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Consonant Reduplication

In some Thai words, a single written consonant may serve as the final consonant of a closed syllable and then be pronounced again as the initial consonant of the following syllable. For example, in the word วิทยาลัย , which is pronounced witH-thaH-yaaM-laiM, the final consonant of the first syllable, ท, is reduplicated as the initial consonant of the second syllable.

Suggested Exercise:
Identify the reduplicated consonant in words selected from the following table.

กกุทgaL gootL thaH

[n] royal insignia


[n] hump of an animal


[n] chief; head; chairman

กกุธgaL gootL thaH

[n] royal insignia


[n] hump of an animal


[n] chief; head; chairman

กฎนิคหกรรมgohtL nikH khaH haL gamM

[n] penal code for Buddhist monks

กฎอัยการศึก gohtL aiM yaH gaanM seukL

[n, formal] martial law

กตัญญูกตเวทิตาgaL dtanM yuukF gaL dtaL waehM thiH dtaaM

[n] the quality of being a grateful person; gratitude; gratefulness; [Buddhism] one who is thankful for benefits received and reciprocates them.

กรมgrohmM maH

[n] [of government] a department


[n] regiment [military]

plus 1 more
กรมธรรม์ grohmM maH thanM

[n] contract for buying or selling (e.g., real estate)


insurance policy

กรรมgamM maH

[n, formal, loan, S] deed; kamma; karma; sin; bad karma earned


[n, loan, P] action; act


[part, formal, loan, P] [a suffix reflecting] an enterprise; undertaking; [a formalizing Pali suffix that changes a verb or adj. into a noun]


[n, formal, loan, P] [grammar] the object of a verb

plus 1 more
กรรมกร gamM maH gaawnM

[n] unskilled laborer; workman

กรรมการก gamM maH gaaM rohkH

[n] [Thai grammar] the accusitive case to mark the direct object of a transitive verb.

กริยาสภาวมาลาgriL yaaM saL phaaM waH maaM laaM

[n] [grammar] verb acting as a noun

กฤษฎาภินิหารgritL saL daaM phiH niH haanR

[n] power of accumulated merit

กฤษฎีgritL saL deeM

[n, loan, S] waist; hip


[n, loan, S] populace; people

กฤษฎีกา gritL saL deeM gaaM

[n, S] royal decree; edict

กฤษณะgritL saL naH

[n] Krishna, an avatar of Vishnu

กลgohnM laH

[n] magic; trick; device; finesse


[n] scheme; stratagem; plot; intrigue


[n] machine; machinery

กลวิธีgohnM laH wiH theeM

[n] strategy; stratagem; maneuver; tactics; artifice; ruse; trick

กลศาสตร์gohnM laH saatL

[n] Mechanics

กัลบกganM laH bohkL

[n, formal] barber; hairdresser

กัลปาวสานganM laH bpaaM waH saanR

[adv] eternally; everlastingly; forever

plus 1 more
กัลยา ganM laH yaaM

[n] beautiful woman


Kalaya [Thai woman's given name] (beautiful woman)

กัลยาณมิตรganM laH yaaM naH mitH

[n] true friend; good friend

กัลยาณีganM laH yaaM neeM

[n] beautiful woman

กามgaamM maH

[n, formal, loan, P] sexual desire; sex drive; eroticism; carnal lust


[adj, formal, loan, P] erotic; sexual; lustful

plus 1 more
กามกิจgaamM maH gitL

[n] sexual intercourse

กามตัณหาgaamM maH dtanM haaR

[n] craving for sexual pleasure

กามโลกgaamM maH lo:hkF

[n] [Buddhism] the world of sensual pleasures

กายgaaiM yaH

[n] body; human body; physique

plus 1 more
กาลปาวสานgaanM laH bpaaoM waH saanR

[adv] for ever and ever

กาฬโรคgaanM laH ro:hkF

[n] bubonic plague

กาฬวาตgaanM laH waatF

[n] hurricane

กิจgitL jaL

[n, loan, P] errand; duty; work; routine; affair; business

กิจการ gitL jaL gaanM

[n] work (nonbusiness); activity; duty; business; proprietorship


[prop.n] [book of the New Testament] Acts

กินรี ginM naH reeM

[n, formal, poet, loan, P] a female กินนร 

กีฏวิทยาgeetL dtaL witH thaH yaaM

[n] Entomology

กุลgoonM laH

[n] tribe; race; lineage; troupe; team; company; pack; family; bevy; group; caste

กุลพันธ์goonM laH phanM

[prop.n] Kunlapan [a Thai given name]

กุศโลบายgootL saL lo:hM baaiM

[n] strategy; stratagem; maneuver, tactics, well-thought-out course of action; manipulation; scheme

เกษมณีgaL saehmM maH neeM

[prop.n] Kedmanee (keyboard layout for typing Thai); last name of inventor of Kedmanee keyboard

คชสีห์khohtH chaH seeR

[n] fabulous lion with the trunk of an elephant

คณาธิปไตยkhaH naaM thipH bpaL dtaiM

[n] oligarchy

คณิตkhaH nitH dtaL

[n, loan, P] mathematics; calculation; counting

คณิตวิเคราะห์khaH nitH dtaL wiH khrawH

[n] Mathematical Analysis

คมนาคมkhohmM maH naaM khohmM

[n, formal, loan, P] communications

คริสเตียน khritH saL dtiianM

[n, adj, loan, Eng] [Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] [is]Christian


Christian [an English given name]

คหกรรมศาสตร์khaH haL gamM maH saatL

[n] Domestic science; home economics

คัคนานต์ khakH khaH naanM

[n, formal, poet, loan, P] sky; firmament

คามวาสีkhaamM maH waaM seeR

[n] monk who resides in a temple in a town or village

คุณkhoonM naH

[prn] [singular and plural] you; your


[prn] [a title of respect, as in] Mister, Miss, or Mrs. [usually followed by the first name]


merit; goodness; virtue; prosperity


string; rope; thread; cord


[prn] [noun + (ของ ) + คุณ: indicating possession] your (item or object); yours


[n] kindness

plus 1 more
คุณวุฒิkhoonM naH wootH

[n] qualifications; competence; ability; high stature

ฆาตกรkhaatF dtaL gaawnM

[n] murderer; killer; slayer; assassin

โฆษณา kho:htF saL naaM

[n, v, i, formal, loan, P] to advertise; to campaign


[n] advertisement

plus 1 more
จตุรพิธพรjaL dtooL raH phitH thaH phaawnM

[n] The Four Blessings

จตุสดมภ์jaL dtootL saL dohmM

[n] the four ministries in the ancient government; the four pillars of government

