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ชื่อคน » ชื่อจริงไทย
Names » Common Thai Given Names

กนกพรgaL nohkH phaawnMGanokpon; Kanokporn [a Thai given name]
กมลgaL mohnMGamon; Gamol; Kamon [a Thai male or female given name or nickname] (heart, mind)
กระสินธ์ graL sinRGrasin; Karasin [a Thai male given name]
กฤษฏิ์gritLKrist [a Thai given name]
กล้าหาญglaaF haanRKlaharn [a Thai male given name] (brave, bold)
กาญจนาgaanM jaL naaMKanchana [a Thai female given name meaning "gold"]
กานดา gaanM daaMGaan-daa [a Thai female given name] (beloved, sweetheart)
กุญชนิตาgoonM chaH niH dtaaMKunchanita [a Thai given name]
กุมโชคgoomM cho:hkFKumchok [a Thai given name]
กุลพันธ์goonM laH phanMKunlapan [a Thai given name]
เกษมgaL saehmRKasem [a Thai male given name meaning "happiness"]
แก้วเก้าgaaeoF gaaoFGaewgaow [a Thai female given name]
ขจีkhaL jeeMKhajee [a Thai female given name] (verdant, green)
ขนิษฐา khaL nitH thaaRKhanittha [a Thai female given name meaning "younger sister"]
ขวัญจิตkhwanR jitLKhwanchit [a Thai given name meaning "darling, sweetheart"]
ขวัญใจkhwanR jaiMKwanjai; Qwan-jai [a Thai female given name] (darling, sweetheart, favorite, beloved)
ขวัญชัยkhwanR chaiMKwanchai [a Thai male given name]
คลัง khlangMKhlang [a Thai given name]
จตุพลjaL dtooL phohnMChatuphon [a Thai given name]
จักรี jakL greeMChakrii; Jakrii [a Thai male given name] (king, monarch)
จันทนาjanM thaH naaMJanthana [a Thai female given name]
จันทร์สิริjanM thaH siL riLChanthasiri [a Thai given name]
จารุวรรณjaaM rooH wanMJaruwan [a Thai female given name]
จินตหราjinM dtaL raaRJintara [Thai female given name]
จินทนาjinM thaH naaMJinthana [a Thai female given name]
จุลภาสjoonM phaatFChunphat [a Thai given name]
เจือ jeuuaMJuaa [a Thai male or female given name]
ฉลวยchaL luayRChaluay [a Thai given name (unisex)]
เฉลิม chaL leermRChalerm [a Thai given name] (celebration, supreme, prestigious)
ชนะ chaH naHChana [a Thai given name]
ชนินทร์chaH ninMChanin [a Thai given name]
ชนิภรณ์ chaH niH phohnMChaniporn [a Thai female given name]
ชมเกดุchohmM gaehtLChomkate [a Thai given name]
ชวน chuaanMChuan [a Thai given name]
ชัยพรchaiM yaH phaawnMChaiyaporn [a Thai given name] (victory blessing)
ชัยอนันต์chaiM aL nanMChaiyanan; Chaiyanant [a Thai male given name] (countless victories)
ชาญชัยchaanM chaiMChanchai [a Thai male given name] (skilled and victorious)
ชาติ chaatFChati; Charti [a Thai male given name or nickname] (life, birth, incarnation; nation, country)
ชาติชายchaatF chaaiMChatchai [a Thai given name]
ชิด chitHChid [a Thai given name] (close, near, touching)
ชุ่มchoomFChoom [a Thai given name or nickname] (wet)
ชูวิทย์chuuM witHChuwit [a Thai given name]
เชาวน์chaoMChaow [a Thai male given name] (mental agility, quickness of mind)
เซติยังsaehM dtiL yangMSetiyang [a Thai given name]
เซติอาวันsaehM dtiL aaM wanMSetiawan [a Thai given name]
ญาณินyaaM ninMYanin [a Thai given name]
ฐิตวรรณthitL dtaL wanMThitawan [a Thai given name]
