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ทอ ทหารsoldierThe 23rd consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ท (ท)
TIS-620 value: 0xท (ท)

2970 Thai words on 60 Pages

Page 3
ทรงเป็นร่มเกล้า sohngM bpenM rohmF glaoFverb, intransitive, phrase, formal, poetic[written Thai and used with the kings only] to be a protector of peace
ทรงเป็นร่มเกศ sohngM bpenM rohmF gaehtLverb, intransitive, phrase, formal, poetic[ทรงเป็นร่มเกล้า]
ทรงโปรด sohngM bpro:htLnounroyal compassion; royal pleasure to help
ทรงผม sohngM phohmRnounhair style; hairdo
ทรงพระกรุณา sohngM phraH gaL rooH naaMverb, intransitive, phrase, formal[royal use only] to deign; graciously pleased
ทรงพระเกษมสำราญ ตลอดกาลตลอดไปsohngM phraH gaL saehmR samR raanM dtaL laawtL gaanM dtaL laawtL bpaiMexample sentence"Grant him happiness forever"
ทรงพระเจริญsohngM phraH jaL reernMexample sentence"Long live the King."
ทรงพระเจริญ ยิ่งยืนนานsohngM phraH jaL reernM yingF yeuunM naanMexample sentence"Long live the King. May his days be without number"
ทรงพลังsohngM phaH langMadjective[is] powerful, potent
ทรงพลังอำนาจsohngM phaH langM amM naatFverb, phraseto exercise power
ทรงม้าsohngM maaHverb, formal[ทรงม้า] [royal use only] to ride a horse
ทรงม้าsohngM maaH[ทรงม้า] in the form or shape of a horse, equestrianesque
ทรงยินดีsohngM yinM deeMverb, phrase, formal[royal use only] to be delighted or glad
ทรงรักsohngM rakHverb[ทรงรัก] [as royalty or a deity] to love
ทรงราชย์sohngM raatFverb, phraseto reign; rule
ทรงแรกที่ผมเริ่มตัดก็คือทรงนักเรียนsohngM raaekF theeF phohmR reermF dtatL gaawF kheuuM sohngM nakH riianMexample sentence"My first hairstyle was a student cut."
ทรงศรsohngM saawnRverb, formal[ทรงศร] [royal use only] to hold an arrow
ทรงศีลsohngM seenRverb, formal[ทรงศีล] [royal use only] to follow the Buddhist precepts
ทรงอานุภาพsohngM aaM nooH phaapFadjective[is] mighty, powerful, forceful
ทรงอิทธิพลsohngM itL thiH phohnMadjective[is] influential; prominent; leading
ทรงๆsohngM sohngMverb[ทรงๆ] to continue without change; no improvement, no deterioration
ทรชน thaawM raH chohnMnoun, pluralknaves; rascals; hooligans
ทรนงthaH raH nohngM[alternate spelling of ทะนง ]
ทรพิษ thaawM raH phitHadjective[is] poisonous; toxic; venomous
noun, adjective[ไข้ทรพิษ] smallpox
ทรพี thaawM raH pheeMnouna ladle
ทรมาน thaawM raH maanMadjective, verb, formal, loanword, Palito suffer
verb, transitive, formal, loanword, Palito torture
[ความทรมาน] suffering; torture
ทรมานใจthaawM raH maanM jaiMverb, phraseto torture; create suffering; oppress
ทรยศ thaawM raH yohtHverb, intransitiveto betray; is unfaithful to; break one's promise
adjective[is] treacherous; traitorous
ทรยศชาติthaawM raH yohtH chaatFadjective[is] a traitor to one's country
ทรยศชาติthaawM raH yohtH chaatFverbto betray one's country
ทรรศน์thatH saL[alternate spelling of ทัศน์]
ทรรศน์thatH[alternate spelling of ทัศน์]
ทรรศนะthatH saL naH[alternate spelling of ทัศน์]
ทรราช thaawM raH raatFnoundespot; tyrant
ทรวง suaangMnoun[body] chest, bosom
ทรวงอกsuaangM ohkLnoun, formalchest
ทรวด suaatFverbto deteriorate; decrease; get worse
ทรวดทรง suaatF sohngMnounfigure; outline; shape
ทรวาร thaawM raH waanMnoundoor; gateway
ทรสองทรสุมthaawM raH saawngR thaawM raH soomRverbto assemble; meet together; congregate; swarm; flock together; gather
ทรสาย thaawM raH saaiRnouna brush
adjective[is] unkempt; messy
ทรสายทรสุม thaawM raH saaiR thaawM raH soomRadjective[same as ทรสาย ]
ทรสุม thaawM raH soomRadjective[is] bunched together; clustered
ทรสุมทรสาย thaawM raH soomR thaawM raH saaiRadjective[same as ทรสุม ]
ทรหด thaawM raH hohtLadjective[is] tough; able to endure or tolerate; able to stand up to or resist
ทรหดอดทนthaawM raH hohtL ohtL thohnMadjective[is] unyielding; indomitable; unflinching; undaunted
ทรหน thaawM raH hohnRnouna difficult path or way; a course of hardship and peril
ทรหวล thaawM raH huaanRadjective[is] being blown or carried away
ทรหึง thaawM raH heungRadjective[is] boisterous; loud; noisy
adjective[is] of long duration; enduring; sustained; long-lasting
ทรหึงทรหวล thaawM raH heungR thaawM raH huaanRadjective[is] tumultuous
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