จักจี้jakL gaL jeeF

[adj, v] to tickle; ticklish

จั๊กจี้ jakH gaL jeeF

[adj, v] to tickle; ticklish

จักรวรรดิวัตรjakL raH wanM diL watH

[n] imperial laws

จัตวา jatL dtaL waaM

[adj, loan, P] [Pali numeral] four; [usually used as a prefix] fourth; quadruple


[n, formal] [of Thai Tone] rising

plus 1 more
จันทรุปราคาjanM thaH roopH bpaL raaM khaaM

[n] lunar eclipse; eclipse of the moon by the earth

จิตตภาวนาjitL dtaL phaaoM waH naaM

[n] cultivation of the heart; emotional development

จิตรมาสjitL dtaL raH maatF

[prop.n] the fifth lunar month

จิตวิสัยjitL dtaL wiH saiR

[adj] [is] subjective

จุล joonM laH

[pfx, adj, formal, loan, P] microscopic; tiny; minute; extremely small; [the prefix] "micro-"

จุลทรรศน์joonM laH thatH

[n] microscope

จุลภาคjoonM laH phaakF

[n] [punctuation mark] comma

เจตนา jaehtL dtaL naaM

[n] intention; purpose; aim; intent


[v] to intend

plus 1 more
เจตนารมณ์ jaehtL dtaL naaM rohmM

[n] intention; aim; purpose

เจรจา jaehnM raH jaaM

[v] to negotiate

plus 1 more
เจษฎาธิการjaehtL saL daaM thiH gaanM

[n] Reverend (director of a religious Christian school)

โจราธิปไตยjo:hM raaM thipH bpaL dtaiM

[n] kleptocracy

ชนนี chohnM naH neeM

[n] matriarch; mother

ชนบท chohnM naH bohtL

[n] country; countryside; rural area

ชราภาวาธิปไตยchaH raaM phaaM waaM thipH bpaL dtaiM

[n] gerontocracy; rule by the elderly

ชลchohnM laH

[n, adj, poet, ancient] water; water-borne


[adj] drowsy; stupid; foolish

ชลประทานchohnM laH bpraL thaanM

[n] irrigation

plus 1 more
ชักเย่อ chakH gaL yuuhrF

[n, prop.n, v, i, colloq] [name of a traditional Thai game/entertainment in the past] tug-of-war; to pull

ชัชวาลchatH chaH waanM

[adj] [is] bright, shining

ชันโรงchanM naH ro:hngM

[n] stingless bee, Trigona sp. (Apidae)

ชันสูตร chanM naH suutL

[v] to investigate; verify; identify; prove; examine; inspect

ชัยพรchaiM yaH phaawnM

[prop.n, pers] Chaiyaporn [a Thai given name] (victory blessing)

ชัยภูมิ chaiM yaH phuumM

[prop.n, geog] Chaiyaphum, a province in northeastern Thailand with a 1995 population of 1,093,063 (rank 15 of 76)

ชานชลาchaanM chaH laaM

[n] train platform [alternative spelling of ชานชาลา]

ชินวัตร chinM naH watH

[prop.n] Shinawatra

ชีพcheepF phaH

[n] life; existence; living

ชุลมุน choonM laH moonM

[adj] [is] disorderly; undisciplined; chaotic


[v] move in a disorderly manner; mill around/about; rush in a disorderly manner

ซอมซ่อsaawmM maH saawF

[adj] [is] shabby; worn


[adv] shabbily

ญาณทัสนะyaanM thatH saL naH

[n] intuition; enlightened foresight

ฐิตวรรณthitL dtaL wanM

[prop.n] Thitawan [a Thai given name]

ดรรชนี datL chaH neeM

[n, S] index; index finger; forefinger


[n, S] index finger

ดัชนี datL chaH neeM

[n, S] index; index finger; forefinger


[n, S] index finger

ดาษดาdaatL saL daaM

[adj] [is] found everywhere; common

ดุริยางคศิลป์dooL riH yaangM khaH sinR

[n, prop.n] the art of playing music

ดุลพินิจdoonM laH phiH nitH

[n] discretion; judgment; consideration

ดุลยพินิจdoonM laH yaH phiH nitH

[n] discretion; judgment; consideration

ดุษฎี dootL saL deeM

[n, formal, loan, S] pleasure; joy; exultation; admiration; bliss


[adj, formal, loan, S] [is] satisfied; joyful

ดุษฎีนิพนธ์dootL saL deeM niH phohnM

[n] Doctoral thesis; dissertation

ดุษณี dootL saL neeM

[n, formal, loan, S] quietness; silence; stillness; serenity

plus 1 more
ตรรกdtakL gaL

[n] (school of) thought; (type of) thinking; logic; doctrine of reason; conjecture; ideation

ตรัสdtratL saL

[v] [as a king or royalty] to say; remark; speak; declare; pronounce

ตฤณมัย dtrinM naH maiM

[n] turf

ตั๊กแตน dtakH gaL dtaaenM

[n] grasshopper; mantis


[prop.n] [Female Thai nickname] Takatan

ติณชาติ dtinM naH chaatF

[n] grass

ตุ๊กตา dtookH gaL dtaaM

[n] doll; mannequin; stuffed animal


hypothetical situation; straw-man (as in "straw-man argument")

ทรรศน์thatH saL

[n, adj, formal, loan, S] vision; view; scene; sight; exhibition; perspective

ทรรศนะthatH saL naH

[n, adj, formal, loan, S] vision; view; scene; sight; exhibition; perspective

ทรัพยากร sapH phaH yaaM gaawnM

[n, pl, formal, loan, P] resource(s); natural resource(s)

ทฤษฎี thritH saL deeM

[n] theory


[clsf] [numerical classifier for theories]

ทศthohtH saL

[adj, formal, poet, loan, S] ten


[n, formal, poet, loan, S] edge of a strip of cloth

ทศทิศthohtH saL thitH

[n] ten directions; the compass; eight linear directions plus up and down

ทศพิธราชธรรมthohtH saL phitH raatF chaH thamM

[n] the 10 virtues of the king; [contemporary] good governance

ทศวรรษ thohtH saL watH

[n] decade

ทันตแพทยสภาthanM dtaL phaaetF thaH yaH saL phaaM

[n, prop.n] Dental Council (of Thailand)

