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ขอ ไข่eggThe 2nd consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ข (ข)
TIS-620 value: 0xข (ข)

3157 Thai words on 64 Pages

Page 21
ขัดเคืองkhatL kheuuangMadjective[is] indignant
ขัดเคืองkhatL kheuuangMverbto become angry; indignant
ขัดเงา khatL ngaoMverbto polish or shine
ขัดจังหวะkhatL jangM waLverbto interrupt; break
ขัดใจkhatL jaiMverbto offend; dissatisfy; displease; disagree
ขัดต่อkhatL dtaawLprepositioncontrary to; be contradictory with; be in conflict with; go against
ขัดต่อศีลธรรมอันดีของประชาชนkhatL dtaawL seenR laH thamM anM deeM khaawngR bpraL chaaM chohnMadjective[is] offensive to the good morals of the People; [is] contrary to public morality
ขัดตาkhatL dtaaMadjective[is] unpleasant to look at
ขัดตาทัพ khatL dtaaM thapHverb, intransitive, phrase, figurative, idiom[literally] to stop an army from closing in on; to outwit the lines of an army; [figuratively] to do (something) temporarily; to help (get) somebody out of a fix, predicament or embarrassment
ขัดถูกล้องkhatL thuuR glaawngFverb, phrase, vulgarto wack off; to jerk off; to polish your pipe
ขัดเบา khatL baoMnounurine retention disorder
ขัดไม่ออกkhatL maiF aawkLverb[is] unremovable (as a stain); can't rub it out
ขัดแย้งkhatL yaaengHnounto war against; to conflict with
ขัดแย้งกันkhatL yaaengH ganMadjective[of two people] incompatible; [of factions] [are] engaged in fighting and bickering
ขัดรองเท้า khatL raawngM thaaoHverbto polish or shine shoes
ขัดเล็บ khatL lepHphraseto file one's nails
ขัดสีkhatL seeRverbto mill; grind or crush in a mill
ขัดสีkhatL seeRverbto scrub; rub; scour
ขัดหน้า khatL naaFnounfacial (treatment)
ขัดหูขวางตาkhatL huuR khwaangR dtaaMadjective[is] unpleasant to look at
ขัดหูขัดตาkhatL huuR khatL dtaaMadjective[is] unpleasant to look at
ขัดข้อง khatL khaawngFverbto object to; dissent; have objections
adjectiveto have trouble; have fault; to have a hitch in; to interrupt
ขัดสน khatL sohnRadjective, formal, idiom[is] needy; in need of
noun[ความขัดสน] a need
verbto lack of
ขัดสนอับจนkhatL sohnR apL johnMadjective, phrase[is] poor; needy; impovershed; poverty-stricken
ขัตติยkhatL dtiL yaHnounking; sovereign; monarch
ขัตติยนารีkhatL dtiL yaH naaM reeMnounfemale monarch
ขัน khanRnouna bowl or basin used for dipping water
noun[ขันหมาก] tray of gifts (from the groom to the bride's family); tray containing betels and areca to the bride's home as a troth
verbtwist; turn
adjectiveactive; energetic; vigorous; enthusiastic
adjective[is] amused; amusing; funny; jocular; comic; comical; humourous; laughable; ridiculous
adjective[น่าขัน] [is] ridiculous; cockamamy
verbcoo; crow; roost
[euphonious suffix]
ขันตักน้ำ khanR dtakL naamHnoundipper; water ladle
ขันโตกkhanR dto:hkLnounKhantoke, a traditional Northern Thai meal
ขันโตกkhanR dto:hkLnounfooted tray used to serve food, esp. in ขันโตก
ขันน้ำkhanR naamHnounshallow water bowl; water dipping bowl
ขันหมากkhanR maakLnoun[ขันหมาก] tray of gifts (from the groom to the bride's family); tray containing betels and areca to the bride's home as a troth
ขันหมากkhanR maakLnoun[ขันหมาก] tray of gifts (from the groom to the bride's family); tray containing betels and areca to the bride's home as a troth
ขันให้แน่นkhanR haiF naaenFverb, intransitiveto tighten
ขันอาสาkhanR aaM saaRverbto volunteer
ขั้น khanFnounstep; step raise in compensation (esp. for civil servants)
noun, formalrank
classifier[numerical classifier for stairs, process, and Thai government official position ranking]
ขั้นกว่าkhanF gwaaLadjective, colloquial[grammar] comparative
ขั้นต่อไปkhanF dtaawL bpaiMnoun, phrasethe next step (in the process)
ขั้นตอนkhanF dtaawnMnounstep; procedure; method
ขั้นตอนในการทำต้องคั่วมะพร้าวและงาในกระทะ ใช้ตะหลิวพลิกไปพลิกมาอย่างพิถีพิถันkhanF dtaawnM naiM gaanM thamM dtawngF khuaaF maH phraaoH laeH ngaaM naiM graL thaH chaiH dtaL liuR phlikH bpaiM phlikH maaM yaangL phiH theeR phiH thanRexample sentence"In making [this dish] one must pan roast coconut and sesame seeds in a pan and use a spatula to carefully keep the mixture turned."
ขั้นตอนวิธีkhanF dtaawnM wiH theeMnounalgorithm
ขั้นต่ำkhanF dtamLnounminimum; low grade; low level
ขั้นต่ำkhanF dtamLadjectiveminimum; lowest; minima
ขั้นเทพkhanF thaehpFadjective, phrase[is] really cool; very much; angelic; heavenly
ขั้นบันไดkhanF banM daiMnoun, phrasea step of stairs
ขั้นพื้นฐาน khanF pheuunH thaanRadjective, phrase, formalbasic; fundamental; rudimentary; 101
ขั้นวิกฤตkhanF wiH gritLnouncritical stage
ขั้นสุดkhanF sootLadjective, colloquial[grammar] superlative
ขั้นสูง khanF suungRnoun, adjective, formaladvanced stage; high grade; high level
ขันแข็งkhanR khaengRadverbdiligently; energetically
adjective[ขยันขันแข็ง] [is] diligent; hard working; diligent
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