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ทอ ทหารsoldierThe 23rd consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ท (ท)
TIS-620 value: 0xท (ท)

2897 Thai words on 58 Pages

Page 48
ทุนนิยมที่มีหัวใจthoonM niH yohmM theeF meeM huaaR jaiMnoun, phrasecompassionate capitalism
ทุนนิยมเสรีthoonM niH yohmM saehR reeMnounFree Enterprise
ทุนมนุษย์thoonM naH maH nootHnounhuman capital
ทุนรอน thoonM raawnMnoun, phrase, colloquial[same as ทุนนอน] invested capitgal; property
ทุนรัฐบาลกลางthoonM ratH thaL baanM glaangMnounfederal grant; government scholarship
ทุนเล่าเรียนthoonM laoF riianMnouna (educational investment) foundation
ทุนวิจัยthoonM wiH jaiMnounmoney market fund
ทุนสำรอง thoonM samR raawngMnoun, phrasereserves; reserve funds
ทุนสำรองเงินตราthoonM samR raawngM ngeernM dtraaMnounreserve fund; gold reserve; foreign funds reserve
ทุนสำรองเงินตราต่างประเทศthoonM samR raawngM ngeernM dtraaM dtaangL bpraL thaehtFnounforeign currency reserves
ทุนหมุนเวียน thoonM moonR wiianMnoun, phraserevolving capital
ทุนแห่งการสร้างสรรค์thoonM haengL gaanM saangF sanRnouncreativity capital
ทุ่น thoonFnounpontoon; buoy; float; bob; bobber
verbto save; to economize; to reduce expenses
noun[ทุ่นเบ็ด] float for a fishing line; bob; cork
noun[ทุ่นลอย] buoy; float
verb[ทุ่นเงิน] to economize; save money; conserve
verb[ทุ่นเวลา] to save time
noun[ทุ่นอวน] float or buoy for a fishing net
ทุ่นเงินthoonF ngernMverb[ทุ่นเงิน] to economize; save money; conserve
ทุ่นเบ็ดthoonF betLnoun[ทุ่นเบ็ด] float for a fishing line; bob; cork
ทุ่นระเบิด thoonF raH beertLnoun(naval) explosive mine
ทุ่นแรง thoonF raaengMadjective[is] labor-saving; automated
ทุ่นลอยthoonF laawyMnoun[ทุ่นลอย] buoy; float
ทุ่นเวลาthoonF waehM laaMverb[ทุ่นเวลา] to save time
ทุ่นอวนthoonF uaanMnoun[ทุ่นอวน] float or buoy for a fishing net
ทุนิยมthooH niH yohmMnounpessimism; cynicism; nihilism
ทุบ thoopHverb[as with a hammer or other tool] to hit, beat, pound
ทุบตีthoopH dteeMverb, transitiveto strike; beat; hit; bash about
ทุบสถิติthoopH saL thiL dtiLverb, phraseto break a record
ทุบหม้อข้าวthoopH maawF khaaoFverb, figurativeto destroy one's career
ทุบหม้อข้าวตัวเองthoopH maawF khaaoF dtuaaM aehngMphrase, figurative, idiomto "cut off one's nose to spite one's face"; to "burn one’s bridges behind one"
ทุบหม้อข้าวหม้อแกงthoopH maawF khaaoF maawF gaaengMexample sentence, idiom"To take the bread out of one's mouth."
ทุปปัญญา thoopH bpanM yaaMadjective, intransitivestupid; idiotic; mentally backward
ทุพพลภาพthoopH phohnM laH phaapFadjective[is] disabled; crippled; deformed; maimed
ทุพภิกขภัย thoopH phikH khaL phaiMnounfamine; food shortage
ทุพภิกขันดรกัปthoopH phikH khanR daL raH gapLnounfamine period; period of food shortage
ทุพภิกขันดรกัปป์thoopH phikH khanR daL raH gapL[alternate spelling of ทุพภิกขันดรกัป]
ทุโภชนาการthooH pho:htF naaM gaanMnoun, loanword, Palimalnutrition
ทุม thoomMnoun, poetic, loanword, Palitrees
ทุ่ม thoomFnounevening hours between 7:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m.
verbto put down; to hurl down; to throw down; to dump
verbto exert oneself; do one's best; exert to the utmost; use up
ทุ่มตลาดthoomF dtaL laatLverbto dump; import goods in order to sell at lower; flood the market with; cut the price to get hold of the market
ทุ่มเถียง thoomF thiiangRverb, transitive, intransitiveto debate, dispute, argue, or quarrel
ทุ่มทุนthoomF thoonMverb, phraseto spend lavishly; make large investments in; dump money into
ทุ่มเท thoomF thaehMverb, transitiveto throw a generous amount; to dedicate; devote
ทุ่มเทthoomF thaehMadjectivededicated; devoted
ทุ่มน้ำหนักthoomF namH nakLnounshot put; shot-putting; putting the shot
ทุ่มโมง thoomF mo:hngMnounevening hours
ทุ่มไม่อั้นthoomF maiF anFverb, phraseto lavish limitless gifts [on someone]
ทุ่มยี่สิบรึคะthoomF yeeF sipL reuH khaHexample sentence"Twenty after seven?"
ทุ่มหนึ่ง thoomF neungLadverb19:00 h; 7 p.m.
ทุ้ม thoomHadjective[of sound] bass; low in pitch; low-frequency
ทุย thuyMnouna water buffalo with two-crooked horns used in Thai rice fields
noununder-developed coconut
noun, colloquial[derogatory] (silly) ass; fool
ทุ้ยthuyHverbto speak drivel; deceive; speak utter carelessly; conjecture; speak unthinkingly
ทุร thooH raHprefix, formal, loanword, Pali[prefix indicating] difficult; bad; evil; small; void [, as in the English prefix] mal-; ill-
ทุรพลthooH raH phohnM laHadjectiveweak; feeble; lean; thin; disheartened; frail
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