ทัศน thatH saL naH

[adj, formal, loan, S] visual

ทัศนคติ thatH saL naH khaH dtiL

[n] view point; angle; aspect; point of view; perspective; attitude

ทัศนอุจาดthatH saL naH ooL jaatL

[n] eyesore; a structure in dischord with the enviroment or surrounding structures

ทัศนะ thatH saL naH

[n] attitude

ทัศนะ thatH saL naH

attitude; viewpoint; opinion

ทัศนาจร thatH saL naaM jaawnM

[v, loan, S] to tour; to go sight-seeing

plus 1 more
ทัศนีย์thatH saL neeM

[prop.n] Tussanee [a Thai given name]

ทัศนียภาพthatH saL neeM yaH phaapF

[n] scenery; scene; sight; landscape; view; sight-seeing; panorama

ทานมัยthaanM naH maiM

[n] almsgiving

ทารุณกรรมthaaM roonM naH gamM

[n] abuse; torture


[v] to abuse; torture

plus 1 more
ทินthinM naH

[n, adj, P, S] day; daily


[v] to give

ทุกรกิริยาthookH gaL raH giL riH yaaM

[n, formal] difficult deeds; labors of Hercules

ทุคตะthookH khaH dtaL

[adj] [is] poor; distressed; wretched; indigent

ทุคติ thookH khaH dtiL

[n] hell; state of unhappiness; woeful course of existence

ทุทรรศนนิยมthooH thatH saL naH niH yohmM

[n] pessimism; cynicism; nihilism

ทุนthoonM naH

[n] assets, cost, fund, investments, capital, subsidy, scholarship

ทุพพลภาพthoopH phohnM laH phaapF

[adj] [is] disabled; crippled; deformed; maimed

เทพthaehpF phaH

[n] angel; fairy; god; deity; divine being


[adj] divine; god-like; king; prince; princess


[shortened form of the name for Bangkok กรุงเทพฯ]

เทพย thaehpF phaH yaH

[n, S] deity; god; divine being; angel

เทศthaehtF saL

[n] foreigner; country; region; place; spot; location; part; portion; institute


[adj] foreign; alien; local; municipal

เทศกาล thaehtF saL gaanM

[n] the time and location for a religious festival, a holiday season

เทศกิจthaehtF saL gitL

[n] municipal official (whose duty is to take care of cleanness)

เทศนา thaehtF saL naaM

[v] to preach; give a sermon


[v] to scold, castigate, lecture (someone who has done something wrong)

เทศบาล thaehtF saL baanM

[n] town hall


[adj] [is] municipality

โทมนัส tho:hmM maH natH

[n] sadness; sorrow; grief; dejection; melancholy; depression

โทษtho:htF saL

[n, formal, loan, P] punishment; penalty; penance; guilt; blame; offence; crime; penalty; ill-effect; harm; danger; fault; defect; sinfulness; misdeed


[v, t, i, formal, loan, P] to blame; to criminate; to accuse; to charge; to impeach

ธนาธิปไตยthaH naaM thipH bpaL dtaiM

[n] plutocracy

ธรรมthamM maH

[n, loan, P] dharma; religious teaching; religious duty


[n, loan, P] virtue; morality; precept; scruples; rightneousness; principles; doctrine


[n, loan, P] morals and ethics; the good and decent principles of life


[n, loan, P] truth; enlightenment


[n, loan, P] justice; fairness


[n, loan, P] rule; law; regulation

plus 7 more
ธรรมการย์thamM maH gaanM

[n] righteousness; cause of virtue

ธรรมดา thamM maH daaM

[adj, loan, P] [is] usual; ordinary; normal; average; plain; regular; natural; common


[n, loan, P] natural state; natural law; nature; custom; habit

ธรรมนูญ thamM maH nuunM

[n] constitutional law


[n] charter

ธรรมภิบาลthamM maH phiH baanM

[n] good governance

ธรรมยุติกนิกายthamM maH yooH dtiL gaL niH gaaiM

[prop.n] Dhammayutika Sect (of Buddhism)

ธรรมาธิษฐานthamM maaM thitH saL thaanR

[n] teaching with reference to ideas

ธัญthanM yaH

[n, adj, formal, loan, P] grain

ธัญชาติthanM yaH chaatF

[n] paddy; rice of various kinds; grains

ธัญบุรี thanM yaH booL reeM

[prop.n, geog] Thanyaburi

ธิปไตยthipH bpaL dtaiM

[n] [used as a suffix] governance; governing

นพnohpH phaH

[adj, formal, poet, loan, P] [Pali numeral] nine; [usually used as a prefix] ninth


[prop.n, pers] Nop [a common Thai nickname]

นพคุณ nohpH phaH khoonM

[n, prop.n] Nopakhoon [a Thai male name] (gold)

นพมาศ nohpH phaH maatF

[prop.n, pers] Noppamas, granddaughter of พ่อขุนรามคำแหงมหาราช, a court lady of exceptional wit and charm; she was believed to be the first to have devised the กระทง  and to have raised court practices to a high standard

นมัสการ naH matH saL gaanM

[v] to worship; to pay respects (to); to pay homage (to); to pay obeisance (to); pay salutation to

นรีเวชกรรมnaH reeM waehtF chaH gamM

[n] (the practice of) gynecology

นรีเวชวิทยาnaH reeM waehtF wiH thaH yaaM

[n] Gynecology

นรีเวชศาสตร์naH reeM waehtF chaH saatL

[n] Gynecology

นเรศวรnaH raehM suaanR

[prop.n] King Naresuan

นวัตกรรมnaH watH dtaL gamM

[n] innovation; change; alteration; novelty; newness; modernization

นัยน naiM yaH naH

[n, adj, poet] [relating to the eye or eyes]

นัยนา naiM yaH naaM

[prop.n] Naiyana [a Thai female given name] (eye)


[n, poet, P] eyes

นานัปการnaaM napH bpaL gaanM

[n] diverse, a variety of; many (things)

นามธรรม naamM maH thamM

[adj] [is] abstract

นาวิกnaaM wikH gaL

[n] navigator; sailor; helmsman; steersman

น่าอัปยศnaaF apL bpaL yohtH

[adj, adj] [is] shameful; disgraceful; embarrassing; humiliating

นิคหิต nikH khaH hitL

[n, loan, P, S] Anusvara; niggahita; [name of] the mark (อํ) indicating nasalisation (or an unspecified nasal) of the vowel associated with the consonant (such as อิ or อา becoming อึ or อำ respectively)

