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ตอ เต่าturtleThe 21st consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ต (ต)
TIS-620 value: 0xต (ต)

3335 Thai words on 67 Pages

Page 42
ติเตียนได้ ไม่โกรธ อาฆาตกันdtiL dtiianM daiF maiF gro:htL aaM khaatF ganMexample sentence"You can be critical, but not angry or spiteful."
ติเตือน dtiL dteuuanMverbto blame; criticize; disparage; reproach
ติง dtingMverbto cross-examine
verbto admonish; criticize; reproach
ติ่ง dtingLnounoutgrowth; appendage; projection; protrusion
verbto protrude
ติ่งหูdtingL huuRnounearlobe
ติ๋งdtingRadjective[onomatopoeia] sound of dripping water
ติงต๊องdtingM dtaawngHnoun, adjective, interjection, colloquial[colloquial, perhaps crude] [is] crazy-headed; "(You) weirdo!"
ติ๊งต๊อง dtingH dtaawngHadjective, adverb, colloquial[colloquial slang, sometimes shortened as ต๊อง] being a space cadet; being a spaz; eccentric; odd; freakish; peculiar; quirky; strange; flaky; odd; wacky; lightheaded; forgetful; inept; being a klutz or clumsy person
ติงลี่dtingM leeFnoun[Thai transcription of foreign loanword] tingley (style of hat)
ติฉินนินทาdtiL chinR ninM thaaMverbto gossip maliciously; blame via whisper campaign
ติชมdtiL chohmMverbto criticize; comment; review; observe
ติณชาติ dtinM naH chaatFnoungrass
ติณสูลานนท์dtinM suuR laaM nohnMproper noun[family name of General Prem] Tinsulanonda
ติด dtitLverb, intransitive[of a person] to become (figuratively) fixated (on something); to think about (something) to an extreme and excessive degree; to be (figuratively) absorbed; to be obsessed (with someone or something); to be crazy or mad about; to be fascinated by
preposition[preposition usage] attached to; on
adjective[ติดใจ] [is] suspicious; doubtful
verb, transitiveto start, to light, to ignite, to light up or light (something) up, to kindle a fire
verb, transitive, colloquial[of diseases and serious ilnesses] to get, have, contract, catch, acquire, be afflicted with, develop, come down with
adjective, adverbconsecutive; successive; running; adjacent; next; adjoining; beside; bordering; cheek by jowl; close; near; neighbouring; next door; touching
adverb[ติด ๆ] consecutively
verb, transitiveto decorate; adorn; beautify; embellish; festoon; ornament; to do up (informal); color; furbish; paint; paper; install; renovate; wallpaper; to pin (a medal on)
adjective[is] close to; attached to; clinging to; adjacent to; side by side with; snuggled up to; enclosed within; (of traffic) [is] jammed
adjective[ติดใจ] [is] enthralled by; attracted to; enamored of; yearning for; in love with; crazy for
adjective[is] (physically) stopped; caught in; stuck; blocked; obstructed; interfered with; interrupted; halted; brought to a standstill
verb, transitive[is] addicted to; [has] formed a habit
verb, transitive, intransitiveto ask to travel along (in someone's vehicle); to ride along (with someone)
verb, transitiveto attach physically; to impress (a seal); to stamp; to affix; to stick; to fix; to glue; to hold fast; to fasten; to paste
verb, transitive, intransitiveto set (something) up (so that it) exists, remain, be alive or be there to stay
verb, intransitive[used of plants that bear fruits] to be successful in fruiting
verb, transitiveto be imprisoned; to be jailed; to be confines; to be detained; to be incarcerated; to be locked up; to be put away; to be sent down
verb, intransitive, adverba bit; rather; somewhat; pretty; quite
verb, transitive, intransitiveto owe or be indebted (committed or obligated to repay a monetary loan); to be in debt, to be in arrears to be obligated or indebted
verb, transitive, intransitiveto visit; to talk in order to make an agreement; to communicate; to go through
verb, transitiveto impart (color) by means of a dye
verb, intransitive[as a dye] to impart color
verb, intransitiveto become colored or absorb color when treated with a dye
verbto designate
verb[ไม่ติด] [of an engine] won't start
proper noun[ปลาติด] any one of several species of fishes belonging to Echeneidae (Echeneis, Remora, and allied) genera. Also called: Sucking Fish (E. naucrates), Shark Sucker - Echeneis naucrates Linnaeus; Swordfish Sucker - Remora brachyptera; Remora - Remora remora
ติดกระดุม dtitL graL doomMverbto sew a button on
ติดกันdtitL ganMverb, phraseattached together; joined together ("joint"); next to each other
ติดกับ dtitL gapLprepositionadjacent; beside; against; next (to)
ติดกับdtitL gapLverbnext to; adjacent to; to be trapped; to attached to; to be stuck with
ติดกับดักdtitL gapL dakLadjective[is] caught in a trap
ติดกาวdtitL gaaoMverbto glue
ติดเก้งdtitL gengFverb, intransitive, colloquial[used of dogs only] the state in which a male dog's penis gets stuck in a female dog's vagina after they สมจร
ติดขบวนแห่dtitL khaL buaanM haaeLverbto be blocked by a float procession
ติดขัดdtitL khatLverb[of traffic] to become jammed or congested
ติดขัดdtitL khatLadjective[is] congested; stuck
ติดคอdtitL khaawMverbto stick in one's throat (e.g. fish bone)
ติดค้างdtitL khaangHverbto owe (someone)
ติดค้างdtitL khaangHadjective[is] indebted, obligated
ติดค้างdtitL khaangHverbto remain unresolved
ติดคุกdtitL khookHverb, intransitiveto be in prison; to go to prison
ติดเครื่อง dtitL khreuuangFverbto start an engine
ติดงานdtitL ngaanMverbto be tied up with work; to be very busy with one's work; to be busily engaged
ติดเงิน dtitL ngernMverbto owe (someone) money; to owe money (to someone)
ติดจมูกdtitL jaL muukLverbto have a pleasant fragrance
ติดจะเก่าdtitL jaL gaoLverb(to look) somewhat or rather old
ติดจำนองdtitL jamM naawngMverb[ติดจำนอง] to attach a mortage (to real property)
ติดแจdtitL jaaeMverbto be someone's shadow
ติดใจdtitL jaiMadjective[ติดใจ] [is] suspicious; doubtful
ติดใจdtitL jaiMadjective[ติดใจ] [is] enthralled by; attracted to; enamored of; yearning for; in love with; crazy for
ติดเชื้อ dtitL cheuuaHnoun, adjective[is] infected; contract an infection; get a contagious disease
ติดเชื้อไวรัส dtitL cheuuaH waiM ratHcontract a virus; infected by virus
ติดตราdtitL dtraaMverbto affix a seal; to be imprinted on
ติดตรึงใจdtitL dtreungM jaiMverbto impress; fascinate
ติดตลกdtitL dtaL lohkLverb, phrase[is] funny, humorous
ติดตลาดdtitL dtaL laatLverb[of goods] to become popular and hold a place in the market
ติดต่อ dtitL dtaawLverbto contact; to communicate
ติดต่อ dtitL dtaawLverbto be infectious, to be contagious or communicable
ติดต่อ dtitL dtaawLadjective[is] connected or associated with
ติดต่อกลับdtitL dtaawL glapLverbto write (a letter) back
ติดต่อกันdtitL dtaawL ganMadverb[ติดต่อกัน] one right after the other; consequtive
ติดต่อกันdtitL dtaawL ganMverb, phrase[ติดต่อกัน] to communicate with each other
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