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ตอ เต่าturtleThe 21st consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ต (ต)
TIS-620 value: 0xต (ต)

3315 Thai words on 67 Pages

Page 29
ตัดด้านข้างสั้นลงหน่อยdtatL daanF khaangF sanF lohngM naawyLexample sentence"Please cut it shorter on the sides."
ตัดต่อ dtatL dtaawLverb[film editing, biology] to splice
ตัดตอนdtatL dtaawnMnounan excerpt; out-take
ตัดตอนdtatL dtaawnMverbto extract; excerpt; quote
ตัดถนน dtatL thaL nohnRverbto construct a road
ตัดทอนdtatL thaawnMverbto abridge; reduce; cut off; shorten; cut down; slash; curtail
ตัดเนื้อเยื่อไปตรวจdtatL neuuaH yeuuaF bpaiM dtruaatLverbto perform a biopsy
ตัดผม  dtatL phohmRnoun, verbhaircut; to cut the hair; have a haircut
ตัดผมชายdtatL phohmR chaaiMverbto give a man's harcut; barber
ตัดผมชายdtatL phohmR chaaiMnoun[sign on a barbershop]
ตัดผ่านdtatL phaanLverbto cut through; by-pass
ตัดไฟต้นลมdtatL faiM dtohnF lohmMverb, phraseto nip something in the bud; to fix a problem before it gets worse
ตัดไฟแต่ต้นลมdtatL faiM dtaaeL dtohnF lohmMverb, phraseto nip something in the bud; stop something before it gets started
ตัดไมตรีdtatL maiM dtreeMverbto break off relations; cut off relations; sever relations
ตัดเยื่อใยdtatL yeuuaF yaiMverbto break off a relationship
ตัดรอนdtatL raawnMverbto sever relations (with); break (/cut) off a friendship; sever a friendship
ตัดรอนน้ำใจdtatL raawnM namH jaiMverb, phraseto break the spirit (of)
ตัดรากถอนโคนdtatL raakF thaawnR kho:hnMverb, phraseto pull out the roots and remove the stump; to remove completely
ตัดราคา dtatL raaM khaaMverb, intransitiveto cut prices; lower prices
ตัดเล็บ dtatL lepHverbto cut the fingernails or toenails
ตัดสัมพันธ์dtatL samR phanMverbto break off relations; cut off relations; sever relations
ตัดสายป่านdtatL saaiR bpaanLverbto cut off; sever; break up; separate
ตัดสิน dtatL sinRverbto decide; judge; referee
ตัดสินใจ dtatL sinR jaiMverb, formalto decide; determine; make up one's mind; declare
ตัดสินใจไม่ถูกdtatL sinR jaiM maiF thuukLadjective[is] unable to make up one's mind
ตัดสินลงโทษdtatL sinR lohngM tho:htFverb, phraseto pronouce punishment at a trial
ตัดสินว่ามีความผิด dtatL sinR waaF meeM khwaamM phitLverb, intransitive, phraseto condemn
ตัดสูทตัวนึงเนี่ย... กี่วันเสร็จครับ? dtatL suutL dtuaaM neungM niiaF geeL wanM setL khrapHexample sentence[spoken by a male] "How long (how many days) does it take to make a suit?"
ตัดเสื้อdtatL seuuaFverbto have a suit or dress made; to tailor; sew a dress
ตัดหนังหุ้มลึงค์ทิ้งdtatL nangR hoomF leungM thingHverb, intransitive, formalto circumcise; to remove or cut off the prepuce of a male
ตัดหนังหุ้มลึงค์ออกdtatL nangR hoomF leungM aawkLverb, intransitive, formal[same as ตัดหนังหุ้มลึงค์ทิ้ง]
ตัดหน้าdtatL naaFverb, intransitive, phrase, colloquial, idiomto preempt; to do beforehand
ตัดหน้า dtatL naaFverb, colloquial[driving] to cut off
ตัดอกตัดใจdtatL ohkL dtatL jaiMverb, phraseto get over something; put it out of one's mind; to carry on after a tragedy
ตัดอกตัดใจdtatL ohkL dtatL jaiMverb, phraseto restrain one's desires
ตัดอกตัดใจเถอะนะครับ คนที่จากไปแล้วก็ถือว่าหมดเวรหมดกรรม คนที่อยู่ข้างหลังชีวิตต้องดำเนินต่อไปdtatL ohkL dtatL jaiM thuhL naH khrapH khohnM theeF jaakL bpaiM laaeoH gaawF theuuR waaF mohtL waehnM mohtL gamM khohnM theeF yuuL khaangF langR cheeM witH dtawngF damM neernM dtaawL bpaiMexample sentence"Just get over it! [We need to] put out of our minds the person who has left; the survivor needs to get on with his life."
ตัดบท dtatL bohtLverbto interrupt (speaking)
ตัดพ้อdtatL phaawHverbto complain; express regret
ตัดพ้อต่อว่าdtatL phaawH dtaawL waaFverbto complain, grumble, blame
ตันdtanMadjective[is] blocked (road, pipe, sink); solid; choked; clogged
noun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] ton; metric ton (1,000 กิโลกรัม)
classifier[numerical classifier for rice and other dry goods] ton
ตันกรอสdtanM graawtLnoungross ton
ตันตระdtanM dtraLnounTantric Buddhism
ตับ dtapLnounliver
classifier[numerical classifier for liver]
nouna skewer used to barbeque fish or chicken
adjective[describing anything lined up like skewers on a grill]
ตับแข็ง dtapL khaengRnouncirrhosis of the liver
ตับไตไส้พุงdtapL dtaiM saiF phoongMnounentrails; guts
ตับอ่อนdtapL aawnLnounpancreas
ตับอักเสบdtapL akL saehpLnounhepatitis
ตับแล่บdtapL laaepFadjective[is] tired; fatigued; exhausted; wiped out
adverbvery much
ตัว dtuaaMnoun[of a person] self; himself; herself; yourself; themselves; [things] itself
noun[of an insect or animal, or of a human carnally] a body
noun[of an object] entity; item; body; center (of a geographic area)
noun[orthography] number; digit; character; figure
pronoun[2nd person pronoun, calling someone in a cute way] you
particle[Thai prefix meaning] "doer"; [as in the English suffix] "-er" or "-or"
noun(theatrical) character; (sports) player
nounone (generic word [e.g. the small one])
classifier[numerical classifier for digits, number, bodies, shirts, pants, suits, animals, fish, germs, chairs, tables, desks, software title]
noun, colloquial, vulgar[อีตัว] [extremely crude and derogatory] a female prostitute
ตัวกระทำ dtuaaM graL thamMnoun[chemistry] reagent
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