นิตยสาร nitH dtaL yaH saanR

[n] magazine

นิตยาnitH dtaL yaaM

[prop.n] Nittaya [a Thai given name]

นิทรรศการ niH thatH saL gaanM

[n] exhibition

เนติบริกรnaehM dtiL baL riH gaawnM

[n] political counsel (pejorative); political and legal operative; legal manipulator for those in political power; political consigliere

เนติบัณฑิตยสภาnaehM dtiL banM thitH dtaL yaH saL phaaM

[n, prop.n] Bar Association (of Thailand)

บรมbaawM rohmM maH

[adj, formal, loan, P] extreme; supreme; most excellent; highest; most exalted

บรรลัยbanM laiM yaH

[v] [is] destroyed; ruined


[v] to destroy, ruin

บัพชาbapL phaH chaaM

[v] to ordain

บัพชิตbapL phaH chitH

[n] cleric

บาทbaatL thaH

[n, formal] Thai currency: Baht (TH฿)


[n, formal, ancient] foot


[clsf] [numerical classifier for amounts of money]


[n] a foot (line) of a poem


[clsf] [numerical classifier for a foot of a poem]


[n] unit of Thai weight

plus 1 more
บุคคลิกภาพbookL khaH likH gaL phaapF

[n] personality

บุคลากร bookL khaH laaM gaawnM

[n] personnel; staff; crew

บุคลาธิษฐาน bookL khaH laaM thitH thaanR

[n, formal, loan, S] personification

บุคลิก bookL khaH likH

[n] personality; characteristics of a person

บุคลิกbookL khaH likH gaL

[n] personality; characteristics of a person

บุณมี boonM naH meeM

[n, poet] the full moon

บุพการี boopL phaH gaaM reeM

[n] parent; ancestor; father and mother

บุพบท boopL phaH bohtL

[n] [grammar] preposition

บุษบก bootL saL bohkL

[n] a portable throne with a roof

บุษบง bootL saL bohngM

[n] flower; lotus; water-lily


a beautiful woman

บุษบันbootL saL banM

[n] flower; lotus; water-lily


a beautiful woman

บุษบา bootL saL baaM

[n] flower; blossom

บุษราคัม bootL saL raaM khamM

[n, prop.n, formal, loan, S] topaz or yellow sapphire


[n, prop.n, pers, formal, loan, S] Busarakham [a Thai female given name] (yellow sapphire)

โบราณbo:hM raanM naH

[adj] [is] ancient; obsolete; outdated; old-fashioned


[n] ancient times; antiquity

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ปกติbpohkL gaL dtiL

[adv] usually; normally; commonly


[adj] [is] often; usual; common


[n] natural state; normality

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ปฏิปทาbpaL dtipL bpaL thaaM

[n] mode of practices; way; path; behavior; conduct; course; procedure

ปฐพีbpohtL thaL pheeM

[n, poet, loan, P] earth; land; soil

ปฐมภูมิbpaL thohmR maH phuumM

[adj] [is] primary; fundamental

ปรกติ bprohkL gaL dtiL

[adj] [is] normal; regular; good condition; doing well


[adv] normally, regularly

ปรมาตมันbpaL raH maatF dtaL manM

[n] Brahmin

ประกาศนียบัตร bpraL gaatL saL neeM yaH batL

[n, formal, loan, S] diploma; certificate

ประชาธิปไตย bpraL chaaM thipH bpaL dtaiM

[n] democracy

ประชาธิปัตยภิวัฒน์bpraL chaaM thiH bpatL dtaL yaH phiH watH

[n] democratization

ประดิษbpraL ditL saL

to invent; create; coin; conceive; design; devise; discover; formulate; improvise; originate; think up; make up; concoct; cook up (informal); fabricate; feign; forge; manufacture; trump up


[prop.n] Pradit [a Thai given name]

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ประทุษกรรมbpraL thootH saL gamM

[v] to do harm

ประธานาธิบดี bpraL thaaM naaM thipH baawM deeM

[n] [of a country] the president

ประธานาธิปดีbpraL thaaM naaM thipH bpaL deeM

[n] president; president of the republic

ปรัศนี bpratL saL neeM

[n] [the question mark, ?] a query; an interrogation point

ปราถนาbpraatL thaL naaM

[v] to wish for; to desire


[prop.n] Prathana [Thai female given name]

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ปรารถนา bpraatL thaL naaR

[v] to wish for; to desire


[prop.n] Prathana [Thai female given name]

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ปราศbpraatL saL

[adj] [is] deprived of; free from; without; rid of

ปริวรรตกรรมbpaL riH watH dtaL gamM

[n] circulation; distribution

ปริศนา bpritL saL naaR

[n] riddle; word puzzle; question

ปฤษฎางค์bpritL saL daangM

[n] back

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ปลาสนาการbpaL laatF saL naaM gaanM

[v] to disappear, run away

ปักเป้า bpakL gaL bpaoF

[n] the female kite; diamond shaped with a long tail

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ปัจฉิมบทbpatL chimR maH bohtL

[n] epilogue

ปัตคาต bpatL dtaL khaatF

[n] [Thai massage] [certain] blood vessels in the thigh

ปัถพีbpatL thaL pheeM

land; earth

ปัศตัน bpatL saL dtanM

[n] a breach-loading gun such as a revolver or pistol

ปิตาธิปไตยbpiL dtaaM thipH bpaL dtaiM

[n] patriarchy; paternalism; rule by the oldest male members of society

ปูชนียบุคคลbpuutL chaH neeM yaH bookL khohnM

venerable person

โปรเพนbpro:hM phaehnM

[loan, Eng] propane

ผลphohnR laH

[n, P] effect; result; consequence; outcome; product of; impact


[n, P] fruit


[clsf, P] [numerical classifier for fruit]

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ผลิตphaL litL dtaL

[v, t, i, formal, loan, P] to manufacture; produce

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ผลิตภาพphlitL dtaL phaapF

[n] productivity

ผัคคุณมาสphakL khoonM naH maatF

[prop.n] the fourth lunar month

พจนานุกรม phohtH jaL naaM nooH grohmM

[n, formal, loan, P] dictionary

พจมานphohtH jaL maanM

[prop.n] Pojaman [Thai woman's given name]

พยช phaH yohtH chaH

[v] to ride upon; to drive

พรรณนา phanM naH naaM

[v] to describe; depict; explain


to narrate; relate; explain

พรรดึก phanM raH deukL

[n] lump of hardened feces; coprolite

พรหมphrohmM maH

[prop.n] Brahma, a Hindu deity


[n] [general] deity


[adj, formal, loan, P] Brahman; of, relating or pertaining to Bhraman ideas, beliefs, etc.


