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ทอ ทหารsoldierThe 23rd consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ท (ท)
TIS-620 value: 0xท (ท)

2970 Thai words on 60 Pages

Page 2
ทนายความหวังว่าคงสามารถพาการดำเนินคดีกับคณะลูกขุนให้ทนายความหวังว่าคงสามารถพาการดำเนินคดีกับคณะลูกขุนให้บ่ายเบนออกห่างจาก ความผิดที่ลูกความของพวกตนก่อไว้ได้ออกห่างจาก ความผิดที่ลูกความของพวกตนก่อไว้ได้thaH naaiM khwaamM wangR waaF khohngM saaR maatF phaaM gaanM damM neernM khaH deeM gapL khaH naH luukF khoonR haiF thaH naaiM khwaamM wangR waaF khohngM saaR maatF phaaM gaanM damM neernM khaH deeM gapL khaH naH luukF khoonR haiF baaiL baehnM aawkL haangL jaakL khwaamM phitL theeF luukF khwaamM khaawngR phuaakF dtohnM gaawL waiH daiF aawkL haangL jaakL khwaamM phitL theeF luukF khwaamM khaawngR phuaakF dtohnM gaawL waiH daiFexample sentence"The lawyers hope the prosecution and the jury are diverted away from the obvious guilt of their clients."
ทนายจำเลยพยายามประวิงความ thaH naaiM jamM leeuyM phaH yaaM yaamM bpraL wingM khwaamMexample sentence"The attorney for the defendant is trying to defer the lawsuit."
ทนายผู้สามารถว่าความได้thaH naaiM phuuF saaR maatF waaF khwaamM daiFnounbarrister
ทนายผู้ให้คำปรึกษาทางกฎหมายthaH naaiM phuuF haiF khamM bpreukL saaR thaangM gohtL maaiRnounsolicitor
ทนุthaH nooHproper nounDanu
ทบ thohpHnoun, verb, transitiveto double over; to fold back; to fold up
verbto compound; to increase; to add to
verbto break (as with คลื่น  )
verb[ทวีทบ] to increase; multiply; compound
ทบต้นthohpH dtohnFverb, intransitive[finance, banking] [of interest] to compound
ทบต้นthohpH dtohnFadjective[banking] [of interest] [is] compound
ทบต้นทบตอกthohpH dtohnF thohpH dtaawkLadjective, phrase[is] compounded (as in interest on debt)
ทบทวน thohpH thuaanMverbto review (study)
ทบทวนthohpH thuaanMverbto revise, reconsider
ทบทวีthohpH thaH weeMverbto double in number or amount
ทบ.thaawM baawMproper noun, abbreviation[abbreviation for กองทัพบก] RTA
ทบวง thaH buaangMnoungovernment bureau; department
ทบวงการ thaH buaangM gaanMnounorganization; agency; bureau
ทบวงการเมืองthaH buaangM gaanM meuuangMnoungovernment department
ทบิลิซี thaH biL liH seeMproper noun, geographicalTbilisi, the capital city of the European country จอร์เจีย (Georgia)
ทปท.thaawM bpaawM thaawMproper noun, abbreviation[abbreviation for พรรคไทยเป็นไท]
ทปส.thaawM bpaawM saawRproper noun, abbreviation[abbreviation for พรรคไทยเป็นสุข]
ทปอ.thaawM bpaawM aawMproper noun, abbreviation[abbreviation for ที่ประชุมอธิการบดีแห่งประเทศไทย]
ทพ.thaawM phaawMnoun, abbreviation[abbreviation for ทหารพราน] [military] scout; ranger; Paramilitary Rangers
abbreviation[abbreviation for ทหารพราน] Paramilitary Rangers
noun, abbreviation[abbreviation for ทันตแพทย์] dentist
ทพ.thaawM phaawMproper noun, abbreviation[abbreviation for พรรคไทยพอเพียง]
ทมิฬ thaH minMnoun, adjective, formalTamil
adjective, formal, loanword, Pali[is] vicious; dangerous; savage; ruthless; depraved
ทมิฬหินชาติ thaH minM hinR naH chaatFadjective, phrase, formal, sarcastic-humorous[showing sheer disapproval] inhumane, vicious, dangerous, savage, ruthless, depraved and of low birth, ill-born, low, base, degraded
