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เขาฉีกจดหมายแทบทุกฉบับที่ป้าซึ่งกลายมาเป็นแม่บุญธรรมยื่นให้ลงถังขยะ ก่อนจะแอบกลับไปเก็บมันมาต่อให้เป็นกระดาษชิ้นสมบูรณ์ในยามค่ำ
khaoR cheekL johtL maaiR thaaepF thookH chaL bapL theeF bpaaF seungF glaaiM maaM bpenM maaeF boonM thamM yeuunF haiF lohngM thangR khaL yaL gaawnL jaL aaepL glapL bpaiM gepL manM maaM dtaawL haiF bpenM graL daatL chinH sohmR buunM naiM yaamM khamF
pronunciation guide
Phonemic Thaiเขา-ฉีก-จด-หฺมาย-แทบ-ทุก-ฉะ-บับ-ที่-ป้า-ซึ่ง-กฺลาย-มา-เป็น-แม่-บุน-ทัม-ยื่น-ไฮ่-ลง-ถัง-ขะ-หฺยะ-ก่อน-จะ-แอบ-กฺลับ-ไป-เก็บ-มัน-มา-ต่อ-ไฮ่-เป็น-กฺระ-ดาด-ชิ้น-สม-บูน-ไน-ยาม-ค่ำ
IPAkʰǎw tɕʰìːk tɕòt mǎːj tʰɛ̂ːp tʰúk tɕʰà bàp tʰîː pâː sɯ̂ŋ klaːj maː pen mɛ̂ː bun tʰam jɯ̂ːn hâj loŋ tʰǎŋ kʰà jàʔ kɔ̀ːn tɕàʔ ʔɛ̀ːp klàp paj kèp man maː tɔ̀ː hâj pen kràʔ dàːt tɕʰín sǒm buːn naj jaːm kʰâm
Royal Thai General Systemkhao chik chot mai thaep thuk chabap thi pa sueng klai ma pen mae buntham yuen hai long thang khaya kon cha aep klap pai kep man ma to hai pen kradat chin sombun nai yam kham

 [example sentence]
"He tore up almost every letter that his aunt, who had become his adoptive mother, had given him and threw the pieces in the trash; the then secretly retrieved the pieces from the trash and taped them completely back together in the evening."

componentsเขา khaoR[3rd person singular or plural pronoun] he; she; him; her; they; them
ฉีก cheekLto rip or tear up
จดหมายjohtL maaiRpostal letter; mail; a letter
แทบ thaaepFnearly; almost
ทุก thookHevery; each
ฉบับ chaL bapL[numerical classifier for periodicals, documents, legal documents, newspapers, essays, e-mail, mail, letters, contracts]
ที่ theeF[the relative pronouns] that; which; which is...
ป้า bpaaFaunt; elder sister of parents
ซึ่ง seungF[the relative pronouns] that; which
กลาย glaaiMto change; to become; to transform; convert; be changed
มา maaMto come; <subject> comes
เป็น bpenMto be; <subject> is
แม่บุญธรรมmaaeF boonM thamMfoster mother
ยื่น yeuunFto extend; to hang out; to project; to protrude; to stick out; to bulge; hand over
ให้ haiFto give; to let; to send to; to allow; to convey towards; to pay (attention); to have someone do something
ลง lohngMto lay down; put down; set down
ถังขยะthangR khaL yaLtrash can; trash bin
ก่อน gaawnLbefore; earlier; time gone by; prior to; in advance of; ahead of time; previously; formerly; initially; beforehand; firstly; first; now; ago
จะ jaL[imminent aspect marker]
แอบ aaepLto hide or be stealthy, to sneak
กลับไปglapL bpaiMgo back; return
เก็บ gepLto collect; preserve; keep; fetch; pick up (a purse, e.g.)
มัน manM[the indefinite pronoun for referring to animals or things] it, they, them
มา maaM[directional auxiliary inticating "approach" or "toward the object"]
ต่อ dtaawLagainst; towards; to; further; on; for
ให้เป็นhaiF bpenMto create; to be; be able to do something
กระดาษ graL daatLpaper
ชิ้น chinHpiece (of food or wood, e.g.); chunk; slice or lump; element
สมบูรณ์ sohmR buunM[is] perfect; complete; absolute; abundant; [grammar] past, present and future perfect tenses
ใน naiMin; inside; within; amidst; into; on; at a particular time
ยาม yaamMtime; hour; period; juncture
ค่ำ khamFevening; dusk; sunset time

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