[is] sublime

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พระบรมราโชวาทphraH baL rohmM maH raaM cho:hM waatF

[n] royal guidance/tutelage

พระบรมรูปphraH baL rohmM maH ruupF

[n] statue of a king; royal statues

พระบรมวงศ์phraH baawM rohmM maH wohngM

[n] [royalty] close relatives of the king

พระบรมวงศ์เธอ phraH baL rohmM maH wohngM thuuhrM

[n] prince/princess; grandson/granddaughter of the king

พระบรมวงศานุวงศ์ phraH baL rohmM maH wohngM saaR nooH wohngM

[n] member of the royal family; royalty

พระบาทสมเด็จพระปรเมนทรรามาธิบดีศรีสินทรมหาวชิราลงกรณ พระวชิรเกล้าเจ้าอยู่หัวphraH baatL sohmR detL phraH bpaL raH maehnM thaH raH raaM maaM thiH baL deeM seeR sinR thaawnM maH haaR waH chiH raaM lohngM grohnM phraH waH chiH raH glaoF jaoF aL yuuF huaaR

[prop.n] King Rama X - King Vajiralongkorn - reigned from 2018 to current

พระพิฆเนศphraH phikH khaH naehtF

[prop.n] Ganesh, name of a Hindu God who has the head of an elephant and body of a man

พระพุทธรูปphraH phooH thohtH thaH ruupF

[n] Buddha image; statue of the Buddha

พระรัตนตรัย phraH ratH dtaL naH dtraiM

[n, formal, loan, P] The Triple Gem

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พระราชทาน phraH raatF chaH thaanM

[v] to give; confer; royally presented by the king

พระราชประสงค์ phraH raatF chaH bpraL sohngR

[n] royal intention

พระราชวงศ์phraH raatF chaH wohngM

[n] royal family; royalty

พระราชสมภพ phraH raatF chaH sohmR phohpH

[v] royal birth

พระราชเสาวนีย์phraH raatF chaH saoR waH neeM

[n] The words of the Queen; A statement by the Queen

พระราชหัตถเลขาphraH raatF chaH hatL thaL laehM khaaR

[n] royal writing

พระราชอัธยาศัย phraH raatF chaH atL thaH yaaM saiR

[n] royal command; at the royal pleasure

พระราชาธิบดีphraH raaM chaaM thipH baawM deeM

[n] monarch; king

พฤศจิก phreutH saL jikL

[n, prop.n, formal, loan, S] Thai Zodiac sign for Scorpio, the eighth sign of the zodiac

พฤศจิกายน phreutH saL jiL gaaM yohnM

[n] November

พฤษภาคม phreutH saL phaaM khohmM

[n] May

พฤหัสบดี phreuH hatL saL baawM deeM

[n, formal] [formal, general] Jupiter

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พฤหัสบดีphaH reuH hatL saL baawM deeM

[n, formal] [formal, general] Jupiter

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พลphohnM laH

[n, loan, P] power; force; strength; violence; military force


[n, loan, P] troops; soldiers; forces; plebes


[n, prop.n, pers, loan, P] low member of military or police force


[n, prop.n, pers, loan, P] general; General [military rank]


[adj, loan, P] mediocre; indifferent; ordinary

พลวัตphohnM laH watH

[adj] [is] dynamic


[n] dynamism

พะยุพยุงphaH yoopH phaH yoongM

[v] to help; assist

พัชนีphatH chaH neeM

[n] fan used by a Buddhist monk

พัชรพรphatH chaH raH phaawnM

[prop.n] Patcharabhorn [a Thai given name]

พัฒนกรphatH thaH naH gaawnM

[n] low level goverment development worker

พัฒนา phatH thaH naaM

[v] to develop


[prop.n] Pattana [a Thai given name]

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พัทยา phatH thaH yaaM

[n] a tax or tithe


[n] the southwest wind


[prop.n, geog, formal] Pattaya, the beach resort on the Gulf of Thailand, southeast of Bangkok

พัทลุง phatH thaH loongM

[prop.n, geog] Phattalung, a province in southern Thailand with a 1995 population of 491,326 (rank 48 of 76)

พัลวัน phanM laH wanM

[adv] haphazardly; confusedly; in a disorganized fashion

พัศดี phatH saL deeM

[n, formal, loan, S] the governor of a jail; warden; jailer

พัสดุ phatH saL dooL

[n] article; object; good; possession; belonging; ware


[n] supplies; parcel post; package

พัสถานphatH saL thaanR

[n] property; possession; belongings

พาณิชยกรรมphaaM nitH chaH yaH gamM

[n] commerce; trade

พาณิชยการphaaM nitH chaH yaH gaanM

[n] commerce; trade

พาณิชยนิยมphaaM nitH chaH yaH niH yohmM

[n] Mercantilism

พาณิชยศาสตร์phaaM nitH chaH yaH saatL

[n] Commerce

พิทยphitH thaH yaH

[n, formal, loan, P] science; knowledge; learning; philosophy; [often a suffix to the name of a primary or secondary school]


[prop.n] Witya [a Thai given name]

พิทยาphitH thaH yaaM

[n, formal, loan, P] science; knowledge; learning; philosophy; [often a suffix to the name of a primary or secondary school]


[prop.n] Witya [a Thai given name]

พิทยาคมphitH thaH yaaM khohmM

[n] study; knowledge


[prop.n] suffix for name of secondary school in Thailand

พิทยาคาร phitH thaH yaaM khaanM

[n] school

พิพิธภัณฑ์ phiH phitH thaH phanM

[n] museum

พิศวง phitH saL wohngR

[adj, formal] [is] puzzled about; bewildered; suspicious of

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พิศวาสphitH saL waatL

[n, poet, P, S] love; intimacy; affection; tenderness


[adj] [is] loving; affectionate; tender


to love

พิษฐานphitH saL thaanR

[n] vow; will; resolution; wish


[v] to (make a) wish

พิษณุโลก phitH saL nooH lo:hkF

[prop.n, geog] Pitsanulok, a province in northern Thailand with a 1995 population of 846,630 (rank 23 of 76)

พิสดาร phitH saL daanM

[adj] detailed; comprehensive; unabridged


[adj] queer; strange; odd; uncommon; unusual; particular; extraordinary

พิสมัย phitH saL maiR

[v, formal] [formal] to love; to admire; to adore

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พุทธมามกะphootH thaH maamM maH gaL

[n] a Buddhist; an adherent to Buddhism

พุทธศตวรรษphootH thaH saL dtaL watH

[n] Buddhist era (B.E.)

