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ดอ เด็กchildThe 20th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ด (ด)
TIS-620 value: 0xด (ด)

1844 Thai words on 37 Pages

Page 35
โดรนdro:hnMnoun[Thai transcription of foreign loanword] drone
โดโรธีdo:hM ro:hM theeMproper noun, loanword, EnglishDorothy [an English given name]
โดเวอร์ do:hM wuuhrMproper noun, geographicalDover, the capital city of เดลาแวร์ (Delaware)
โดฮา do:hM haaMproper noun, geographicalDoha, the capital city of กาตาร์  (Qatar)
โด๊ะ doHverb[sexual slang] to shake, move, or thrust the buttocks up and down, the action of sexual penetration
ใด daiMadjective[is] any
[ใด ๆ] any; whatever; anyone; anything
pronounwhich; where
pronoun[วันใด] someday; any day
pronoun[ใด ๆ] anything; everything; all things
particle[Isaan variant of] ไร 
ใด ๆdaiM daiM[ใด ๆ] any; whatever; anyone; anything
ใด ๆdaiM daiMpronoun[ใด ๆ] anything; everything; all things
ใด ๆ ก็ตามdaiM daiM gaawF dtaamMpronoun, adverb, phrase(pronoun, determiner, adverb) any
ใด ๆ ในโลกล้วนอนิจจังdaiM daiM naiM lo:hkF luaanH aL nitH jangMexample sentence, idiom"All is unstable, not lasting, uncertain and transitory."
ได daiMparticle, formal, loanword, Greek[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] di; [a prefix occurring in loanwords from Greek, where it means "two," "twice," "double" (diphthong); on this model, freely used in the formation of compound words (dicotyledon; dipolar) and in chemical terms (diatomic; disulfide)]
ได้ daiFverb, transitivecan; to be able; is able; am able; may; might [auxiliary of potential, denoting possbility, ability, or permission]
to receive; to obtain; acquire; get; have got
auxiliary verb[auxiliary of potential] can
auxiliary verb[aspect marker indicating present and present perfect—action which happened in the past and continues to the present]
auxiliary verb[จะต้องได้] [auxiliary verb combination] will have to be able to...
auxiliary verb[คงได้] [auxiliary verb combination] has probably...; probably did...
auxiliary verb[จะได้] [auxiliary verb combination] will be able to...
auxiliary verb[จะไม่ได้] [auxiliary verb combination] will not be able to...
auxiliary verb[คงจะได้] [auxiliary verb combination] will probably get to...; would have...
auxiliary verb[คงจะไม่ได้] [auxiliary verb combination] probably won't get to...; wouldn't have...
verb[ไม่ได้] cannot; can't; could not; is not able
auxiliary verb[ไม่ได้] [auxiliary verb combination] did not...; is not; am not
verb[จะได้] will get to [change of state apect auxiliary]
noun[การได้] (the process of) acquisition
verb[อยากได้] [of an object] to want; to need
auxiliary verb[จะต้องไม่ได้] [auxiliary verb combination] mustn't be allowed to...
auxiliary verb[เพิ่งได้] [auxiliary verb combination] has just recently...
auxiliary verb[ยังไม่ได้] [auxiliary verb combination] still has not been able to...
[a word placed after มิ  and ไม่  (not, no) to indicate negation]
adverb, particle[a word used in the pattern คงจะ (+verb) + ได้ to indicate probability or possibility]
particle[having the property of, as in the English suffix] -ible or -able
verbto pick out; to choose
verb, adverb, colloquial[of a test or an exam] to pass
[ไม่ได้] [is] unable to; cannot
verb[ได้มา] to obtain; get; acquire
verb, formal[ได้มาซึ่ง] to obtain; get; acquire
ได้daaiF[alternate pronunciation of ได้ ]
ได้กลับคืนมาdaiF glapL kheuunM maaMverb, phraseto recover
ได้กลิ่น daiF glinLverbto smell or sniff
ได้กลิ่นคาวปลาแล้วพะอืดพะอมdaiF glinL khaaoM bplaaM laaeoH phaH euutL phaH ohmMexample sentence"The smell of fish makes me feel ill."
ได้กลิ่นอะไรไหม้ไหมdaiF glinL aL raiM maiF maiRexample sentence"Do you smell something burning?"
ได้กำไร daiF gamM raiMverbto profit; earn
ได้กำไรงามdaiF gamM raiM ngaamMverb, intransitive, phrase, colloquialmake a large or huge profit
ได้กำไร?เป็นกอบเป็นกำ daiF gamM raiM bpenM gaawpL bpenM gamMverb, phrase, colloquialto be substantially lucrative/profitable
ได้กินdaiF ginMverb[ได้กิน] [past and perfect tenses] <subject> has eaten; <subject> ate; <subject> did eat
ได้กินของทุกอย่างที่ไม่เคยกินdaiF ginM khaawngR thookH yaangL theeF maiF kheeuyM ginMexample sentence"I ate everything I had never eaten before."