ฐิติภรณ์thiL dtiL phohnMThitiporn [a female given name]
ณรงค์ศักดิ์naH rohngM sakLNarongsak [a Thai given name]
ณัฎฐาnatH thaaRNuttha [a Thai given name]
ณัฏฐสิทธิ์natH thaL sitLNattasit [Thai male given name]
ณัฐิมาnatH thiL maaMNuttima [a Thai given name]
ณีneeMNee [a Thai female given name or nickname]
ดนัยdaL naiMDanai [common Thai given name]
ดนุพลdaL nooH phohnMDanupol [Thai male given name]
ดวงกมล duaangM gaL mohnMDuangkamol [a Thai female given name] (heart)
ดวงใจduaangM jaiMDuangjai [a Thai given name]
ดุสิต dooL sitLDusit [a Thai male given name] (the fourth land of heaven)
เดือนเพ็ญ deuuanM phenMDuanphen [a female given name] (full moon)
แดง daaengMDang; Daeng [a Thai male or female given name or nickname—See Notes] (red)
ตนุพลdtaL nooH phohnMTanuphon [a Thai given name]
ถนัด thaL natLThanat [a Thai given name]
ถวิลthaL winRThawin [a Thai given name]
ทวีฉัตรthaH weeM chatLThawichat [a Thai given name]
ทวีป thaH weepFThawip [a Thai given name]
ทวีวงศ์thaH weeM wohngMThawiwong [a Thai given name]
ทวีศักดิ์thaH weeM sakLThawisak [a Thai given name]
ทักษิณthakH sinRThaksin [a Thai given name]
ทัศนีย์thatH saL neeMTussanee [a Thai given name]
ธงชัยthohngM chaiMThongchai [a Thai given name]
ธนัชชาthaH natH chaaMThanatcha [Thai female given name]
ธนากรthaH naaM gaawnMThanakorn [a Thai given name]
ธนาพรthaH naaM phaawnMThanaporn [a Thai male given name]
ธเนศthaH naehtFTanet [a Thai male name] (a rich man)
ธีรภัทรtheeM raH phatHThiraphat [a Thai given name]
ธีรศักดิ์theeM raH sakLTeerasak [a Thai given name] (stability and power, authority)
นงนุชnohngM nootHNongnut [a Thai female name]
นงลักษณ์nohngM lakHNongluck [a Thai given name]
นพคุณnohpH phaH khoonMNopakhoon [a Thai male name] (gold)
นพดลnoH phaH dohnMNopadol, Nopadon [a Thai given name]
นพรัตน์nohpH phaH ratHNopparat [a male or female given name] (nine gems)
นภสรnaH phaH saawnRNapasorn [a Thai given name]
นรินทร์ศักดิ์naH rinM sakLNarinsak [a Thai male given name]
นริศาnaH riH saaRNarisa [a Thai female given name]
นฤมลnaH reuH mohnMNaruemol [a Thai given name]
นววรรณnaH waH wanMNawawan [a Thai given name]
นัยนา naiM yaH naaMNaiyana [a Thai female given name] (eye)
นาก naakFNak; Naak; Naag [a Thai female given name or nickname] (gold, silver, and copper)
นาค naakFNaak [a Thai given name or nickname] (fabulous serpent)
นารีnaaM reeMNaree [a Thai female given name]
นิตยาnitH dtaL yaaMNittaya [a Thai given name]
นีราชาneeM raaM chaaMNiracha [a Thai female given name]
เนาวรัตน์naoM waH ratHNaowarat [a male or female given name] (nine gems)
บัญญัติbanM yatLBanyat [a Thai given name]
บัณฑิตาbanM thiH dtaaMBanthita [a Thai given name]
บุญยงboonM yohngMBunyong [a Thai given name]
บุญเยี่ยมboonM yiiamFBunyiam [a Thai given name]
บุญรัตน์boonM ratHBunrat [a Thai given name]
บุญศรีboonM seeRBoonsri [a Thai female given name] (beautiful and meritorious)
บุศวรรณbooL saL wanMBusawan [a Thai given name]