พุทธศาสนิกชนphootH thaH saatL saL nikH gaL chohnM

[n] a Buddhist; an adherent to Buddhism

พุทธานุสติphootH thaaM nootH saL dtiL

[n] Recollections of the Buddha; mindfulness of the Buddha

เพทนา phaehtF thaH naaM

[n] feeling; sensation

เพลิงพระราชทาน phleerngM phraH raatF chaH thaanM

[n] royally sponsored cremation

แพทยสภาphaaetF thaH yaH saL phaaM

Medical Council of Thailand

แพศยาphaaetF saL yaaR

[n] prostitute


[adj] lustful; wanton; [of morals] loose; licentious; using feminine wiles

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ภควัทคีตา phohkH khaH watH kheeM dtaaM

[prop.n, loan, S] Bhagavad Gita

ภมรี phohmM maH reeM

[n] bee; female bee; queen bee

ภรตศาสตร์phaH rohtH dtaL saatL

science of dancing and singing

ภรรยา phanM raH yaaM

[n] wife

ภัทรบทมาสphatH thaH raH bohtL thaH maatF

[prop.n] the tenth lunar month

ภัสดา phatH saL daaM

[n, loan, P] a husband

ภาคยานุวัติphaakF khaH yaaM nooH watH

[n] accession; a signatory to a multi-lateral or bi-lateral treaty

ภาชนะ phaaM chaH naH

[n] container

ภาพphaapF phaH

[n] image; picture; drawing; vision


[n] existence; state; being; [a suffix corresponding to the English suffix "-dom"]


[n] a view, a scenic background

ภาพยนตร์phaapF phaH yohnM

[n] cinema; motion picture

ภาวการณ์phaaoM waH gaanM

[n] situation

ภุมระphoomM maH raH

[n] bee

ภุมวาร phoomM maH waanM

[n, loan, P] Tuesday

เภสัชphaehM satL chaH

[n, adj, poet] medicine; pertaining to medicine; [diminutive] druggist


[n] seven day tonics [for monks],

โภคทรัพย์pho:hkF khaH sapH

[n] consumable wealth; wealth; property; resource

โภคภัณฑ์pho:hkF khaH phanM

[n] commodity; consumer goods

โภชนา pho:hM chaH naaM

[n] food; nourishment

มกราคม mohkH gaL raaM khohmM

[n] January

มกุฏราชกุมาร maH gootL raatF chaH gooL maanM

[n, prop.n, pers, formal, loan, P] a crown prince

มงคลmohngM khohnM laH

[adj] [is] auspicious; favorable; sacred


[n] auspiciousness


[n] auspicious item; lucky talisman


[n] auspicious and symbolic thread or garland (as in the headband worn in Thai boxing)


[prop.n] Mongkhon [a Thai male given name meaning "auspicious"]

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มนุษยชนmaH nootH saL yaH chohnM

[n] humanity; human beings

มนุษยนิยมmaH nootH saL yaH niH yohmM

[n, aux.v] Humanism

มรรคนายกmakH khaH naaM yohkH

[n, loan, P] a liaison (to goodness or truth); a temple lay official

มรรคนายกmakH khaH naaM yohkH

[n] liaison; spiritual guide; lay temple official

มฤคทายวันmaH reukH khaH thaaM yaH wanM

[prop.n] Marukathayawan; the deer park where the Buddha first preached

มฤคทายวันmaH reukH khaH thaaiM yaH wanM

[prop.n] Marukathayawan; the deer park where the Buddha first preached

มฤตยู maH reutH dtaL yuuM

[n] the planet Uranus

มลmohnM laH

[n] filth; grime; impurity

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มลทัศน์mohnM laH thatH

[n] visual pollution; eyesore; affront to the visual landscape

มลรัฐ mohnM laH ratH

[n] state

มหัศจรรย์ maH hatL saL janM

[adj] [is] wonderful; excellent

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มหาตมะmaH haatL dtaL maH

[n, prop.n] Mahatma

มัคนายกmakH khaH naaM yohkH

[n] liaison; spiritual guide; lay temple official

มัคนายกmakH khaH naaM yohkH

[n, loan, P] a liaison (to goodness or truth); a temple lay official

มัทวะmatH thaH waH

[n, loan, P] kindness and gentleness [one of the ten kingly virtues]

มัธยmatH thaH yaH

[n] median; middle value

มัธยม matH thaH yohmM

[n] secondary education; high school

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มัธยมmatH thaH yaH maH

[n] secondary education; high school

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มัธยะ matH thaH yaH

[n] median; middle value

มัธยัสถ์ matH thaH yatH

[adj] [is] thrifty; frugal

มัธยัสถ์matH thaH yatH

[v] to economize; save


[adj] [is] thrifty; frugal; economical

มัศยา matH saL yaaR

[n, loan, S] fish

มัสตาดmatH saL dtaatL

[n, loan, Eng] [Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] mustard

มัสมั่น matH saL manL

[n] southern Thai style curry with cinnamon; cardomans; peanuts

มัสยาmatH saL yaaM

[n, loan, S] fish

มัสยิดmatH saL yitH

[n] mosque

มัสยิสmatH saL yitH

[n] mosque

มัสลิน matH saL linM

[n, adj, loan, Eng] [Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] muslin

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มิคสัญญี mikH khaH sanR yeeM

[n] violence and turmoil; calamity; doomsday

มิสกวัน mitH saL gaL wanM

[prop.n, geog] Mitgawan; Indra's garden

มุขmookH khaL

[adj] leading; principal; front


[n] front porch; front balcony; verandah


[n, loan, P] face; visage


[n, loan, P] path; way; entrance


[n, loan, P] mouth


[n, loan, P] leader; head; chief

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มุขยmookH khaL yaH

[n, loan, P] principal; leader; chief

มุสลิม mootH saL limM

[adj, loan, Eng] [Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] Muslim

ไมยราบ maiM yaH raapF

[n] the sensitive plant, Mimosa pudica L.

