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แน่นอนว่าถ้าเรานึกถึงพวกแขก สิ่งที่อยู่ในมโนตามมาติดๆก็คือ ภาพห้างร้านรวงต่างๆของคนแขกที่ขายผ้าหลากหลายสีสันสดใสสวยงามละลานตาไปหมด
naaeF naawnM waaF thaaF raoM neukH theungR phuaakF khaaekL singL theeF yuuL naiM maH no:hM dtaamM maaM dtitL dtitL gaawF kheuuM phaapF haangF raanH ruaangM dtaangL dtaangL khaawngR khohnM khaaekL theeF khaaiR phaaF laakL laaiR seeR sanR sohtL saiR suayR ngaamM laH laanM dtaaM bpaiM mohtL
pronunciation guide
Phonemic Thaiแน่-นอน-ว่า-ท่า-เรา-นึก-ถึง-พวก-แขก-สิ่ง-ที่-หฺยู่-ไน-มะ-โน-ตาม-มา-ติด-ติด-ก้อ-คือ-พาบ-ฮ่าง-ร้าน-รวง-ต่าง-ต่าง-ของ-คน-แขก-ที่-ขาย-พ่า-หฺลาก-หฺลาย-สี-สัน-สด-ไส-สวย-งาม-ละ-ลาน-ตา-ไป-หฺมด
IPAnɛ̂ː nɔːn wâː tʰâː raw nɯ́k tʰɯ̌ŋ pʰûːak kʰɛ̀ːk sìŋ tʰîː jùː naj má noː taːm maː tìt tìt kɔ̂ː kʰɯː pʰâːp hâːŋ ráːn ruːaŋ tàːŋ tàːŋ kʰɔ̌ːŋ kʰon kʰɛ̀ːk tʰîː kʰǎːj pʰâː làːk lǎːj sǐː sǎn sòt sǎj sǔaj ŋaːm láʔ laːn taː paj mòt
Royal Thai General Systemnae non wa tha rao nuek thueng phuak khaek sing thi yu nai mano tam ma tit tit ko khue phap hang ran ruang tang tang khong khon khaek thi khai pha laklai sisan sot sai suai ngam lalan ta pai mot

 [example sentence]
"It is true that if we think about Indian people, the [first] thing that springs to mind is an image of various kinds of Indian stores which sell all sorts of bright, beautiful, multi-colored fabric and clothing."

componentsแน่นอนnaaeF naawnMcertain; certainly; sure; for sure; definite; definitely; absolutely; of course; firm; unchanged
ว่า waaF[proposition complementizer] that...; as... [see examples]
ถ้า thaaF[indicating a condition] if
เรา raoMwe; us; our
นึกถึงneukH theungRto remember; to recall; to think of
พวก phuaakF[of people, animals] a group, a party
แขก khaaekLperson or people of south- or southwest-Asian descent (Indian, Persian, Arab, etc.)
สิ่งที่singL theeFa thing that...
อยู่ yuuLis (located at); to reside; to live (at); stay; exist at a particular point in time
ใน naiMin; inside; within; amidst; into; on; at a particular time
มโน maH no:hMmental
ตามมาdtaamM maaMto follow (along, after)
ติด dtitL[of a person] to become (figuratively) fixated (on something); to think about (something) to an extreme and excessive degree; to be (figuratively) absorbed; to be obsessed (with someone or something); to be crazy or mad about; to be fascinated by
[repetition character]
ก็คือgaawF kheuuMthat is; is that; are those
ภาพ phaapFimage; picture; drawing; vision
ห้างร้านhaangF raanHstores and shops; firm
รวง ruaangMbunch; cluster; hive; water trough
ต่าง dtaangL[is] different; another; various; many
[repetition character]
ของ khaawngRof; belonging to; that or those of; [a word used with a pronoun to indicate possesion, as in "John's truck"]
คน khohnMperson; guy; people; man; human being
แขก khaaekLperson or people of south- or southwest-Asian descent (Indian, Persian, Arab, etc.)
ที่ theeF[the relative pronouns] that; which; which is...
ขาย khaaiRto sell
ผ้า phaaF[general] clothing
หลากหลายlaakL laaiRvarious; several; a lot of; many; diverse; different
สีสัน seeR sanRcolor
สดใสsohtL saiR[is] bright; clear; fresh-looking
สวยงามsuayR ngaamM[is] beautiful; attractive; charming; exquisite; fair; fine; gorgeous; handsome; lovely
ละลานตาlaH laanM dtaaM[is] dazzling; bright and shining; amazing
ไปหมดbpaiM mohtLall over; thoroughly; entirely; completely

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