บุษราคัม bootL saL raaM khamMBusarakham [a Thai female given name] (yellow sapphire)
ปกรณ์bpaL gaawnMPakorn [Thai male given name]
ปฏิภาณbpaL dtiL phaanMPatipaan [a Thai given name] (quick-witted and smart)
ปฐม bpaL thohmRPathom [a Thai given name]
ประชา bpraL chaaMPracha [a Thai given name]
ประดิษฐ์bpraL ditLPradit [a Thai given name]
ประทีปbpraL theepFPrathip [a Thai given name]
ประทุมbpraL thoomMPrathum [a Thai given name]
ประพันธ์ bpraL phanMPraphan [male Thai given name]
ประภาสbpraL phaatFPraphat [a Thai given name]
ประมนต์bpraL mohnMPramon [a Thai given name]
ประมุข bpraL mookHPramuk [a Thai given name]
ประวิตรbpraL witHPrawit [first name]
ประวิทย์ bpraL witHPrawit [a Thai male given name]
ประเวชbpraL waehtFPrawet [a Thai given name]
ประเวศbpraL waehtFPrawet [a Thai given name]
ประสงค์ bpraL sohngRPrasong [a Thai given name, usually male] (wish, desire, purpose)
ประสานbpraL saanRPrasan [a Thai given name]
ประสิทธิ์ bpraL sitLPrasit [a Thai male given name]
ประเสริฐbpraL seertLPrasert [a Thai male given name] (superb, excellent, precious)
ปรัชญา bpratL yaaMPratya [a Thai given name]
ปราณีbpraaM neeMPranee [a Thai given name]
ปรารถนา bpraatL thaL naaRPrathana [Thai female given name]
ปริญญา bpaL rinM yaaMParinya [a Thai given name]
ปรีชาbpreeM chaaMPreechaa [a Thai male given name] (intelligent, sagacious)
ปรีดาbpreeM daaMPreeda [a Thai female given name] (delighted, joyful)
ปวีณาbpaL weeM naaMPavena [a Thai female given name]
ป้อง bpaawngFPong [a Thai given name]
ปัญญาbpanM yaaMPunyaa [a Thai male given name] (intelligence)
ปานใจbpaanM jaiMPanchai [a Thai given name]
ปานเทพbpaanM thaehpFPanthep [a Thai given name]
ปาริชาติbpaaM riH chaatFParichat [a Thai given name]
ปิติbpiL dtiLPiti [a Thai male given name]
ปิยบุตรbpiL yaH bootLPiyabut [a Thai given name]
ปิยวรรณbpiL yaH wanMPiyawan [a Thai given name]
ปิยะคมbpiL yaH khohmMPiyakom [a Thai given name]
ปีติbpeeM dtiLPiti [a Thai female given name] (delighted, joyful)
ปีย์รติbpeeM raH dtiLPerati [a Thai given name]
เปรมbpraehmMPrem [a Thai male given name] (content, happy)
ผ่องเพ็ญphaawngL phenMPhongphen [a Thai given name]
ผาณิตphaaR nitHPanit [a Thai given name]
เผด็จphaL detLPhadet [a Thai given name]
พนมphaH nohmMPanom [a Thai given name] (mountain)
พนิตphaH nitHPanit [a Thai male given name] (beloved)
พยนต์ phaH yohnMPhayon [a Thai given name]
พรชัยphaawnM chaiMPornchai [a Thai given name]
พรพรรณphaawnM phanMPhonphan [a woman's name, meaning] "one whose skin complexion is her heavenly endowment"
พรพันธุ์phaawnM phanMPhonphan [a woman's name, meaning] "one who was born of a blessed or gifted family"
พรรณีphanM neeMPannee [a Thai female given name]
พรรัมภาphaawnM ramM phaaMPhornrampha [a Thai given name]
พลเดชphohnM daehtLPhondet [a Thai given name]
พัชรพรphatH chaH raH phaawnMPatcharabhorn [a Thai given name]
พัฒนา phatH thaH naaMPattana [a Thai given name]
พาณิชย์ phaaM nitHPhanit [a Thai given name]
พาทีphaaM theeMPathi [a Thai given name]
