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โดยในมุมปัจเจกบุคคล คนที่คิดจะเป็นโสดควรต้องวางแผนให้ดีอย่างรอบด้าน ตั้งแต่วัยสามสิบปลาย ๆ เพื่อไม่ให้สายเกินไป
dooyM naiM moomM bpatL jaehkL bookL khohnM khohnM theeF khitH jaL bpenM so:htL khuaanM dtawngF waangM phaaenR haiF deeM yaangL raawpF daanF dtangF dtaaeL waiM saamR sipL bplaaiM pheuuaF maiF haiF saaiR geernM bpaiM
pronunciation guide
Phonemic Thaiโดย-ไน-มุม-ปัด-เจก-บุก-คน-คน-ที่-คิด-จะ-เป็น-โสด-ควน-ต็้อง-วาง-แผน-ไฮ่-ดี-หฺย่าง-รอบ-ด้าน-ตั้ง-แต่-วัย-สาม-สิบ-ปฺลาย-เพื่อ-ไม่-ไฮ่-สาย-เกิน-ไป
IPAdoːj naj mum pàt tɕèːk bùk kʰon kʰon tʰîː kʰít tɕàʔ pen sòːt kʰuːan tɔ̂ŋ waːŋ pʰɛ̌ːn hâj diː jàːŋ rɔ̂ːp dâːn tâŋ tɛ̀ː waj sǎːm sìp plaːj pʰɯ̂ːa mâj hâj sǎːj kɤːn paj
Royal Thai General Systemdoi nai mum patchek bukkhon khon thi khit cha pen sot khuan tong wang phaen hai di yang rop dan tang tae wai sam sip plai phuea mai hai sai koen pai

 [example sentence]
"From the standpoint of the individual those who are considering remaining single need to plan well and completely from their late thirties so that [this planning] will not be too late."

componentsโดย dooyMby; via; the method; route; way or mode of attainment
ใน naiMin; inside; within; amidst; into; on; at a particular time
มุม moomMangle
ปัจเจกbpatL jaehkL[is] individual
บุคคล bookL khohnMperson; individual; man; commoner
คน khohnMperson; guy; people; man; human being
ที่ theeF[the relative pronoun] who [or subordiate conjunction] whom
คิด khitHto think, consider, imagine, expect, compute, to count, wonder
จะ jaL[imminent aspect marker]
เป็นโสดbpenM so:htL[is] single; unmarried
ควร khuaanM[auxiliary verb indicating] should; ought to; must
ต้อง dtawngF[auxiliary verb] has to...; must...; is required to...; is duty-bound to...
วางแผนwaangM phaaenRto plan; make a plan
ให้ haiFto give; to let; to send to; to allow; to convey towards; to pay (attention); to have someone do something
ดี deeM[is] good; well; fine; nice; excellent; high
อย่าง yaangL[a prefix acting like the English suffix] -ly [creating an adverb from an adjective] way; in the (following) particular way
รอบด้านraawpF daanFfully; in all respects; across the entire spectrum
ตั้งแต่dtangF dtaaeLsince; from [indicating a span of time or distance or a range of items or varieties] from (...'a' to 'z')
วัย waiM[referring to an period of a person's age] years
สามสิบsaamR sipLthirty; 30
ปลาย bplaaiMthe extremity; tip; endpoint; termination; end
เพื่อ pheuuaFfor; on behalf of; for the purpose of...
ไม่ maiFnot; no
ให้ haiFto give; to let; to send to; to allow; to convey towards; to pay (attention); to have someone do something
สาย saaiRwire; line; rope; string; strap; connection; tie; electric wire
เกินไปgeernM bpaiMexcessively; too; too much

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