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ปอ ปลาfishThe 27th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ป (ป)
TIS-620 value: 0xป (ป)

3173 Thai words on 64 Pages

Page 29
ปวดท้อง bpuaatL thaawngHnounstomach ache; upset stomach
ปวดท้องขี้bpuaatL thaawngH kheeFverb, intransitiveto feel an urgency to have a bowel movement
ปวดท้องทุ่งbpuaatL thaawngH thoongFverb, intransitiveto feel an urgency to have a bowel movement
ปวดท้องเยี่ยวbpuaatL thaawngH yiaaoFverb, intransitiveto feel an urgency to urinate
ปวดปัสสาวะbpuaatL bpatL saaR waHverb, intransitiveto feel an urgency to urinate
ปวดฟัน bpuaatL fanMnounto have a toothache
ปวดเมื่อย bpuaatL meuuayFverbto have aching muscles
ปวดร้าว bpuaatL raaoHverbto have a splitting pain
ปวดร้าวใจbpuaatL raaoH jaiMadjective[is] in anguish; in psychic pain; in grief
ปวดร้าวใจbpuaatL raaoH jaiMnoungrief; anguish; psychic pain
ปวดศีรษะ bpuaatL seeR saLnoun, formal[formal] headache
ปวดเศียรbpuaatL siianRnoun, verbheadache
ปวดเศียรbpuaatL siianRverbto have a headache
ปวดแสบปวดร้อน bpuaatL saaepL bpuaatL raawnHverb, intransitiveto have a burning pain
ปวดหลัง bpuaatL langRnounbackache
ปวดหัว bpuaatL huaaRnounheadache; hangover
ปวดหัวbpuaatL huaaRverbto have a headache
ปวดหัวข้างเดียว bpuaatL huaaR khaangF diaaoMnounmigraine
ปวดอุจจาระbpuaatL ootL jaaM raHverb, intransitiveto feel an urgency to have a bowel movement
ปวดเศียรเวียนเกล้าbpuaatL siianR wiianM glaoFto cause one to have a headache (metaphorically)
ป่วน bpuaanLverb, intransitive[is] confused; anxious; disconcerted; disconcerting
adjective[is] turbulent; in a state of turbulence
ป่วนใจbpuaanL jaiMadjective[is] agitated
ป่วนปั่น bpuaanL bpanLadjective, idiom[is] in turmoil; greatly confused
ป่วนเมืองbpuaanL meuuangMverbto cause public disorder; create a public disturbance
ป้วน bpuaanFverb, intransitivefascinated; engrossed; absorbed with; rapt
ป้วนเปี้ยน bpuaanF bpiianFverb, intransitiveto loiter; hang around; hover
verbto go around and round
ป่วยbpuayLadjective[is] sick; ailing; ill; diseased
adjective[ป่วยหนัก] [is] seriously ill; very sick; critically ill
ป่วยการ bpuayL gaanMadjective, example sentence"It is a waste of time" — "It is not worthwhile"
ป่วยการจะเถียงกับแม่เรื่องการย้ายบ้านbpuayL gaanM jaL thiiangR gapL maaeF reuuangF gaanM yaaiH baanFexample sentence"It is absolutely useless to argue with my mother about moving to a new home."
ป่วยการเมืองbpuayL gaanM meuuangMadjective[is] malingering; sick for political reasons
ป่วยหนักbpuayL nakLadjective[ป่วยหนัก] [is] seriously ill; very sick; critically ill
ปวส.bpaawM waawM saawRnoun, abbreviation[abbreviation for #226883]
ปวารณา bpaL waaM raH naaMverb, transitive, Palito be permitted the use of; to have been offered
verbto offer; dedicate; devote
ปวิตรbpaL witH[alternate spelling of ประวิตร]
ปวีณาbpaL weeM naaMproper nounPavena [a Thai female given name]
ปศุสัตว์ bpaL sooL satLnounlivestock; cattle raising
ปส.samR nakH ngaanM bpaL raH maaM nuuM pheuuaF sanR dtiLnoun, abbreviation[abbreviation for สำนักงานปรมาณูเพื่อสันติ] OAP
noun, abbreviation[abbreviation for กรมประชาสงเคราะห์] DPW
ปส.grohmM bpraL chaaM sohngR khrawH[alternate pronunciation of ปส.]
ปส.bpaawM saawRproper noun, abbreviation[abbreviation for พรรคประชาสันติ] CPP
ปสาทะ bpaL saaR thaHnoun, formal, loanword, Sanskritfaith; delight
ปอ bpaawM[pronunciation of the 27th letter of the Thai alphabet]
jute, a fiber of the linen herb
[euphonious prefix of ปั้น ]
fiber; natural string
ปอกล้วยbpaawM gluayFnounstring made of banana tree; banana tree fiber; a string made of shredded banana stems
ปอก bpaawkLverbto peel; to skin; to pare
ปอกเปลือก bpaawkL bpleuuakLverbto peel, husk or shell
ป๊อกbpaawkHnouncard game of 21; blackjack
ปอง bpaawngMverbaim to get; to intend; to desire; to have an eye on; to aim for
ปองร้ายbpaawngM raaiHverbto bear ill will; intend to do harm
ป่อง bpaawngLverb, intransitiveto bulge; to protrude
adjectivebulging; protruding
noun[ผักป่อง] Java weed, Eichhornia crassipes
noun, colloquial[แมงป่อง] year or sign of the Scorpion; scorpion
ป้อง bpaawngFverbto protect; shelter; guard; defend against
proper nounPong [a Thai given name]
ป้องกัน bpaawngF ganMverbto defend; protect against; prevent; prevent against; bar
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