พิกุลphiH goonMPikun [Thai female given name]
พิจิตร phiH jitLPhichit [a Thai given name]
พิชิต phiH chitHPhichit [a Thai given name]
พินิจphiH nitHPhinit [a Thai given name]
พิภพ phiH phohpHPhiphop [a Thai given name]
พิมพ์ใจphimM jaiMPhimchai [a Thai given name]
พิมพ์วสีphimM waH seeRPimwasee [a Thai given name]
พิราวรรณ์phiH raaM wanMPirawan [Thai female given name]
พิริยะphiH riH yaHPhiriya [a Thai given name]
พูนศักดิ์phuunM sakLPhunsak [a Thai given name]
เพ็ญสุขภรณ์phenM sooL khaL phohnMPensukporn [a Thai given name]
เพิ่ม pheermFPerm [a Thai given name or nickname] (increase)
ไพฑูรย์ phaiM thuunMPaithoon [a Thai male or female given name] (cat’s-eye)
ไพบูลย์phaiM buunMPhaibun [a Thai given name]
ไพรัชphaiM ratHPairat [a Thai given name] (foreign)
ไพศักดิ์phaiM sakLPhaisak [a Thai given name]
ไพศาลphaiM saanRPhaisan [a Thai given name]
ฟุ้งฟ้าfoongH faaHFungfaa [Thai female given name]
ภรณ์พรรณphohnM phanMPhonphan [a woman's name] (one who has a fine complexion)
ภรณ์พันธ์phohnM phanMPhonphan [a woman's name] (one who is fascinated with clothes, dresses, ornaments, or accessories)
ภรณ์พันธุ์phohnM phanMPhonphan [a woman's name] (one who was born to a dressmaking family)
ภานุพัฒน์phaaM nooH phatHPanupat [a Thai given name]
ภาสุระphaaM sooL raHPasura [a Thai given name]
ภิรมย์phiH rohmMPhirom [a Thai given name]
ภุชงค์phooH chohngMPhuchong [a Thai given name]
ภูมินทร์phuuM minMPhumin [a Thai given name]
ภูมิพัฒน์phuuM miH phatHPhumphat [a Thai given name]
มงคล mohngM khohnMMongkhon [a Thai male given name meaning "auspicious"]
มณี maH neeMManee [a Thai female given name or nickname] (jewels, precious stones)
มณูmaH nuuMManoo [a Thai male given name]
มนตรี mohnM dtreeMMontri [a Thai given name]
มนูmaH nuuMManu [a Thai male given name]
มโนmaH no:hMMano [a Thai given name] (heart, mind)
มะลิ maH liHMali [a common Thai female name] Jasamine
มาณีmaaM neeMManee [a Thai female given name]
มานิจmaaM nitHManit [a Thai given name]
มานิตย์ maaM nitHMarnit [a Thai name]
มารวยmaaM ruayMMaruai [a Thai given name]
มาลีmaaM leeMMalee [a Thai female given name] (flower)
มุกดา mookH daaMMukda [a Thai given name]
ยิ่งยศyingF yohtHYingyot [a Thai given name]
ยุทธ์yootHYut; Yuth [Thai male given name] (war)
ยุพินyooH phinMYupin [a Thai given name]
ยุวรัตน์yooH waH ratHYuwarat [a Thai given name]
เยาวพาyaoM waH phaaMYaowapha [a Thai female given name]
รอง raawngMRong [a Thai male given name] (carry, bear weight)
รังรองrangM raawngMRangrong [Thai female given name]
รัตน์ ratHRut; Rat; Rutna [a Thai female given name or nickname] (precious stone, gem)
รามraamMRam [a Thai male given name] (thunder giant)
รินรดาrinM raH daaMRinrada [a Thai female given name]
รื่นreuunFRune [a Thai male or female given name or nickname] (happy, refreshing)
รื่นฤดีreuunF reuH deeMRunerudee [a Thai female given name]
รุ่งสิทธิ์roongF sitLRungsit [a Thai given name]
ฤดีreuH deeMRudee [a Thai female given name] (pleasure, delight)
