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แม้ข้อเท็จจริงเช่นนี้อาจนำไปสู่ข้อสรุปแบบฟันธงไม่ได้ว่าชายเหล่านั้นจะไม่แต่งงาน แต่ก็มีแนวโน้มว่าการแต่งงานจะถูกยืดออกไป จนถึงไม่แต่ง
maaeH khaawF thetH jingM chenF neeH aatL namM bpaiM suuL khaawF saL roopL baaepL fanM thohngM maiF daiF waaF chaaiM laoL nanH jaL maiF dtaengL ngaanM dtaaeL gaawF meeM naaeoM no:hmH waaF gaanM dtaengL ngaanM jaL thuukL yeuutF aawkL bpaiM johnM theungR maiF dtaengL
pronunciation guide
Phonemic Thaiแม้-ค่อ-เท็ด-จิง-เช่น-นี้-อาด-นำ-ไป-สู่-ค่อ-สะ-หฺรุบ-แบบ-ฟัน-ทง-ไม่-ได้-ว่า-ชาย-เหฺล่า-นั้น-จะ-ไม่-แต่ง-งาน-แต่-ก้อ-มี-แนว-โน้ม-ว่า-กาน-แต่ง-งาน-จะ-ถูก-ยืด-ออก-ไป-จน-ถึง-ไม่-แต่ง
IPAmɛ́ː kʰɔ̂ː tʰét tɕiŋ tɕʰên níː ʔàːt nam paj sùː kʰɔ̂ː sà rùp bɛ̀ːp fan tʰoŋ mâj dâj wâː tɕʰaːj làw nán tɕàʔ mâj tɛ̀ŋ ŋaːn tɛ̀ː kɔ̂ː miː nɛːw nóːm wâː kaːn tɛ̀ŋ ŋaːn tɕàʔ tʰùːk jɯ̂ːt ʔɔ̀ːk paj tɕon tʰɯ̌ŋ mâj tɛ̀ŋ
Royal Thai General Systemmae kho thet ching chen ni at nam pai su kho sarup baep fan thong mai dai wa chai lao nan cha mai taeng ngan tae ko mi naeo nom wa kan taeng ngan cha thuk yuet ok pai chon thueng mai taeng

 [example sentence]
"Even though this data might lead to the tentative conclusion that these men will not get married, there is a tendency for them to put off marriage until they never do tie the knot."

componentsแม้ maaeHthough; if; provided; even; even if
ข้อเท็จจริงkhaawF thetH jingMfact; evidence; case
เช่นนี้chenF neeH[the pre-determiner] such; such as; like this
อาจ aatL[used with another verb to indicate possibility] may; might
นำไปสู่namM bpaiM suuLto lead to (a conclusion, e.g.)
ข้อสรุปkhaawF saL roopLconclusion; result
แบบ baaepLlike; as; similar to; in the pattern of; in a... way/fashion; type
ฟันธงfanM thohngMto decide for sure; decide absolutely
ไม่ได้maiF daiF[auxiliary verb combination] did not...; is not; am not; does not
ว่า waaF[proposition complementizer] that...; as... [see examples]
ชาย chaaiMman; men
เหล่านั้นlaoL nanHthose
จะ jaL[imminent aspect marker]
ไม่ maiFnot; no
แต่งงานdtaengL ngaanMto marry; to get married [referring to the use of a parcel of land as a dowry in former times]
แต่ dtaaeLbut; even; however; rather
ก็ gaawFalso; too; as well; well...; [suggestion] should...
มีแนวโน้มmeeM naaeoM no:hmHto have a tendency
ว่า waaF[proposition complementizer] that...; as... [see examples]
การแต่งงานgaanM dtaengL ngaanMwedding, marriage, nuptials, wedlock; getting married
จะ jaL[imminent aspect marker]
ถูก thuukL[a verb particle reflecting passive voice]
ยืด yeuutFto stretch; extend; expand; lengthen
ออกไปaawkL bpaiM[directional marker implying "outside of"; "outward"; "removal"; "departure"; or "into the future"]
จนถึงjohnM theungRuntil; until reached; until you reach; 'till
ไม่ maiFnot; no
แต่ง dtaengLto wed; marry

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