ได้กินร้านอร่อยระดับยืนรอครึ่งชั่วโมงแค่ ๒ มื้อdaiF ginM raanH aL raawyL raH dapL yeuunM raawM khreungF chuaaF mo:hngM khaaeF saawngR meuuHexample sentence"We ate only two meals in restaurants with delicious [food], the kind that you have to stand and wait a half hour to get it to."
ได้แก่daiF gaaeLconjunctionnamely...; with respect to...; that is...
ได้ข่าวจาแดนไกล ต้องเฝ้าระวังอย่างแรงdaiF khaaoL jaaM daaenM glaiM dtawngF faoF raH wangM yaangL raaengMexample sentenceWe heard from far away that we had to be very careful.
ได้ข่าวจากdaiF khaaoL jaakLphraseto receive news from; hear tidings from; to hear from
ได้ข่าวว่าdaiF khaaoL waaFverb, phraseto hear that; receive news that
ได้ข่าวว่าชอบร้านนี้มากdaiF khaaoL waaF chaawpF raanH neeH maakFexample sentence"We heard that [she] liked this restaurant very much."
ได้ข่าวว่าได้ลูกชาย ยินดีด้วยนะครับdaiF khaaoL waaF daiF luukF chaaiM yinM deeM duayF naH khrapHexample sentence"We just heard that you have a new son. Congratulations!"
ได้ข่าวว่าสาวไฮโซคนนั้นไปยกเครื่องมาสวยพริ้งเชียวdaiF khaaoL waaF saaoR haiM so:hM khohnM nanH bpaiM yohkH khreuuangF maaM suayR phringH chiaaoMexample sentence"I've heard that that high society woman had cosmetic surgery; she looks absolutely gorgeous."
ได้ข่าวดีเมื่อไหร่จะโทร.บอกครับdaiF khaaoL deeM meuuaF raiL jaL tho:hM baawkL khrapHexample sentence"Whenever [I] get the good news [I'll] call and let you know."
ได้เข้าชิงอีกหลายครั้งdaiF khaoF chingM eekL laaiR khrangHexample sentence"[The team] made it to the final round many times."
ได้เขียนdaiF khiianRverb[ได้เขียน] [past and perfect tenses] <subject> has written; <subject> wrote; <subject> did write
ได้ครับ daiF khrapHexample sentence[spoken by a male] "Yes" — "Yes, that will be alright."
ได้ความdaiF khwaamMverb, intransitiveto have substantial content
ได้ความdaiF khwaamMadjectivesound; substantial; decent; presentable
ได้ค่ะ daiF khaFexample sentence[spoken by a female] "Yes." — "Yes, I can." — "Yes, he is able."
ได้ค่ะ daiF khaFexample sentence[spoken by a female] "Yes, I have (received it)."
ได้ค่ะ คุณจะบินไปเกาะสมุยโดยสายการบินกรุงเทพฯซึ่งจะใช้เวลาประมาณชั่วโมงเศษ ๆdaiF khaF khoonM jaL binM bpaiM gawL saL muyM dooyM saaiR gaanM binM groongM thaehpF seungF jaL chaiH waehM laaM bpraL maanM chuaaF mo:hngM saehtL saehtLexample sentence"Yes, Maam. You'll fly to Samui by Bangkok airways, which takes a little over an hour."
ได้คะแนน ๔๕ คะแนน สอบตกdaiF khaH naaenM seeL sipL haaF khaH naaenM saawpL dtohkLexample sentence"[I] scored 45 points which was a failing grade."
ได้คำตอบว่าไม่มี จึงนั่งลง daiF khamM dtaawpL waaF maiF meeM jeungM nangF lohngMexample sentence"He answered that there was no one so I sat down."
ได้คิดdaiF khitHverbto realize; come to understand
ได้คืนมาใหม่อีกครั้งdaiF kheuunM maaM maiL eekL khrangHverb, transitive, intransitive, phraseto regain
ได้คืบจะเอาศอก ได้ศอกจะเอาวาdaiF kheuupF jaL aoM saawkL daiF saawkL jaL aoM waaMexample sentence, idiom"Give him an inch, and he’ll take a yard."
ได้งานdaiF ngaanMverb[ได้งาน] to obtain work; be hired
ได้เงิน daiF ngernMverbto make money; receive money
ได้จังหวะdaiF jangM waLverbto do something at the right time; have right timing
ได้ใจ daiF jaiMverb, intransitive[negative connotation] to be encouraged; conceited; overconfident; haughty
ได้ใจความdaiF jaiM khwaamMverb, phraseto understand the meaning of; to comprehend
ได้ช่วยdaiF chuayFverb[ได้ช่วย] [past and perfect tenses] <subject> has helped; <subject> helped; <subject> did help
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