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ทอ ทหารsoldierThe 23rd consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ท (ท)
TIS-620 value: 0xท (ท)

2934 Thai words on 59 Pages

Page 49
ทุบ thoopHverb[as with a hammer or other tool] to hit, beat, pound
ทุบตีthoopH dteeMverb, transitiveto strike; beat; hit; bash about
ทุบสถิติthoopH saL thiL dtiLverb, phraseto break a record
ทุบสถิติโลกthoopH saL thiL dtiL lo:hkFverb, phraseto break the world's record
ทุบหม้อข้าวthoopH maawF khaaoFverb, figurativeto destroy one's career
ทุบหม้อข้าวตัวเองthoopH maawF khaaoF dtuaaM aehngMphrase, figurative, idiomto "cut off one's nose to spite one's face"; to "burn one’s bridges behind one"
ทุบหม้อข้าวหม้อแกงthoopH maawF khaaoF maawF gaaengMexample sentence, idiom"To take the bread out of one's mouth."
ทุปปัญญา thoopH bpanM yaaMadjective, intransitivestupid; idiotic; mentally backward
ทุพพลภาพthoopH phohnM laH phaapFadjective[is] disabled; crippled; deformed; maimed
ทุพภิกขภัย thoopH phikH khaL phaiMnounfamine; food shortage
ทุพภิกขันดรกัปthoopH phikH khanR daL raH gapLnounfamine period; period of food shortage
ทุพภิกขันดรกัปป์thoopH phikH khanR daL raH gapL[alternate spelling of ทุพภิกขันดรกัป]
ทุโภชนาการthooH pho:htF naaM gaanMnoun, loanword, Palimalnutrition
ทุม thoomMnoun, poetic, loanword, Palitrees
ทุ่ม thoomFnounevening hours between 7:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m.
verbto put down; to hurl down; to throw down; to dump
verbto exert oneself; do one's best; exert to the utmost; use up
ทุ่มตลาดthoomF dtaL laatLverbto dump; import goods in order to sell at lower; flood the market with; cut the price to get hold of the market
ทุ่มเถียง thoomF thiiangRverb, transitive, intransitiveto debate, dispute, argue, or quarrel
ทุ่มทุนthoomF thoonMverb, phraseto spend lavishly; make large investments in; dump money into
ทุ่มเท thoomF thaehMverb, transitiveto throw a generous amount; to dedicate; devote
ทุ่มเทthoomF thaehMadjectivededicated; devoted
ทุ่มน้ำหนักthoomF namH nakLnounshot put; shot-putting; putting the shot
ทุ่มโมง thoomF mo:hngMnounevening hours
ทุ่มไม่อั้นthoomF maiF anFverb, phraseto lavish limitless gifts [on someone]
ทุ่มยี่สิบรึคะthoomF yeeF sipL reuH khaHexample sentence"Twenty after seven?"
ทุ่มหนึ่ง thoomF neungLadverb19:00 h; 7 p.m.
ทุ้ม thoomHadjective[of sound] bass; low in pitch; low-frequency
ทุย thuyMnouna water buffalo with two-crooked horns used in Thai rice fields
noununder-developed coconut
noun, colloquial[derogatory] (silly) ass; fool
ทุ้ยthuyHverbto speak drivel; deceive; speak utter carelessly; conjecture; speak unthinkingly
ทุร thooH raHprefix, formal, loanword, Pali[prefix indicating] difficult; bad; evil; small; void [, as in the English prefix] mal-; ill-
ทุรพลthooH raH phohnM laHadjectiveweak; feeble; lean; thin; disheartened; frail
ทุรลักษณ์thooH raH lakHadjectiveevil-looking; unseemly manner; badly marked evil looks; having evil mark; ill omen; ominous
ทุรกันดาร thooH raH ganM daanMadjective[is] remote; distant; far away; undeveloped, primitive
ทุรคมthooH raH khohmM[alternate spelling of ทุราคม]
ทุรคา thoonM khaaMproper noun, person, formal, loanword, PaliDurga or กาลี —the sometimes malignant goddess of war: an aspect of เทวี  (Devi)
ทุรนทุรายthooH rohnM thooH raaiMadjective[is] disturbed; uneasy; agitated
ทุราคมthooH raaM khohmMnoun, adjectivesomewhere faraway; a place difficult to approach
nounremote dwelling
ทุราจารthooH raaM jaanMnounimmodesty; evil conduct; immoral behaviour or conduct; mal behaviour; evil behaviour
ทุเรศ thooH raehtFverb, intransitiveto pity
adjectivepitiable; wretched; miserable; shameful; shabby
adjective[น่าทุเรศ] [is] appalling; disgraceful; shameful; gross; nasty; pitiful
ทุเรียน thooH riianMproper noun, formal, loanword, Malaydurian, genus Duria, the edible fruit of a tree, Durio zibethinus, of the bombax family, of southeastern Asia (predominantly Thailand), having a hard, prickly rind, a highly flavored, fleshy yellow flesh, and pungent odor
noun[ลูกทุเรียน] fruit of the durian tree
noun[สวนทุเรียน] a durian plantation or orchard
ทุเรียนกระดุมthooH riianM graL doomMnoun[a species of] durian
ทุเรียนกวน thooH riianM guaanMnounpreserved durian jam; durian preserves
ทุเรียนพันธุ์กบthooH riianM phanM gohpLnoun[a species of] durian
ทุเรียนอบกรอบthooH riianM ohpL graawpLnoundehydrated durian; freeze-dried durian
ทุลักทุเล thooH lakH thooH laehMadjective, adverb[is] disordered; disorganized; confused; rushed; in a difficult manner; chaotic
noun[ความทุลักทุเล] disorder; confusion; difficulty
ทุเลาthooH laoMverbto improve; to be better; develop; mend; enhance; enrich
ทุศีล thooH seenRnouna sacrilege, a blasphemous act, a desecration
ทูthuuMnoun[ปลาทู] mackerel
adjective, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] two
ทูพีซ thuuM pheesFadjective, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword, "two-piece"]
ทู่ thuuFadjective, intransitive[is] blunt; not sharp; dull
ทู่ซี้thuuF seeHverbto persist; persistent; fight; struggle; persevere; continue; keep on; insist
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