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ปิติ  bpiL dtiL 
contents of this page
1.ปิติbpiL dtiLPiti [a Thai male given name]
2.ปิติbpiL dtiL[is] glad; happy; joyful
3.ความปิติkhwaamM bpiL dtiLpleasure; gladness; joy

pronunciation guide
Phonemic Thaiปิ-ติ
IPApìʔ tìʔ
Royal Thai General Systempiti

ปรีติbpreeM dtiL
1.   [proper noun]
Piti [a Thai male given name]

bpiL dtiL deernM lohngM
"Piti walked down."
bpiL dtiL dtaengL nangR seuuR lemF neungL kheunF
"Piti wrote a book."
ปิติแต่งหนังสือเล่มหนึ่งขึ้น แต่ยังไม่เสร็จ
bpiL dtiL dtaengL nangR seuuR lemF neungL kheunF dtaaeL yangM maiF setL
"Piti wrote a book, but he didn’t finish it yet."
ปิติแต่งหนังสือเล่มหนึ่งขึ้น และกำลังแต่งอยู่
bpiL dtiL dtaengL nangR seuuR lemF neungL kheunF laeH gamM langM dtaengL yuuL
"Piti wrote this book, and is still writing it."
bpiL dtiL dtaengL glaawnM aawkL
"Piti was able to compose the poem."
ปิติแต่งกลอนออก แต่ยังไม่เสร็จ
bpiL dtiL dtaengL glaawnM aawkL dtaaeL yangM maiF setL
"Piti was able to compose a poem, but he hasn’t finished it yet."
bpiL dtiL aanL nangR seuuR naiM khaL naL theeF maaM neeM gaawF thamM gaanM baanF bpaiM
"Piti is reading a book while Manee is doing her homework."
bpiL dtiL khiianR johtL maaiR dtaawL bpaiM
"Piti continued writing the letter."
bpiL dtiL ginM khaaoF setL bpaiM
"Piti finished eating (rice)."
bpiL dtiL duuM nangR johpL bpaiM
"Piti finished watching the movie."
bpiL dtiL ginM haawyR thaakF maaM gaawnL
"Piti has eaten snails before."
bpiL dtiL dtaengL glaawnM maaM
"Piti has been composing the poem."
bpiL dtiL thamM khwaamM saL aatL baanF maaM
"Piti has cleaned the house."
bpiL dtiL gamM langM jaL dtaengL glaawnM kheunF
"Piti is going to compose a poem."
bpiL dtiL aawkL bpaiM
"Piti went out away. [Piti went out]."
bpiL dtiL aawkL bpaiM yaangL ruaatF reoM
"Piti exited away quickly. [Piti hurried out]."
bpiL dtiL thoopH gaaeoF laaeoH reuuR
"Did Piti already break the glass?"
bpiL dtiL thoopH gaaeoF siiaR reuuR
"Did Piti break the glass?"
bpiL dtiL jaL khiianR nangR seuuR
"Piti will write the book."
ปิติจะเรียนจบปริญญาตรีในปีนี้ แต่บังเอิญตายเสียก่อน
bpiL dtiL jaL riianM johpL bpaL rinM yaaM dtreeM naiM bpeeM neeH dtaaeL bangM eernM dtaaiM siiaR gaawnL
"Piti would have completed his bachelor’s degree this year but he accidently died."
bpiL dtiL jaL wingF
"Piti was about to run."
bpiL dtiL wingF dtrohngM yaawnH glapL khaoF baanF bpaiM
"Piti ran straight back in the house, away from us."
2.   [noun]
[is] glad; happy; joyful

synonymsเข้าตาkhaoF dtaaMto satisfy; like; please; catch the eye of
ชอบใจchaawpF jaiM[is] content; gratified; pleased; satisfied
ชื่นมื่นcheuunF meuunF[is] cheerful; happy; delighted; joyful
ต้องใจdtaawngF jaiMto like; be pleased with; enamored with
ถูกคอthuukL khaawMto one's liking
ถูกใจthuukL jaiM[is] pleasing; to one's liking
ปีติ bpeeM dtiL[is] delighted; glad; joyful
พอใจ phaawM jaiM[is] content; contented; satisfied; pleased; happy
ยินดีyinM deeM[is] delighted; glad; happy; pleased; satisfying
สบอารมณ์sohpL aaM rohmM[is] pleased with; satisfied; contented
หนำใจnamR jaiM[is] satisfied; fulfilled
หรรษาhanR saaR[is] very pleased; delighted
examplesความปิติยินดีkhwaamM bpiL dtiL yinM deeMjoy; delight; happiness
ปิติยินดีbpiL dtiL yinM deeM[is] pleased with; very happy about
ความปลื้มปิติkhwaamM bpleuumF bpiL dtiLhappiness; joy; delight
ปลื้มปิติbpleuumF bpiL dtiL[is] joyful; delighted; glad; happy
3. ความปิติ  khwaamM bpiL dtiL  [noun]
pleasure; gladness; joy

phaawF maaeF dtemM bpaiM duayF khwaamM bpiL dtiL theeF luukF saaoR saawpL khaoF maH haaR witH thaH yaaM laiM khaawngR ratH thaL baanM daiF
phaawF maaeF meeM khwaamM bpiL dtiL gapL khwaamM samR retL khaawngR luukF
"The parents are delighted at the success of their children."

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