ฤทัย reuH thaiMRuthai [a Thai female given name] (heart, mind)
วรพรwaawM raH phaawnMWoraporn [a Thai male or female given name]
วรภัทรwaawM raH phatHVorapat [a Thai given name]
วรรณwanMWann [a common Thai female given name]
วรรณาwanM naaMWanna [a Thai female given name]
วราภรณ์waH raaM phohnMWaraporn [a Thai given name]
วัชราภรณ์watH chaH raaM phohnMWatcharaporn [a Thai given name]
วัฒนาwatH thaH naaMWattana [a Thai given name] (development, evolution)
วันพลwanM phohnMWanpol [a Thai male given name]
วัลลภwanM lohpHWanlop [a Thai given name]
วัลลภาwanM laH phaaMWanlapa [a Thai given name]
วานีwaaM neeMWanee [a Thai female given name]
วิจารณ์ wiH jaanMWichan [a Thai given name]
วิจิตร wiH jitLWichit [a Thai given name]
วิชัยwiH chaiMWichai [a Thai male given name]
วิเชียรwiH chiianMWichian [a Thai given name]
วิทยา witH thaH yaaMWitya [a Thai given name]
วินัย wiH naiMWinai or Vinai [a male given name]
วิภาwiH phaaMWipa [a Thai female given name]
วิภาภรณ์wiH phaaM phohnMWipaporn [Thai Female given name]
วิรัชwiH ratHWirat [a Thai male given name] (pure, clean, chaste)
วิริยะwiH riH yaHWiriya [a Thai male name] (diligence, persistence)
วิโรจน์wiH ro:htFViroj [a Thai given name]
วิลาศwiH laatFWilat [a Thai given name]
วิศิษฏ์wiH sitLWisit [a Thai male given name] (glorious)
วิเศษ wiH saehtLWiset [a Thai given name]
วิสาwiH saaRWisa [Thai female given name]
วีรยุทธ์weenM yootHWinyut [a Thai given name]
วีรศักดิ์weeM raH sakLWirasak [a Thai given name]
วีระweeM raHWira [a Thai male given name]
วีระweeM raHVeera [a Thai male given name] (brave)
วีระชาติweeM raH chaatFWirachat [a Thai male given name meaning "national hero"]
วีระชายweeM raH chaaiMWirachai [a Thai given name]
วีระพลweeM raH phohnMWiraphon [a Thai given name]
วีระพันธุ์weeM raH phanMWiraphan [a Thai given name]
วีระศักดิ์weeM raH sakLWirasak [a Thai given name]
ศรีศักดิ์seeR sakLSisak [a Thai given name]
ศศิธร saL siL thaawnMSasithorn [a female Thai given name] (moon)
ศักดาsakL gaL daaMSakada [a Thai given name]
ศักดิ์ทิพย์sakL thipHSakthip [a Thai given name]
ศิริsiL riLSiri [Thai male given name] (glorious)
ศิริโชคsiL riH cho:hkFSirichok [a Thai given name]
ศิริณีsiL riH neeMSirini [a Thai given name]
ศิริพงศ์siL riH phohngMSiriphong [a Thai given name]
ศิริพรsiL riL phaawnMSiriporn [a Thai female given name] (splendor, glory, and blessing)
ศิริพลsiL riH phohnMSiriphon [a Thai given name]
ศิริพันธ์siL riH phanMSiriphan [a Thai female given name]
ศิริรัตน์siL riH ratHSirirat [a Thai given name]
ศิริวรรณsiL riH wanMSiriwan [a female given name]
ศุภชัยsoopL chaiMSupachai [a Thai male given name] (auspicious victory)
ศุภผลsoopL phaH phohnRSuppaphon [a Thai given name]
ศุภรัตน์soopL phaH ratHSupparat [a Thai given name]
ศุภวิทย์soopL phaH witHSupawit [a Thai given name]
ศุภวุฒิsoopL phaH wootHSuphawut; Subhawudhi [a Thai male given name] (auspicious and proficient)
สกุล saL goonMSakun [a Thai given name]
