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หอ หีบchest; wooden box; trunkThe 41st consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ห (ห)
TIS-620 value: 0xห (ห)

3457 Thai words on 70 Pages

Page 63
เหือดแห้งheuuatL haaengFadjective[is] dried up; [is] parched
เหือดแห้งheuuatL haaengFverbto run dry
แห haaeRnouncast netting used for fishing
แหตาถี่haaeR dtaaM theeLnoun[fishing] gillnet
แหหนึ่งปาก haaeR neungL bpaakLnoun, phraseone casting net
แห่ haaeLnounparade; procession
verbto flock; move together as a group
แห่ขันหมากhaaeL khanR maakLnoun, phrasebridegroom procession to convey gifts to the bride's family
แห่เทียนพรรษาhaaeL thiianM phanM saaRnounCandle Festival Parade
แห่ศพhaaeL sohpLverbto form a funeral procession
แห่ห้อมhaaeL haawmFverbto surround
แหกhaaekLverbto break; stretch apart; separate apart; pull apart
แหกคอกhaaekL khaawkFnoun, phrase[is] unconventional; unorthodox; eccentric; out of the box; off the reservation
แหกคอกhaaekL khaawkF[is] a black sheep; become unorthodox; to resist the tradition; behave unconventionally
แหกคุกhaaekL khookHverb, phraseto escape from prison
แหกตาhaaekL dtaaMverbto deceive; hoodwink; cheat
แหกปากhaaekL bpaakLverbto yell; shout; scream
แหง ngaaeRadjective, colloquial[is] confounded; abashed; nonplussed
adjective, adverb, colloquial[is] certain; certainly; for sure; surefire; guaranteed
[แหง ๆ] very certain; very sure
แหงล่ะ!ngaaeR laFexample sentence, colloquial"Hell, yeah!"
แหง ๆngaaeR ngaaeR[แหง ๆ] very certain; very sure
แหง่ngaaeLnounchild; baby; calf
แห่ง haengLnounlocation; place; spot
classifier[numerical classifier for locations]
แห่งเขตร้อนhaengL khaehtL raawnHadjective[is] tropical
แห่งความตาย haengL khwaamM dtaaiMnounthe Land of the Dead
แห่งเคมีhaengL khaehM meeMadjective[of a reaction, process, etc.] chemical
แห่งชาติ haengL chaatFadjective[is] national
แห่งนิตินัยhaengL niH dtiL naiMadjective, phrase[is] legal
แห่งนี้ haengL neeHadverbthis place; here
แห่งหนhaengL hohnRnounplace; location
แห้ง haaengFadjective[is] dry
แห้งกรากhaaengF graakLadjectivedry; parched out
แห้งผากhaaengF phaakLto dry up completely
แห้งแล้ง haaengF laaengHadjective[is] dry; arid
แห้งเหี่ยวhaaengF hiaaoLverbto wither; wilt
แห้งเหี่ยวhaaengF hiaaoLadjective[is] dispirited
แหง็กngaekLadverb, colloquialto a standstill; gridlocked
แหงแก๋ngaaeR gaaeRadverbfor certain; for sure; without a doubt
แหงน ngaaenRverbto look up; turn up one's face; gawk
แหงนคอngaaenR khaawMverbto crane one's head up
แหงนมองเมฆบนท้องฟ้า ไม่เห็นวี่แววว่าฝนจะตกngaaenR maawngM maehkF bohnM thaawngH faaH maiF henR weeF waaeoM waaF fohnR jaL dtohkLexample sentence"I looked up at the clouds saw no sign of rain."
แหงนหน้า ngaaenR naaFverbto look upward; to face upwards
แหน naaeRnoun[ต้นแหน] duckweed
nouna plant Urobotrya siamensis Hiepko (Opiliaceae)
แห‍นverbto treasure; hold on to
แห‍นแห่haaeLverbto surround
แหนงnaaengRadjective[is] suspicious of
adjective[แหนงใจ] [is] doubtful (of); suspicious (of)
แหนงใจnaaengR jaiMadjective[แหนงใจ] [is] doubtful (of); suspicious (of)
แหนบnaaepLnountweezers; tiny pincers; needle-nosed pliers; clothespins; tongs
leaf spring; [any] long, thin piece of metal bound in sheafs
แหนบnaaepLverbto nip away; to pilfer; to steal in small quantities
แหนม naaemRnoun[แหนมหมู] minced pork and ground rice wrapped in banana leaf
แหนมหมู naaemR muuRnoun[แหนมหมู] minced pork and ground rice wrapped in banana leaf
แหบhaaepLadjective[is] hoarse
noun[เสียงแหบ] hoarse voice
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