ยม yohmM maH

[prop.n, loan, P] [the personage of] Death

ยมบาลyohmM maH baanM

[prop.n] the Prince of Devils

ยัชโญปวีตyatH chaH yo:hM bpweetL

[n] blessed string used in Hindu and Buddhist ceremonies

รณรงค์ rohnM naH rohngM

[v, i, formal, loan, P] to campaign

รมณี rohmM maH neeM

[n, poet] woman; lady

รัช ratH chaH

[pfx, adj] [prefix pertaining to] royal; imperial; of the king

รัชดาภิเษก ratH chaH daaM phiH saehkL

[prop.n, geog] [name of a road in Bangkok] Rajadabhisake; Rachadapisek; etc.

รัชทายาทratH chaH thaaM yaatF

[n] heir to the throne

รัชน ratH chaH naH

[v] [of fabric] to dye; to color


[adj] [is] dyed

รัชนี ratH chaH neeM

[n] night-time; darkness

รัฐratH thaL

[n] a state or regional division within a country; government


[clsf] [numerical classifier for State]

รัฐบาล ratH thaL baanM

[n] government

รัฐประศาสนศาสตร์ratH thaL bpraL saatL saL naH saatL

[n] Political and Administrative Science; science of administration; (study of) Public Administration

รัตนratH dtaL naH

[adj, formal, poet, loan, P] jewel, precious stone, gem; excellent thing, valuable or desirable thing


[n, prop.n, pers, formal, loan, P] Rut; Rat; Rutna [a Thai female given name or nickname] (precious stone, gem)

รัตนตรัยratH dtaL naH dtraiM

[n] the Triple Gem

รัตนาratH dtaL naaM

[adj, formal, poet, loan, P] jewel, precious stone, gem; excellent thing, valuable or desirable thing


[n, prop.n, pers, formal, loan, P] Rut; Rat; Rutna [a Thai female given name or nickname] (precious stone, gem)

รัศมี ratH saL meeR

[n] ray of light


[n] illumination; brilliance; glow


[n] radius


[n] influence; prestige; fame; power

รัษฎากรratH saL daaM gaawnM

revenue collected by a country or state; national revenue

รัสratH saL

[adj, loan, P] short

ราช raatF chaH

[adj] royal; imperial; of the king; of the crown; regal

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ราชการ raatF chaH gaanM

[n] civil service; public service; government service; bureaucracy


[n] official business

ราชกิจจานุเบกษา raatF chaH gitL jaaM nooH baehkL saaR

the Government Gazette; the publication for all official notices

ราชดำเนิน raatF chaH damM neernM

[prop.n] Rajdamnern

ราชดำริ raatF chaH damM riH

[prop.n, geog] [name of a road in Bangkok] Rajdumri; Rajadamri; Ratchadamri; etc.

ราชทัณฑ์raatF chaH thanM

Department of Corrections


punishment by royal decree; a penalty imposed by the king

ราชทินนามraatF thinM naH naamM

[n] title conferred by the king

ราชเทวีraatF chaH thaehM weeM

[prop.n] [administrative district of Bangkok] Ratchathewi

ราชธานี raatF chaH thaaM neeM

[n] a metropolis; important city

ราชนิกุล raatF chaH niH goonM

[n, formal, loan, P] [royal use only] king's relatives; members of the royal family; one descended from the queen's lineage

ราชบัณฑิตยสภาraatF chaH banM thitH dtaL yaH saL phaaM

[prop.n] [new name for] The Royal Institute

ราชบุรี raatF chaH booL reeM

[prop.n, geog] Ratchaburi, a province in central Thailand with a 1995 population of 798,076 (rank 27 of 76)

ราชประสงค์ raatF chaH bpraL sohngR

[prop.n, geog] Rajaprasong

ราชปรารภ raatF chaH bpraaM rohpH

[prop.n] [name of a road in Bangkok] Rajaprarop; Rachaprarop; Rajprarop

ราชพฤกษ์raatF chaH phreukH

[n, adj] [general] golden shower tree; Indian Laburnum; Pudding-Pine Tree; Purging Cassia, Cassis fistula (Leguminosae) (Linn.)

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ราชพิธทศธรรมraatF chaH phitH thohtH saL thamM

[n] the 10 virtues of the king

ราชภักดิ์raatF chaH phakH

[prop.n] Rajabhakti [name of a park in Hua Hin, Thailand]

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ราชภัฏ raatF chaH phatH

[n] government official


[prop.n] [part of name of multiple universities in Thailand] Rajabhat

ราชวงศ์ raatF chaH wohngM

[n] dynasty

ราชวงศานุวงศ์raatF chaH wohngM saaR nooH wohngM

[n] members of the royal family

ราชสีมา raatF chaH seeR maaM


ราพณาสูร raapF phaH naaM suunR

[prop.n, pers] Ravana, a demon king in the Ramayana epic

รามเกียรติ์ raamM maH giianM

[n, prop.n, formal, poet, ancient, loan, P] the Thai version of รามายณะ 

ราษฎรraatF saL daawnM

[n] citizens; population; the people; the populace; the masses

รูปruupF bpaL

[n] shape; form; contour; appearance; similarity-to


[n] picture; image; a likeness; painting


[clsf] [numerical classifier for Buddhist priests, photographs]


[adj] [is] concrete; something which can be perceived by the eye

รูปการณ์ruupF bpaL gaanM

[n] circumstance; case; condition; situation

รูปธรรม ruupF bpaL thamM

[adj] concrete (figurative); in a concrete manner; solid; factual; substantial

ฤคเวท reukH khaH waehtF

[prop.n, loan, S] The Rg-Veda—one of the three ancient Hinduism writs

ลัคนาlakH khaH naaM

[n] [Astrology] the ascendant; the sign under which one was born

ลิขสิทธิ์ likH khaL sitL

[n] copyright

โลกุตรธรรมlo:hM gootL dtaL raH thamM

[n] supra-mundane states, transcendent; in the hereafter

วงศาคณาญาติwohngM saaR khaH naaM yaatF

[n] a circle of one's kinsmen; relatives; relations; extended family

วจีสุจริตwaH jeeM sootL jaL ritH

[n] (Buddhism) good action in speech; good conduct in words

วรรณwanM naH

[prop.n] Wann [a common Thai female given name]


[n] letter; book


[n] color; tint; tone


[n] skin; complexion


[n] caste; class

วรรณคดี wanM naH khaH deeM

[n, loan, P] literature

วรรณศิลป์wanM naH sinR

[n] figurative speech; artful language

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วัจนลีลาwatH jaL naH leeM laaM

[n] style [of speech or writing]

วัชพืช watH chaH pheuutF

[n] weed

วัชราภรณ์watH chaH raaM phohnM

[prop.n] Watcharaporn [a Thai given name]

วัฏจักรwatH dtaL jakL

[n] cycle; cycle of life

วัฒนธรรม watH thaH naH thamM

[n] culture; civil behavior

วัฒนา watH thaH naaM

[prop.n, pers] Wattana [a Thai given name] (development, evolution)

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วัณโรคwanM naH ro:hkF

[n] tuberculosis; T.B.

