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แต่พอเวลาผ่านไป โดยเฉพาะระยะสองปีมานี้ คนญี่ปุ่นจำนวนไม่น้อยเริ่มจะไม่ "เวลคัม" นักท่องเที่ยวเพราะรู้สึกว่าการท่องเที่ยวได้สร้าง "มลพิษ" ให้พวกเขาไปแล้ว
dtaaeL phaawM waehM laaM phaanL bpaiM dooyM chaL phawH raH yaH saawngR bpeeM maaM neeH khohnM yeeF bpoonL jamM nuaanM maiF naawyH reermF jaL maiF waehnM khamM nakH thaawngF thiaaoF phrawH ruuH seukL waaF gaanM thaawngF thiaaoF daiF saangF mohnM laH phitH haiF phuaakF khaoR bpaiM laaeoH
pronunciation guide
Phonemic Thaiแต่-พอ-เว-ลา-ผ่าน-ไป-โดย-ฉะ-เพาะ-ระ-ยะ-สอง-ปี-มา-นี้-คน-ยี่-ปุ่น-จำ-นวน-ไม่-น้อย-เริ่ม-จะ-ไม่-เวน-คัม-นัก-ท่อง-เที่ยว-เพฺราะ-รู้-สึก-ว่า-กาน-ท่อง-เที่ยว-ได้-ซ่าง-มน-ละ-พิด-ไฮ่-พวก-เขา-ไป-แล้ว
IPAtɛ̀ː pʰɔː weː laː pʰàːn paj doːj tɕʰà pʰɔ́ʔ ráʔ jáʔ sɔ̌ːŋ piː maː níː kʰon jîː pùn tɕam nuːan mâj nɔ́ːj rɤ̂ːm tɕàʔ mâj weːn kʰam nák tʰɔ̂ːŋ tʰîːaw pʰrɔ́ʔ rúː sɯ̀k wâː kaːn tʰɔ̂ːŋ tʰîːaw dâj sâːŋ mon lá pʰít hâj pʰûːak kʰǎw paj lɛ́ːw
Royal Thai General Systemtae pho wela phan pai doi chapho raya song pi ma ni khon yipun chamnuan mai noi roem cha mai wenkham nak thong thiao phro ru suek wa kan thong thiao dai sang monla phit hai phuak khao pai laeo

 [example sentence]
"However, as time went by especially during the past two years, a significant number of Japanese started to withdraw their welcome to tourists because they felt that tourism was polluting them."

componentsแต่ dtaaeLbut; even; however; rather
พอ phaawMupon; just when; as soon as; at the moment when
เวลา  waehM laaM[general] time [as in space and time]
ผ่านไปphaanL bpaiMto go through; pass by; pass through
โดยเฉพาะdooyM chaL phawHespecially; specifically; in particular; particularly
ระยะ raH yaHa space; interval or separation (as in punctuation); a period; a stage; distance; time
สอง saawngRtwo; the number or quantity two
ปี bpeeMyear; annum; annual
มา maaM[aspect marker indicating past or present perfect tense (continuity from the past)]
นี้ neeHthis; these
คน khohnMperson; guy; people; man; human being
ญี่ปุ่น yeeF bpoonLJapan
จำนวน jamM nuaanMamount; number; quantity (of countable nouns)
ไม่น้อยmaiF naawyHquite a bit; quite a lot; not a small amount
เริ่ม reermFto begin; to start; commence
จะ jaL[imminent aspect marker]
ไม่ maiFnot; no
เวลคัมwaehnM khamM[Thai transcription of foreign loanword] welcome
นักท่องเที่ยวnakH thaawngF thiaaoFa tourist
เพราะ phrawHbecause; because of; due to; owing to
รู้สึกruuH seukLto feel or emote, to feel an emotion; to experience
ว่า waaF[proposition complementizer] that...; as... [see examples]
การท่องเที่ยวgaanM thaawngF thiaaoFtourism; excursion; trip; tour; travel; journey
ได้ daiF[aspect marker indicating present and present perfect—action which happened in the past and continues to the present]
สร้าง saangFto build; construct; create; establish; to cause
มลพิษmohnM laH phitHpollution; pollutant
ให้ haiFto give; to let; to send to; to allow; to convey towards; to pay (attention); to have someone do something
พวกเขาphuaakF khaoR[third person plural pronoun] they; them; their
ไป bpaiMto go; <subject> goes
แล้ว laaeoH[positioned at the beginning of a clause indicating the ordering of events or agreement with main clause] next; then; afterwards; so; finally; and

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