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หอ หีบchest; wooden box; trunkThe 41st consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ห (ห)
TIS-620 value: 0xห (ห)

3181 Thai words on 64 Pages

Page 57
เหลืออด leuuaR ohtLadjective, idiom[is] beyond endurance; intolerable; unbearable
เหลืออดเหลือทน leuuaR ohtL leuuaR thohnMadjective, phrase[is] beyond endurance; beyond all bearing
เหลืออยู่ leuuaR yuuLnounremnants; left over; remaining
เหลืออยู่leuuaR yuuLverbto survive; to remain afterwards
เหลือกleuuakLverbto roll one's eyes upward
adverbwith eyes wide open
adverb[ตาเหลือก] hastily; franticly
verb[ตาเหลือก] to have one's eyes bulge out
เหลือง leuuangRadjective[is] yellow
noun[สีเหลือง] the color yellow    
เหลืองใสสดบุษราคัม leuuangR saiR sohtL bootL saL raaM khamMnoun, phrase, colloquial, poetic(luminously glowing yellow) Topaz or yellow sapphire
เหลืองอร่ามleuuaR ngaawM raamFadjectiveshining gold, glowing yellow
เหลือบ leuuapLverb, intransitiveto glance or glimpse upwards or towards the side
adjectiveglassy; sleek; glossy; polished
nounhorse-fly; gad-fly; cattle-fly
[สีเหลือบ] the color metallic blue
เหลือบตาดูleuuapL dtaaM duuMto look at from the corner of one's eye
เหลือม leuuamRnoun[งูเหลือม] python; boa constrictor
เหลื่อม leuuamLadjective[is] overlapping; not aligned; not equal
เหลื่อมซ้อนleuuamL saawnHadjective[is] overlapping; coincidental
เหลื่อมล้ำ leuuamL lamHadjectiveuneven; unequal
เหลื่อมล้ำด้านรายได้leuuamL lamH daanF raaiM daiFnoun, phraseinequality in income distribution
เหลื่อมล้ำต่ำสูง leuuamL lamH dtamL suungRadjective[is] unequal; inequitable; discriminatory
เหว haayoRnounvalley
nounabyss; chasm; gorge
เหว่waehLadjectivesolitary; lonely; deserted
เหวงwaehngRadjective[is] light; weightless
เหวอ wuuhrRinterjection, colloquial[an interjection used to express fear or astonishment ] "Yikes!"
เหวอะหวะwuhL waLadjectivelarge and deep
เหวี่ยง wiiangLverb, transitive, intransitiveto hurl; fling; cast; throw; swipe; swing; brandish; chuck
verbto act out one’s dissatisfaction, anger or frustration
verb, colloquialto break up (with one’s friend or lover)
เหวี่ยงกำปั้นwiiangL gamM bpanFverb, phraseto throw a punch (at someone)
เหวี่ยงหมัดwiiangL matLverbto throw a punch
เหวี่ยงแหwiiangL haaeRverbto cast a (fishing) net
เหวี่ยงแหwiiangL haaeRverb, phraseto conduct a wide investigation
เหอ huuhrRinterjection[onomatopoeic sound of a spooky laugh]
เห่อ huuhrLverbto go crazy over; get excited about something
adjective, colloquial[is] lofty; too proud; haughty; arrogant; conceited
verb, colloquialto scramble; to follow a craze
adjectivehaving sores
เห่อของใหม่huuhrL khaawngR maiLverb, phrase, colloquialto be elated or too proud with new items one has received or possessed
เห่อเหิมhuuhrL heermRadjective[is] overambitious; [becomes] bolder; [becomes] swellheaded; [is] overconfident
เหอะ huhLparticle[a particle that is an informal form of เถิด ] Let's...; Let us...
interjection[sound of dry laughter implying "no comment"]
เหา haoRnounlouse, lice, Pediculus capitis (Pediculidae)
เห่า haoLverbto bark or bay (as a dog or wolf)
noun[งูเห่า] cobra
เห่าหอนhaoL haawnRverbto howl; bark; bay
เหาะ hawLverbto fly or hover in the air; to flit; to fly
เหิน heernRverbto glide or fly in the air; to soar
เหินห่างheernR haangLadjective[is] estranged; distant; not close (emotionally)
เหิม heermRverb, intransitive[negative connotation] to become bold; to be insolent; to gain courage
adjective[negative connotation] [is] bold; insolent; elated; inflated
เหิมหาญheermR haanRadjective[is] brave; valiant; courageous
เหิมเกริม heermR greermMverb, intransitive, colloquialto become bold or emboldened; to be insolent
adjective, colloquial, idiominsolent; elated; inflated; bold; fearless; adventurous; audacious; brave; courageous; daring; enterprising; heroic; intrepid; valiant; impudent; barefaced; brazen; cheeky; confident; forward; insolent; rude; shameless
เหี้ยhiiaFnounan aquatic monitor lizard; water monitor (Varanus salvator)
noun, vulgarcreep, a despicable or bad person, a worthless character
noun, vulgar[ตัวเหี้ย] [a rude insult, same as] เหี้ย
noun, vulgar[ไอ้เหี้ย] [a rude insult, same as] เหี้ย
เหียกhiiakLadjective, colloquial[is] ugly; unattractive
เหียน hiianRverbto whirl; to revolve; to be nauseated
เหี้ยนhiianFverbto cut (hair) short
[of hair] [is] very short
adverball gone
เหี้ยม hiiamFadjective[is] savage; ruthless; cruel
เหี้ยมหาญhiiamF haanRadjective[is] dauntless; bold; brave; valiant; valorous
เหี้ยมโหด hiiamF ho:htLadjective[is] cruel
เหี้ยมเกรียมhiiamF griiamMadverbbrutally; cruelly; heartlessly; mercilessly; without pity
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