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ก. นี่เธอ ดูลูกบ้านนั้นสิพ่อแม่อุตส่าห์ส่งไปเรียนกรุงเทพฯ จบปริญญามาทั้งที กลับต้องมาทำไร่ทำนาเหมือนพ่อแม่แทนที่จะได้งานดี ๆ ทำ
neeF thuuhrM duuM luukF baanF nanH siL phaawF maaeF ootL saaL sohngL bpaiM riianM groongM thaehpF johpL bpaL rinM yaaM maaM thangH theeM glapL dtawngF maaM thamM raiF thamM naaM meuuanR phaawF maaeF thaaenM theeF jaL daiF ngaanM deeM deeM thamM
pronunciation guide
Phonemic Thaiนี่-เทอ-ดู-ลูก-บ้าน-นั้น-สิ-พ่อ-แม่-อุด-ส่า-ส่ง-ไป-เรียน-กฺรุง-เทบ-จบ-ปะ-ริน-ยา-มา-ทั้ง-ที-กฺลับ-ต็้อง-มา-ทำ-ไร่-ทำ-นา-เหฺมือน-พ่อ-แม่-แทน-ที่-จะ-ได้-งาน-ดี-ดี-ทำ
IPAnîː tʰɤː duː lûːk bâːn nán sìʔ pʰɔ̂ː mɛ̂ː ʔùt sàː sòŋ paj riːan kruŋ tʰêːp tɕòp pà rin jaː maː tʰáŋ tʰiː klàp tɔ̂ŋ maː tʰam râj tʰam naː mɯ̌ːan pʰɔ̂ː mɛ̂ː tʰɛːn tʰîː tɕàʔ dâj ŋaːn diː diː tʰam
Royal Thai General Systemni thoe du luk ban nan si pho mae utsa song pai rian krungthep chop parinya ma thang thi klap tong ma tham rai tham na muean pho mae thaen thi cha dai ngan di di tham

 [example sentence]
"Hey, look at the kid over there. His parent tried so hard to send him to Bangkok to get an education. He even earned his degree. However, he came back home and became a farmer just like his parents, rather than getting a really good job."

componentsa.) — [indicating the first item in a list]; Mr. A.
นี่ neeF[calling to get someone's attention or call attention to oneself]
เธอ thuuhrM[used in intimate or informal settings] you [the 2nd person singular pronoun]
ดู duuMto look at; examine; or inspect; to watch (for example, a film)
ลูก luukFchild; offspring; son or daughter [including figurative usage for certain ideas]; cub; young animal
บ้าน baanFhouse; home; place (or one's place); village
นั้น nanHthat one; object at a medium distance; those
สิ siL[a particle placed at the end of a sentence to emphasize or indicate a request]
พ่อแม่phaawF maaeFparent; parents
อุตส่าห์ ootL saaLto act diligently; act industriously; act persistently; apply oneself; endeavor; try; attempt; persevere (at)
ส่ง sohngLto ship; send or deliver (mail or parcel or package); emit
ไป bpaiMto go; <subject> goes
เรียน riianMto study at the elementary school level; study at any academic level
กรุงเทพฯgroongM thaehpF[abbreviation for the name of] Bangkok, the capital city of ประเทศไทย  (Thailand)
จบ johpLto end; to finish
ปริญญา bpaL rinM yaaMdegree (academic)
มา maaM[aspect marker indicating past or present perfect tense (continuity from the past)]
ทั้งทีthangH theeMat every chance
กลับ glapLto turn the tables on; perform unexpectedly
ต้อง dtawngF[auxiliary verb] has to...; must...; is required to...; is duty-bound to...
มา maaMto come; <subject> comes
ทำไร่thamM raiFto work a produce farm
ทำนาthamM naaMto work a rice farm
เหมือน meuuanR[is] similar; all the same; like; as
พ่อแม่phaawF maaeFparent; parents
แทนที่thaaenM theeFinstead of
จะ jaL[imminent aspect marker]
ได้ daiFto receive; to obtain; acquire; get; have got
งาน ngaanMwork; job; duty; business; function
ดี ๆdeeM deeM[is] very good
ทำ thamMto do or perform an action; cause or effect a result; work

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