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ทอ ทหารsoldierThe 23rd consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ท (ท)
TIS-620 value: 0xท (ท)

2934 Thai words on 59 Pages

Page 34
ทำลายสถิติthamM laaiM saL thiL dtiLverbto break a record; to set a new record
ทำลายสถิติโลกthamM laaiM saL thiL dtiL lo:hkFverb, phraseto break a world record
ทำลายหมู่นี้เท่านั้นthamM laaiM muuL neeH thaoF nanHexample sentence"Destroy only this village!"
ทำเล thamM laehMnounsite; location; placement
ทำเลทองthamM laehM thaawngMnoungolden location, good spot, good location
ทิ้ง thingHverbto abandon; discard; throw away; to leave (an object) behind; throw; cast
ทิ้งขยะให้ถูกที่thingH khaL yaL haiF thuukL theeFexample sentence"Dispose of your trash properly."
ทิ้งขว้างthingH khwaangFverbto leave; abandon; forsake
ทิ้งจดหมายthingH johtL maaiRverb, intransitiveto mail; to post a letter
ทิ้งจานกองโตไว้ในห้องครัว เธอมักจะอุ่นข้าวจากไมโครเวฟ และเปิดกาแฟกระป๋อง เทใส่แก้วให้ผมกินตอนเช้า ๆthingH jaanM gaawngM dto:hM waiH naiM haawngF khruaaM thuuhrM makH jaL oonL khaaoF jaakL maiM khro:hM wepH laeH bpeertL gaaM faaeM graL bpaawngR thaehM saiL gaaeoF haiF phohmR ginM dtaawnM chaaoHexample sentence"[She] throws her dirty dishes in a pile in the kitchen; she usually warms up our food in the microwave and, [to make coffee] in the morning she opens up a can of coffee and pours it into a mug."
ทิ้งช่วงthingH chuaangFverbto delay; to be late
ทิ้งทวนthingH thuaanMverbto do something for the last time; give a parting shot; do one's utmost
ทิ้งท้ายthingH thaaiHverbto end up, finish up, conclude, come to a conclusive end
ทิ้งน้ำthingH naamHverbto dump into water
ทิ้งไพ่ใบสุดท้ายthingH phaiF baiM sootL thaaiHverb, phraseto throw the last card
ทิ้งไพ่ใบสุดท้ายthingH phaiF baiM sootL thaaiHverb, phraseto use the ultimate weapon; to utilize one's final option
ทิ้งระเบิดthingH raH beertLverb, transitive, intransitiveto bomb
ทิ้งไว้ thingH waiHverbto leave (behind); allow to stand; set aside; throw at; drop on
ทิ้งไว้ประมาณหนึ่งปี ก็สามารถนำมากินได้ thingH waiH bpraL maanM neungL bpeeM gaawF saaR maatF namM maaM ginM daiFexample sentence"[You] leave the fish ferment for one year before eating it."
ทิ้งห่าง thingH haangLverbto leave behind; pass beyond
ทิงเจอร์ thingM juuhrMnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] tincture
ทิ้งไป thingH bpaiMverbabandon; leave
ทิชชู่ thitH chuuFnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] tissue; toilet paper
ทิฏฐธัมมิกัตถะthitH thaL thamM miH gatL thaLnounobtainable benefits in the here and now; the good to be won in this lifetime; temporal benefits
ทิฏฐิ thitH thiLview; sight; viewpoint; opinion
ทิฐิ thitH thiLnoun, formal, poetic, loanword, Paliconviction; stubbornness; obstinacy; misguided opinion
adjective, formal, loanword, Palivain
nounsight; opinion; view; viewpoint; visual acuity
ทิฐิมานะthitH thiL maaM naHnounstubbornness
ทิฐิมานะthitH thiL maaM naHadjective[is] stubborn; opinionated
ทิด thitHnouna man who has just returned to secular life from the monkhood
ทิตัสthiH dtatLproper noun[book of the New Testament] Titus
ทิน thinMnoun, adjective, Pali, Sanskritday; daily
verbto give
ทินthinM naH[alternate pronunciation of ทิน ]
ทินกร thinM naH gaawnMnoun, poeticthe sun
ทิปthipHloanword, English[Thai transcription of foreign loanword] tip
ทิพย์ thipHadjectivedivine; supernatural; spiritual; heavenly
noun[น้ำทิพย์] nectar; divine liquid
ทิพย์ปิสาจthipH bpiL saatLnounheavenly demon
ทิฟฟานี่thifH faaM neeFproper noun, loanword, EnglishTiffany [an English given name]
"ทิฟามเค้ากระโดดลงไปช่วยเด็กขึ้นมาได้ แต่ตัวเค้าโดนพัดไปกับกระแสน้ำthiH faamM khaaoH graL do:htL lohngM bpaiM chuayF dekL kheunF maaM daiF dtaaeL dtuaaM khaaoH do:hnM phatH bpaiM gapL graL saaeR naamHexample sentence"“Tifam jumped in and helped rescue the child, but he himself was lost to the current.”"
ทิฟามเดินช้า ๆ ออกมาหน้าห้องแล้วเริ่มอ่านthiH faamM deernM chaaH aawkL maaM naaF haawngF laaeoH reermF aanLexample sentence"Tifam slowly walked to the front of the room and began to read."
ทิม thimMproper nounTim [an English given name]
ทิ่ม thimFverb, transitiveto pierce; gore; stab; poke
ทิ่มแทงthimF thaaengMverbto stab; prick
ทิมภู thimM phuuMproper noun, geographicalThimphu, the capital city of ภูฐาน  (Bhutan)
ทิโมธีthiH mo:hM theeMproper nounTimothy [an English given name]
ทิลดีthinM deeM[alternate spelling of ทิลดี้ ]
ทิลดี้ thinM deeFproper noun, person, colloquialTildy [an English female given name]
ทิว thiuMnouna line or row of objects
ทิวเขา thiuM khaoRnounmountain range
ทิวแถวthiuM thaaeoRnounrow, line, range
ทิวธงthiuM thohngMnounflag; a line of flags
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