ทโมนthaH mo:hnMadjective[is] overgrown; big; dominant; assertive
ทยอย thaH yaawyMverb, intransitiveto follow; to come or go one by one or one after another, to succeed (one another)
adverbone by one; in succession; one after another
ทยานthaH yaanM[alternate spelling of ทะยาน]
ทแยง thaH yaaengMadjective[is] oblique; skewed; diagonal; slanted; biased
ทร.thaawM raawMproper noun, abbreviation[abbreviation for กองทัพเรือ] RTN
ทรง sohngMnounform; figure; style
verbto maintain; to remain; hold up; take; sustain; continue
verb[ทรงๆ] to continue without change; no improvement, no deterioration
prefix[royal use only] [prefix which transforms common verbs (and sometimes nouns) into the verbs (and nouns) for royal language showing actions of mounting (a horse) or holding (an object), etc. The meanings will depend on such ensuing verbs.]
nounhair style; hairdo
verb, transitiveto remember or memorize
verb, transitiveto have; having
verb, transitive, formal[พระทรง] [royal] [a verb used in front of some nouns to indicate the state of being a "king"]
noun, adjective, formal[a suffix for the horses or elephants officially enrolled for duty]
noun, verb, transitive, intransitive[relating to] a séance or trance; a medium
ทรงกรมsohngM grohmMverb, formal[ทรงกรม] [royal use only—for His Royal Highness Prince or Her Royal Highness Princess] to be responsible for a department of the Royal Thai government
ทรงกระบอกsohngM graL baawkLnoun, adjectivecylinder; cylindrical
ทรงกลดsohngM glohtLadjectivebe encircled by a halo; have a halo; [is] surrounded by a corona
ทรงกลม sohngM glohmMnoun, adjectivethe round geometric shape; sphere
ทรงกับทรุดsohngM gapL sootHverbto get worse; to become worse
ทรงเกียรติsohngM giiatLadjective[is] honorable, respectable, honoured, noble, virtuous, reputable
ทรงขอบใจsohngM khaawpL jaiMverb, phrase, formal[royal use only] to thank or express gratitude
ทรงความหมายsohngM khwaamM maaiRadjective, phrase[is] meaningful; significant; has significance, meaning
ทรงคุณวุฒิsohngM khoonM naH wootHverb, phrase, formalto have an academic degree or knowledge; to be qualified, to be competent
ทรงเครื่อง sohngM khreuuangFverb[of royalty] cut or dress the hair
ทรงเครื่องsohngM khreuuangFnounextra ingredient (in a recipe)
ทรงเครื่องsohngM khreuuangFadjective[is] decorated
ทรงจำ sohngM jamMverbto remember; to recall; to recollect
ทรงจำเสื่อมsohngM jamM seuuamLexample sentence"One's memory is lost." — "His memory in in decline."
ทรงเจ้าsohngM jaoF[synonym of เข้าทรง] to sit in séance
ทรงช้างsohngM chaangHverb, formal[ทรงช้าง] [royal use only] to ride an elephant
ทรงดำเนินได้เพียงระยะสั้น ๆ ในห้องพระบรรทมsohngM damM neernM daiF phiiangM raH yaH sanF naiM haawngF phraH banM thohmMexample sentence"He was able to move short distances within the room where he was staying."
ทรงตัวsohngM dtuaaMverbto maintain (one's) poise and balance; able to stand on its own; remain in place
ทรงทราบsohngM saapFverb, formal[ทรงทราบ] [royal use only] to know or learn about (something), to be informed of
ทรงธรรมsohngM thamM maHadjective[is] virtuous
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