สนธิsohnR thiHSonthi [a Thai male given name] (combine)
สนั่นsaL nanLSanan [a Thai given name]
สนิท saL nitLSanit [a Thai male or female given name] (close, intimate)
สมควร sohmR khuaanMSomkhuan [a Thai given name]
สมคิดsohmR khitHSomkhit [a Thai given name]
สมจิตsohmR jitLSomjit [a Thai female given name]
สมชายsohmR chaaiMSomchai [a Thai given name]
สมโชคsohmR cho:hkFSomchok [a Thai given name]
สมทรงsohmR sohngMSomsong [a Thai given name]
สมบัติ sohmR batLSombat [a Thai given name]
สมบุญsohmR boonMSombun [a Thai given name]
สมบูรณ์ sohmR buunMSomboon [a Thai male given name] (perfect, complete)
สมพงษ์sohmR phohngMSompong; Somphong [a Thai given name]
สมพรsohmR phaawnMSomporn [a Thai given name]
สมเพียรsohmR phiianMSomphian [a Thai given name]
สมภพsohmR phohpHSomphop [a Thai given name]
สมยศsohmR yohtHSomyot [a Thai given name]
สมร saL maawnRSamorn [a Thai female given name] (beloved beautiful woman)
สมรัตน์sohmR ratHSomrat [a Thai given name]
สมลักษณ์sohmR lakH saLSomlaksa [a Thai given name]
สมศรีsohmR seeRSomsri [a Thai given name]
สมศักดิ์sohmR sakLSomsak [a Thai given name]
สมหมายsohmR maaiRSommai [a Thai given name]
สมัคร saL makLSamak [a Thai given name]
สริตาsaL riH dtaaMSarita [a Thai given name]
สลิลธรsaL linM thaawnMSaliltorn [a Thai given name]
สวัสดิ์saL watLSawat [a Thai given name] (happiness)
สว่าง saL waangLSawang [a Thai given name]
สังวาลsangR waanMSangwaan [a Thai female given name] (love vine)
สันติ sanR dtiLSanti [a Thai given name]
สากล saaR gohnMSakon [a Thai given name]
สาธิตsaaR thitHSathit [a Thai given name]
สาธิตยังsaaR thitH dtaL yangMSathittayang [a Thai given name]
สามารถ saaR maatFSamat [a Thai given name]
สายพิณsaaiR phinMSaiphin [a Thai given name]
สายสมรsaaiR saL maawnRSaisamorn [a Thai female given name]
สาวิทย์saaR witHSawit [a Thai given name]
สิงห์ singRSingh [a Thai given name]
สิทธิ sitL thiHSitthi [a Thai given name]
สิริกิติ์siL riH gitLSirikit [the name of Her Majesty the Queen of Thailand]
สิริรักษ์siL riH rakHSirirak [a Thai given name]
สีห์ศักดิ์seeR sakLSisak [a Thai given name]
สุกัญญาsooL ganM yaaMSugunya [a Thai given name]
สุจิตsooL jitLSujit [a Thai male or female given name]
สุจินดาsooL jinM daaMSuchinda [a Thai given name]
สุชาดาsooL chaaM daaMSuchada [a Thai given name]
สุชาดาจะsooL chaaM daaM jaLSuchadacha [a Thai given name]
สุชาติsooL chaatFSuchart [a Thai given name]
สุชายsooL chaaiMSuchai [a Thai given name]
สุดใจsootL jaiMSomjai [a Thai female given name]
สุดาsooL daaMSuda [a Thai female name] (woman, lady)
สุทธิพงศ์sootL thiH phohngMSutthiphong [a Thai given name]
สุทธิพลsootL thiH phohnMSutthiphon [a Thai given name]
สุเทพsooL thaehpFSuthep [a Thai given name]
สุธรรมsooL thamMSutham [a Thai given name]
สุนทรีsoonR thaH reeMSoontharee [a Thai given name]
สุนัยsooL naiMSunai [a Thai given name]
สุนีsooL neeMSuni [a Thai given name]
สุนีย์sooL neeMSunee [a Thai female given name]
สุประภาsoopL raH phaaMSuprapha [a Thai given name]
