, phraseto pretend not to see
แสลง saL laaengRadjective[of food] poisonous; toxic
แสลงใจsaL laaengR jaiMverb[is] hurt; offended
แสลงหูsaL laaengR huuRadjective, phrase[is] unpleasant to hear; contrary to what one expects to hear
แสวงsaL waaengRverb, loanword, Khmerto pursue; seek; look for; search out
แสวงบุญsaL waaengR boonMverbto make a pilgrimage
แสวงหาsaL waaengR haaRverbto seek for; search for; look for
แสวงหาต่อสู้และดิ้นรนsaL waaengR haaR dtaawL suuF laeH dinF rohnMTo search and struggle and strive.
แสวงหาผลประโยชน์saL waaengR haaR phohnR bpraL yo:htLverb, phraseto seek to benefit from; attempt to profit from; seek to profit for one's own interest
โส so:hRnoun, colloquial[colloquial slang] prostitute (shortened from of โสเภณี )
adjective, colloquial[colloquial slang] vile; filthy; unbearably dirty (shortened from of โสโครก )
โสโครก so:hR khro:hkFadjective, formal, vulgar[is] vile; filthy
noun, formal[หินโสโครก] harmful rocks submerged just below the water surface
โสณ so:hR naHnoun, adjective, formal, poetic, loanword, Palia dog; dogs
noun, formal, poetic, loanword, Paligold
adjective, formal, poetic, loanword, Palired
noun, proper noun, formal[ต้นโสณ] name of a plant
โสณชาติso:hR naH chaatFnoun, phrase, formal, poetic, loanword, Palia dog; dogs
โสด so:htLadjectivesingle; unmarried
noun[คนโสด] a single person
noundivision, part, position
โสดซิงso:htL singMadjective, colloquial[is] unmarried and a virgin
โสดแต่ไม่ซิงso:htL dtaaeL maiF singMadjective, colloquial, sarcastic-humorous[is] unmarried but is not a virgin
โสต so:htLnoun, adjective, poetic, loanword, Palithe ear; pertaining to the ear
โสตทัศนศึกษาso:htL thatH saL naH seukL saaRnounaudio-visual education
โสตประสาทso:htL bpraL saatLnounauditory nerve; hearing
โสน saL no:hRnoun[ต้นโสน] sanor tree, Sesbania javanica
noun[ดอกโสน] flower of the sanor tree
โสภso:hR phaH[alternate spelling of โสภา ]
โสภา so:hR phaaMadjective[is] beautiful
beauty; radiance; light; brigtness
โสภาคso:hR phaakFproper nounSobhak [a Thai name]
โสภาคสุวรรณso:hR phaakF sooL wanMproper noun, personSobhak Suwon, [pen name of] รำไพพรรณ ศรีโสภาค, a Thai novellist who is best known for her elegant prose and mastery of crafting ไพรัชนิยาย 
โสภินso:hR phinMproper noun[Thai family name] Sophin
โสเภณี so:hR phaehM neeMnounprostitute
โสเภณีชาย so:hR phaehM neeM chaaiMnounmale prostitute
โสม so:hmRcolloquialKorea
noun, poeticthe moon
noun[ต้นโสม] ginseng, Penax schinseng, soma, Sarcostemma actaum
โสมนัส so:hmR maH natHverbto be happy; joyful; pleased; joyous; glad
noun[ความโสมนัส] joy; happiness; pleasure
โสมม so:hR mohmMadjective[is] foul; filthy; polluted; obscene; dirty
โสร่ง saL ro:hngLnoun, loanword, Malaysarong, a fabric or cloth wrapped worn in Thailand by wrapping around the waist and tying one end
โสร่งพวกนั้นเท่าไหร่ saL ro:hngL phuaakF nanH thaoF raiLexample sentence"How much are those sarongs each?"
โสรัจจะ so:hR ratH jaLnoungentleness; meekness; gentility; refinement; mannerliness
โสหุ้ย so:hR huyFnoun, colloquial, loanword, Chineseexpense; expenditure; cost
โสฬส so:hR lohtHadjective, formal, poetic, loanword, Palisixteenth; sixteen
noun, formal, archaic, loanword, Palian obsolete unit of the Old Siam currency; an ancient copper coin worth half of an อัฐ 
formal, loanword, Pali[Buddhism] a collective name of the 16 classes of heaven or world of the Brahma with forms
ใส saiRadjective[is] clear; transparent
proper nounSai [Thai nickname]
ใสสะอาดsaiR saL aatLadjectiveclear; flawless
ใส่ saiLverbto put in; add
verbto put on clothing; wear; encase
verb[จะใส่] will add
verb[ไม่ใส่] do not add
adjective[ใส่ใจ] [is] mindful of
verb[ใส่ใจ] to pay attention to
noun[ความใส่ใจ] attention; mindfulness; care
prepositionon; at; toward
ใส่กล่องsaiL glaawngLverbto pack into a "to-go" or "take-away" box (i.e. in a fast food restaurant)
ใส่กลอนsaiL glaawnMverbto lock; to bolt
ใส่ก๊าซsaiL gaasHverb, transitive, intransitive, phrase, colloquialto gas
ใส่กุญแจ saiL goonM jaaeMverbto lock
ใส่เกลือsaiL gleuuaMverbto salt
ใส่เกลือในเมล็ดข้าวsaiL gleuuaM naiM maH letH khaaoFverb, phraseto corn, that is, to preserve (beef, for example) in brine or granulated salt
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