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หอ หีบchest; wooden box; trunkThe 41st consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ห (ห)
TIS-620 value: 0xห (ห)

3569 Thai words on 72 Pages

Page 64
เหลืองอร่าม leuuaR ngaawM raamFadjectiveshining gold, glowing yellow
เหลือบ leuuapLverb, intransitiveto glance or glimpse upwards or towards the side
adjectiveglassy; sleek; glossy; polished
nounhorse-fly; gad-fly; cattle-fly
[สีเหลือบ] the color metallic blue
เหลือบตาดูleuuapL dtaaM duuMto look at from the corner of one's eye
เหลือม leuuamRnoun[งูเหลือม] python; boa constrictor
เหลื่อม leuuamLadjective[is] overlapping; not aligned; not equal
เหลื่อมซ้อนleuuamL saawnHadjective[is] overlapping; coincidental
เหลื่อมล้ำ leuuamL lamHadjectiveuneven; unequal
เหลื่อมล้ำด้านรายได้leuuamL lamH daanF raaiM daiFnoun, phraseinequality in income distribution
เหลื่อมล้ำต่ำสูง leuuamL lamH dtamL suungRadjective[is] unequal; inequitable; discriminatory
เหว haayoRnounvalley
nounabyss; chasm; gorge
เหว่ waehLadjectivesolitary; lonely; deserted
เหวงwaehngRadjective[is] light; weightless
เหวอ wuuhrRinterjection, colloquial[an interjection used to express fear or astonishment ] "Yikes!"
เหวอะหวะwuhL waLadjectivelarge and deep
เหวี่ยง wiiangLverb, transitive, intransitiveto hurl; fling; cast; throw; swipe; swing; brandish; chuck
verbto act out one’s dissatisfaction, anger or frustration
verb, colloquialto break up (with one’s friend or lover)
เหวี่ยงกำปั้นwiiangL gamM bpanFverb, phraseto throw a punch (at someone)
เหวี่ยงหมัดwiiangL matLverbto throw a punch
เหวี่ยงแหwiiangL haaeRverbto cast a (fishing) net
เหวี่ยงแหwiiangL haaeRverb, phraseto conduct a wide investigation
เหอ huuhrRinterjection[onomatopoeic sound of a spooky laugh]
เห่อ huuhrLverbto go crazy over; get excited about something
adjective, colloquial[is] lofty; too proud; haughty; arrogant; conceited
verb, colloquialto scramble; to follow a craze
adjectivehaving sores
เห่อของใหม่huuhrL khaawngR maiLverb, phrase, colloquialto be elated or too proud with new items one has received or possessed
เห่อเหิม huuhrL heermRadjective[is] overambitious; [becomes] bolder; [becomes] swellheaded; [is] overconfident
เหอะ huhLparticle[a particle that is an informal form of เถิด ] Let's...; Let us...
interjection[sound of dry laughter implying "no comment"]
เหา haoRnounlouse, lice, Pediculus capitis (Pediculidae)
เหาระบาดhaoR raH baatLverb, phraseto be infested with lice
เห่า haoLverbto bark or bay (as a dog or wolf)
noun[งูเห่า] cobra
noun[งูเห่า] a corruptor of others; an evil person
เห่าหอนhaoL haawnRverbto howl; bark; bay
เหาะ hawLverbto fly or hover in the air; to flit; to fly
เหิน heernRverbto glide or fly in the air; to soar
เหินห่างheernR haangLadjective[is] estranged; distant; not close (emotionally)
เหิม heermRverb, intransitive[negative connotation] to become bold; to be insolent; to gain courage
adjective[negative connotation] [is] bold; insolent; elated; inflated
เหิมหาญheermR haanRadjective[is] brave; valiant; courageous
เหิมเกริม heermR greermMverb, intransitive, colloquialto become bold or emboldened; to be insolent
adjective, colloquial, idiominsolent; elated; inflated; bold; fearless; adventurous; audacious; brave; courageous; daring; enterprising; heroic; intrepid; valiant; impudent; barefaced; brazen; cheeky; confident; forward; insolent; rude; shameless
เหี้ยhiiaFnounan aquatic monitor lizard; water monitor (Varanus salvator)
noun, vulgarcreep, a despicable or bad person, a worthless character
noun, vulgar[ตัวเหี้ย] [a rude insult, same as] เหี้ย
noun, vulgar[ไอ้เหี้ย] [a rude insult, same as] เหี้ย
เหียกhiiakLadjective, colloquial[is] ugly; unattractive
เหียน hiianRverbto whirl; to revolve; to be nauseated
เหี้ยนhiianFverbto cut (hair) short
[of hair] [is] very short
adverball gone
เหี้ยม hiiamFadjective[is] savage; ruthless; cruel
เหี้ยมหาญhiiamF haanRadjective[is] dauntless; bold; brave; valiant; valorous
เหี้ยมโหด hiiamF ho:htLadjective[is] cruel
เหี้ยมเกรียมhiiamF griiamMadverbbrutally; cruelly; heartlessly; mercilessly; without pity
เหี่ยว hiaaoLadjective[is] withered; wilted; drooping; wrinkled; faded
verb, intransitiveto wither; wrinkle; wilt; droop; sag; shrivel; weaken; fade; flag; languish; wane
เหี่ยวเฉา hiaaoL chaoRverbto wilt; wither
เหี่ยวย่นhiaaoL yohnFadjective[is] wrinkled and withered
เหี่ยวแห้งhiaaoL haaengFadjective[is] dejected; down-in-the-mouth
เหี่ยวแห้ง hiaaoL haaengFadjective[is] withered
เหือดheuuatLverbto dry up
nounGerman measles
adjective[is] parched
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