สุพรรณ sooL phanMSuphan [a Thai given name]
สุพิชาsooL phiH chaaMSupicha (a Thai given name)
สุพิศsooL phitHSupit, Suphit [a Thai male given name]
สุภาsooL phaaMSupa [a Thai female given name]
สุภาพ sooL phaapFSuphap [a Thai given name]
สุภาภรณ์sooL phaaM phohnMSupaporn [a Thai given name]
สุเมธsooL maehtFSumate [Thai man's given name] (intelligent person; thinker)
สุรัตน์sooL ratHSurat [a Thai given name]
สุริยะsooL riH yaHSuriya [a Thai given name]
สุริยาsooL riH yaaMSuriya [a Thai female name] (sun)
สุรีsooL reeMSuree; Surii [a Thai female given name]
สุวรรณ sooL wanMSuwan [a Thai given name]
สุวิชาsooL wiH chaaMSuwicha (a Thai given name)
สุวิทย์sooL witHSuwit [a Thai male given name]
สุหัตถ์sooL hatLSuhat [a Thai given name]
เสรี saehR reeMSeri [a Thai given name]
แสงดาวsaaengR daaoMSaengdow [a Thai female given name meaning "starlight"]
โสภาคso:hR phaakFSobhak [a Thai name]
หทัยhaL thaiMHathai [a Thai female given name] (heart)
หนิวniuRNiew [a Thai female given name] (bee)
อดิศักดิ์aL diL sakLAdisak [a Thai given name]
อนันต์aL nanMAnan [a Thai given name]
อนันตชัยaL nanM dtaL chaiMAnantachai [a Thai male given name]
อนุชาaL nooH chaaMAnucha [a Thai given name] (younger brother)
อภิชาตaL phiH chaatFAphichat [a Thai given name]
อภิชาติaL phiH chaatFAphichat [a Thai given name]
อภิญญา aL phinM yaaMApinya [a Thai male or female given name] (magical power, knowledge)
อภิรักษ์aL phiH rakHAphirak [a Thai given name]
อภิศักดิ์aL phiH sakLAphisak [a Thai given name]
อภิสิทธิ์ aL phiH sitLAbhisit [first name of 27th Thai Prime Minister]
อมรaL maawnMAmorn [Thai woman's given name]
อมรรัตน์aL maawnM ratHAmornrat [a Thai female given name]
อรรถสิทธิ์atL thaL sitLAthasit [Thai male given name]
อริศราaL riH saL raaMAlisara [a Thai given name]
อรุณศรีaL roonM seeRArunsri [a Thai given name]
อักขระakL khaL raLAkara [a Thai male given name] (alphabet, character)
อัญชลีanM chaH leeMAnchalee [a Thai female given name]
อัญชลีพรanM chaH leeM phaawnMAnchaleephorn [a Thai female given name]
อัญญาณีanM yaaM neeMUnyanee [a Thai given name]
อัษฎา atL saL daaMAsda [a Thai male given name]
อัษราatL saL raaMAsara [a Thai given name]
อาณัติaaM natHAnat [a Thai given name]
อาทิตย์ aaM thitHArthit [a Thai male name] (sun)
อารงaaM rohngMArong [a Thai given name]
อารี aaM reeMAree [Thai given name]
อารีพงศ์aaM reeM phohngMAriphong [a Thai given name]
อุกฤษฏ์ooL gritLUkrit [common male Thai name] (supreme, highest)
อุกิตooL gitLUkit [a Thai male name]
อุดม ooL dohmMUdom [a Thai male given name] (ideal, principle)
อุบลooL bohnMUbol [a Thai female given name] (water lilly, lotus)
อุบลวรรณooL bohnM wanMUbonwan [a Thai given name]
เอกพงษ์aehkL gaL phohngMEkaphong [a Thai given name]
เอกใหม่aehkL gaL maiLEkamai [a Thai given name]
สังวาลย์sangR waanMSangwal [a Thai male given name]
สำรวยsamR ruayM[Thai male name] Samruey
สำเริงsamR reerngM[Thai male given name] Samreung

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