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ตอ เต่าturtleThe 21st consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ต (ต)
TIS-620 value: 0xต (ต)

3086 Thai words on 62 Pages

Page 43
ตีตลาดdteeM dtaL laatLverbto market a product sucessfully; capture a market
ตีตั๋ว dteeM dtuaaRverb, intransitiveto book a ticket; to purchase a ticket
ตีตั๋วยืนdteeM dtuaaR yeuunMverbto purchase a "standing room only" ticket
ตีตื้นdteeM dteuunFverbto improve
ตีแตกละเอียดdteeM dtaaekL laH iiatLverb, transitive, intransitive, phraseto smash
ตีโต้ dteeM dto:hFverb, transitiveto counter attack; strike back; make a counterattack; retaliate; hit back
ตีทะเบียนdteeM thaH biianMverb, transitiveto register
ตีบทแตกdteeM bohtL dtaaekLverbto perform well; have an excellent act
ตีบ้านตีเมืองdteeM baanF dteeM meuuangMverbto attack a city
ตีปลาหน้าไซdteeM bplaaM naaF saiMphrase, idiomto upset someone’s applecart; to disrupt someone’s plans
ตีป่าdteeM bpaaLverb, transitive, intransitiveto hit wildly
ตีปีกบิน dteeM bpeekL binMverbto flap wings
ตีปี๊บdteeM bpeepHverb, figurativeto advertise
ตีแปลงdteeM bplaaengMverbto wallow; move; roll; lie
ตีแผ่dteeM phaaeLverbto disclose; expose; uncover; unveil; bring to light
ตีฝ่าdteeM faaLverb, transitiveto break through (the enemy line)
ตีฝีปาก dteeM feeR bpaakLverb, intransitiveto argue convincingly
ตีฝีปากdteeM feeR bpaakLverbto equivocate; wisecrack; quibble; bicker
ตีฝีปากกันdteeM feeR bpaakL ganMverbto argue
ตีพิมพ์ dteeM phimMverbto publish; stamp [as on a piece of leather]
ตีโพยตีพายdteeM phooyM dteeM phaaiMverb, phraseto go into hysterics; make a scene
ตีเมืองdteeM meuuangMverbto attack a city
ตีรวนdteeM ruaanMverbto make trouble; be a troublemaker; look for a fight
ตีรันฟันแทงdteeM ranM fanM thaaengMverb, phraseto fight and brawl with weapons; quarrel and fight
ตีราคา dteeM raaM khaaMverb, transitiveto value; assess the cost; appraise; set a price for
ตีลูกdteeM luukFverbto hit a (tennis, ping pong) ball
ตีลูกล้อ dteeM luukF laawHverb, phrase, colloquial[name of a traditional Thai game/entertainment in the past]
ตีวงdteeM wohngMverbto encircle; circumscribe; to contain; to enclose
ตีวัวกระทบคราด dteeM wuaaM graL thohpH khraatFexample sentence, idiom"To beat the dog before the lion."
ตีสนิท dteeM saL nitLverbto feign friendship; to befriend under a false pretense
ตีสอง dteeM saawngRadverb02:00 h; 2 a.m.
ตีสองครึ่ง dteeM saawngR khreungFadverb02:30 h; 2:30 a.m.
ตีสองหน้าdteeM saawngR naaFverbto present two faces; to be hypocritical
ตีสาม dteeM saamRadverb03:00 h; 3 a.m.
ตีสาย dteeM saaiRverb, intransitiveto install wire
ตีสี่ dteeM seeLadverb04:00 h; 4 a.m.
ตีเสมอdteeM saL muuhrRverb, intransitiveto presume to act as an equal
ตีหน้าdteeM naaFverbto pretend; simulate; wear an expression of; conceal one's feelings
ตีหน้าตายdteeM naaF dtaaiMverb, intransitiveto assume a deadpan face
ตีหน้าตีตาdteeM naaF dteeM dtaaMverb, transitive, intransitiveto pretend
ตีหน้ายักษ์dteeM naaF yakHverbto express anger on one's face
ตีหนึ่ง dteeM neungLadverb01:00 h; 1 a.m.
ตีหนึ่งครึ่ง dteeM neungL khreungFadverb01:30 h; 1:30 a.m.; half-past one in the morning
ตีหม้อ dteeM maawFverb, intransitive, figurative, colloquial, vulgar[colloquial sexual slang] to copulate [used by male when engaging in a sexual intercourse with a prostitute]
ตีห้า dteeM haaFadverb05:00 h; 5 a.m.
ตีห่างdteeM haangLverb, intransitiveto keep aloof
ตีเหล็กตอนร้อนdteeM lekL dtaawnM raawnHverb, phraseto strike while the iron is hot
ตีเหล็กเมื่อแดง กินแกงเมื่อร้อนdteeM lekL meuuaF daaengM ginM gaaengM meuuaF raawnHexample sentence, idiom"Strike while the iron is hot." — "Carpe diem."
ตีให้หลังลายdteeM haiF langR laaiMverb, phraseto tan someone's hide; beat mercilessly
ตีอวนdteeM uaanMverbto lay down a gill net
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