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สอ เสือtigerThe 40th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ส (ส)
TIS-620 value: 0xส (ส)

4219 Thai words on 85 Pages

Page 38
สังคโลกsangR khaH lo:hkFnounSangkhalok (kind of ceramic, made in Thailand since the Sukhothai era)
สังคัง sangR khangMnountinea cruris, (jock itch), a fungal infection of the groin
สังคายนาsangR khaaiM yaH naaMverbto check up; sort out; revise; correct
verbto chant in unison
สังคีต sangR kheetFnouna concert featuring music and dance, a musicale
สังเคราะห์ sangR khrawHadjective[is] synthetic
verbto synthesize
สังฆ sangR khaHnoun, Pali, Sanskrit[a prefix meaning] religious; pertaining to religion
noun, Pali, Sanskrita religious leader
Pali, Sanskritreligious gathering, assembly, or congregation
สังฆกรรม sangR khaH gamMnouna religious rite, ceremony, or service performed by monks in a temple
สังฆกรรมsangR khaH gamMnoundeed performed by Buddhist monks in the temple precincts
สังฆทานsangR khaH thaanMnounoffering to a Buddhist monk
สังฆมณฑลsangR khaH mohnM thohnMnouncircle of Buddhist monks; community of monks
สังฆราช sangR khaH raatFnounsupreme patriarch; highest-ranking religious leader
สังฆาฏิsangR khaaM dtiLnouna monk’s outer robe worn over the shoulder
สั่งย้ำsangL yaamHverbto repeat; reiterate; restate; retell
สังวร sangR waawnMadjective[is] careful; mindful; aware; wary
verb[สังวรไว้] to pay heed to; bear in mind
verb[พึงสังวร] should pay attention to
สังวรไว้sangR waawnM waiHverb[สังวรไว้] to pay heed to; bear in mind
สังวรณ์sangR waawnM[alternate spelling of สังวร ]
สังวาล sangR waanMnoun, proper noun, formal, poetic, archaic, ancient, loanword, Pali[ancient ornament] chain worn from both shoulders across the breast, sash of gold and diamonds; chain
noun, proper noun, person, loanword, PaliSangwaan [a Thai female given name] (love vine)
สังวาลสายไพฑูรย์ sangR waanM saaiR phaiM thuunMnoun, proper noun, phrase, colloquial, poetic, loanword, Pali(sash of) Chrysobery Cat's eye; lapis lazuri (shoulder lace)
สังวาลย์sangR waanMproper nounSangwal [a Thai male given name]
สังวาสsangR waatFverb, formal, loanword, Palito fornicate; copulate; have sexual intercourse; to ball
noun, Palisexual intercourse; coitus; coition
สังเวชsangR waehtFverbto pity; commiserate; sympathize; compassionate; lament
adjective[น่าสังเวช] pitiful; sad
สังเวย sangR weeuyMverb, transitiveto make a sacrifice or offering to a god
สังเวยบูชาsangR weeuyM buuM chaaMverbto offer a sacrifice
สังเวียน sangR wiianMnounthe pit where a cockfight occurs, a boxing ring
nounstage; arena; platform; ring
สั่งสมsangL sohmRverbto accumulate; collect; stock up; save up
สั่งสมสมบัติsangL sohmR sohmR batLverb, phraseto accumulate weath
สังสรรค์ sangR sanRverb, transitive, intransitive, formal, loanword, Palito converse, mingle, mix, blend, combine, intermingle, interweave, join, merge, unite; associate, consort, fraternize, hang about or around, hobnob, rub shoulders (informal), socialize
[การสังสรรค์] union; coalition; conjunction; association; amalgamation; socialization
สังหรณ์ sangR haawnRverb, intransitiveto have a hunch; to feel intuitively; to have a premonition; to sense
สังหรณ์ใจ sangR haawnR jaiMnoun, adjective, verbhaving indistinct feeling of intuition; premonition
สังหาร sangR haanRverbto execute; put to death; murder; destroy; kill
สังหารผลาญชีวิต sangR haanR phlaanR cheeM witHverb, intransitiveto kill indiscriminately
สังหารโหดsangR haanR ho:htLverbto brutally murder
สังหาริมทรัพย์ sangR haaR rimM maH sapHnoun, formal, loanword, Pali[laws] movable property; effects; personal property
สัจsatLnountruth; truthfulness; fact; reality
adjective[is] true; real; factual
สัจsatL jaL[alternate pronunciation of สัจ]
สัจธรรมsatL jaL thamM maHnoun(eternal) truth; dharmic truth; truth of the dharma
สัจจ satL jaL[alternate spelling of สัจจะ ]
สัจจนิยม satL jaL niH yohmMnounRealism; Realpolitik
สัจจะ satL jaLnoun[Buddhism] pledge of honor; promise; word; truth
สัจจาsatL jaaMnounpersonal pledge; word of honor; promise
สัจนิยมsatL jaL niH yohmMnounRealism
สัจพจน์ satL jaL phohtHnounpostulate; axiom
สัจวจนsatL jaL waH jaL naHnounright speech; truthful speech
สัจสัมมตาsatL jaL samR maH dtaaMnounwise proverb or saying
สัญจร sanR jaawnMverb, intransitiveto travel; to roam; to journey
noun[ผู้สัญจร] traveler; sojourner; passerby
สัญชาตญาณ sanR chaatF dtaL yaanMnouninstinct; intuition
สัญชาติ sanR chaatFnouncitizenship; nationality
สัญญา sanR yaaMverbto promise; take an oath; agree to
noun, Palilegal contract; promise; agreement; treaty; pact; deal
noun, Pali[Buddhism] memory or recognition
สัญญาก่อนแต่งงานsanR yaaM gaawnL dtaengL ngaanMnounpre-nuptual agreement
สัญญาก่อนสมรสsanR yaaM gaawnL sohmR rohtHnounpre-nuptual agreement
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