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คนอีกจำนวนมาก ทันโลกทันสมัยไม่ได้ จึงกลายเป็นชนชั้นอนาถา ตกนอกขอบสังคม ไร้ทรัพย์ ไร้สิทธิ ไร้เสียง เลี้ยงชีพด้วยอาชญากรรม หนีทุกข์ด้วยยาเสพติด ทุกสังคมมีคนแบบนี้บ้าง
khohnM eekL jamM nuaanM maakF thanM lo:hkF thanM saL maiR maiF daiF jeungM glaaiM bpenM chohnM chanH aL naaM thaaR dtohkL naawkF khaawpL sangR khohmM raiH sapH raiH sitL thiH raiH siiangR liiangH cheepF duayF aatL chaH yaaM gamM neeR thookH duayF yaaM saehpL dtitL thookH sangR khohmM meeM khohnM baaepL neeH baangF
pronunciation guide
Phonemic Thaiคน-อีก-จำ-นวน-มาก-ทัน-โลก-ทัน-สะ-หฺมัย-ไม่-ได้-จึง-กฺลาย-เป็น-ชน-ชั้น-อะ-นา-ถา-ตก-นอก-ขอบ-สัง-คม-ไร้-ซับ-ไร้-สิด-ทิ-ไร้-เสียง-เลี้ยง-ชีบ-ด้วย-อาด-ชะ-ยา-กัม-หฺนี-ทุก-ด้วย-ยา-เสบ-ติด-ทุก-สัง-คม-มี-คน-แบบ-นี้-บ้าง
IPAkʰon ʔìːk tɕam nuːan mâːk tʰan lôːk tʰan sà mǎj mâj dâj tɕɯŋ klaːj pen tɕʰon tɕʰán ʔà naː tʰǎː tòk nɔ̂ːk kʰɔ̀ːp sǎŋ kʰom ráj sáp ráj sìt tʰíʔ ráj sǐːaŋ líːaŋ tɕʰîːp dûaj ʔàːt tɕʰá jaː kam nǐː tʰúk dûaj jaː sèːp tìt tʰúk sǎŋ kʰom miː kʰon bɛ̀ːp níː bâːŋ
Royal Thai General Systemkhon ik chamnuan mak than lok than samai mai dai chueng klai pen chon chan anatha tok nok khop sangkhom rai sap rai sitthi rai siang liang chip duai atchayakam ni thuk duai ya sep tit thuk sangkhom mi khon baep ni bang

 [example sentence]
"Another large number of people cannot cope with modernity and become members of the 'impoverished class.' They fall outside the bounds of society; they are without wealth and without any rights; they have no voice (in the political system); they support themselves through crime; they escape poverty through (selling) drugs. Every society has people like this."

componentsคน khohnMperson; guy; people; man; human being
อีก eekLanother; additional; more
จำนวน jamM nuaanMamount; number; quantity (of countable nouns)
มาก maakFmuch; many; very; more; so much; a great deal; seriously
ทัน thanMto overtake; catch up with; be on time; be abreast of
โลก  lo:hkFthe planet Earth
ทันสมัยthanM saL maiR[is] trendy; modern; fashionable
ไม่ maiFnot; no
ได้ daiFcan; to be able; is able; am able; may; might [auxiliary of potential, denoting possbility, ability, or permission]
จึง jeungMthus; therefore; so
กลายเป็นglaaiM bpenMto become
ชนชั้นchohnM chanHsocial class; economic class
อนาถาaL naaM thaaR[is] destitute; impoverished; pauperized; homeless
ตก dtohkLto fall; to drop or pour down; to fail
นอก naawkF[is] outside of; external to; foreign; alien
ขอบ khaawpLperimeter; edge; fringe; rim; outer boundary; limit
สังคม sangR khohmMsociety; populace; people (as a collective); group
ไร้ raiH[is] without; lacking; devoid of; in need of
ทรัพย์ sapHasset; wealth; possessions; riches
ไร้ raiH[is] without; lacking; devoid of; in need of
สิทธิ sitL thiHright; privilege; franchise; immunity; valid authority; monopoly; prerogative; accomplishment; success
ไร้ raiH[is] without; lacking; devoid of; in need of
เสียง siiangRvote; opinion; notion
เลี้ยง liiangHto feed; nourish; nurture; raise a child or animal; provide for; rear; bring up; foster; nurse
ชีพ cheepFlife; existence; living
ด้วย duayFtogether; along with; also; too; as well; likewise; in addition to doing some other thing (as another action performed by the same subject)
อาชญากรรม aatL chaH yaaM gamMcrime
หนี neeRto escape; hurry away; flee
ทุกข์ thookHsuffering; sorrow; distress; adversity; trouble; anxiety; pain; first of the Four Noble Truths
ด้วย duayFtogether; along with; also; too; as well; likewise; in addition to doing some other thing (as another action performed by the same subject)
ยาเสพติดyaaM saehpL dtitLaddictive drugs; narcotics
ทุก thookHevery; each
สังคม sangR khohmM[is] social
มี meeMto have or possess; to be available
คน khohnMperson; guy; people; man; human being
แบบ baaepLplan; kind; design; pattern; style; model; type; [formal term officially endorsed by the Royal Institute] version (of software)
นี้ neeHthis; these
บ้าง baangFsome; any; partially

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