วัดอรุณราชวรารามwatH aL roonM raatF chaH waH raaM raamM

[prop.n] Wat Arun (formal name)

วันwanM naH

[n] day


[n, loan, Eng] [Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] one


[n] forest grove; jungle grove

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วัยวุฒิwaiM yaH wootH

[n] seniority; superiority in age

วัยวุฒิwaiM yaH wooH thiH

[n] seniority; superiority in age

วัสดุ watH saL dooL

[n] material



วัสดุอุปกรณ์watH saL dooL oopL bpaL gaawnM

[n] materials and equipment

วากยwaakF gaL yaH

[n, formal, loan, P] words; words of the mouth; speech; sentence; utterance

วากยะ waakF gaL yaH

[n, formal, loan, P] words; words of the mouth; speech; sentence; utterance

วาทกรรมwaatF thaH gamM

[n] discourse

วาทยกรwaatF thaH yaH gaawnM

[n] a conductor (of music)

วาสนา waatF saL naaR

[n] good fortune due to past good deeds; luck; lot in life

วิกตรรถกริยาwikH gaL dtatL griL yaaM

[n] [grammar] auxiliary verb

วิกฤตwiH gritL dtaL

[adj] [is] critical


[n] crisis


[adj] [is] deformed; altered; unnatural; strange

วิกาลโภชน์ wiH gaanM laH pho:htF

[n, formal, loan, P] the act of having meals at an improper time or at night-time

วิทยฐานะwitH thaH yaH thaaR naH

[n] academic standing; academic qualification

วิทยา witH thaH yaaM

[n, formal, loan, P] science; knowledge; learning; philosophy; [often a suffix to the name of a primary or secondary school]


[prop.n] Witya [a Thai given name]

วิทยาคมwitH thaH yaaM khohmM

[n] incantations; magic; occult sciences


[prop.n] suffix for name of secondary school in Thailand

วิทยาทานwitH thaH yaaM thaanM

[n] instruction; education

วิทยารามwitH thaH yaaM raamM

[prop.n] Wittayaram

วิทยาลัย witH thaH yaaM laiM

[n, formal, loan, P] college


[clsf] [numerical classifier for colleges]

วิทยุ witH thaH yooH

[n] radio


[v] to call someone by radio

วิปโยคwipH bpaL yo:hkF

[adj] [is] tragic; sorrowful; grievous; miserable; pitiful

วิปลาส wipH bpaL laatF

[v, i] [is] strange; queer; eccentric; abnormal

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วิภวตัณหาwipH phaH waH dtanM haaR

[n] craving for non-existence

วิยุตคณิตwiH yootH dtaL khaH nitH

[n] Discrete Mathematics

วิวัฒนาการ wiH watH thaH naaM gaanM

[n] evolution

วิศวกร witH saL waH gaawnM

[n] [general] engineer

วิศวกรรม witH saL waH gamM

[n] engineering

วิษณุ witH saL nooH

[n, prop.n, pers, formal] [Hinduism] (in popular Hinduism) a deity believed to have descended from heaven to earth in several incarnations, or avatars, varying in number from nine to twenty-two, but always including animals. His most important human incarnation is the Krishna of the Bhagavad-Gita


[n, prop.n, formal] [Hinduism] “the Pervader,” one of a half-dozen solar deities in the Rig-Veda, daily traversing the sky in three strides, morning, afternoon, and night


[n, prop.n, pers, formal] [Hinduism] (in later Hinduism) "the Preserver," the second member of the ตรีมูรติ (Trimurti), along with พระพรหม  (Brahma the Creator) and พระศิวะ (Shiva the Destroyer)

วิสกี้witH saL geeF

[loan, Eng] [Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] "whiskey", "whisky"

วิสัชนา wiH satL chaH naaM

[n, formal, loan, P] [formal term] an answer, a reply


to answer; reply

วิสุงคามสีมาwiH soongR khaamM maH seeR maaM

[n] a land grant set apart for the Sangha of a monastery; consecrated boundaries; consecrated area; concession; a tract of land officially granted to the Sangha for establishing the boundaries of the jurisdiction of a community of monks

วีรคติweeM raH khaH dtiL

[n] chivalry

เวชwaehtF chaH

[n, formal, loan, P] doctor; physician; medicine

เวชศาสตร์ waehtF chaH saatL

[n] Medical science; [the study or practice of] medicine

เวชสำอางwaehtF chaH samR aangM

[n] cosmeceuticals

เวทนา waehtF thaH naaM

[v] to pity; to have compassion for; to sympathize with


[n] sensation; feeling; perception; sensation; pain; suffering

เวศยา waehtF saL yaaR

[n] prostitute; harlot; whore

ไวยาวัจกร waiM yaaM watH jaL gaawnM

[n] churchwarden; layperson temple affairs manager

ศรีธรรมราช seeR thamM maH raatF

[prop.n] Sri Thammarat

ศรีวิชัยseeR wiH chaiM yaH

[prop.n, geog] Srivijaya, an ancient Malay kingdom on the island of Sumatra

ศักดา sakL gaL daaM

[n] might; prowess; force; vigor


[prop.n] Sakada [a Thai given name]

ศักย sakL gaL yaH

[n] electric potential; voltage

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ศักราช sakL gaL raatL

[n] era

ศัพทมูลวิทยาsapL thaH muunM laH witH yaaM

[n] Etymology

ศัลย sanR laH yaH

[n] [the practice of] surgery


[n] [the science of] surgery


[n] surgeon

ศากย saakL gaL yaH

[prop.n] Sakya; an ancient tribe of India

ศาสดา saatL saL daaM

[n, loan, S] master; religious founder; the Buddha; prophet; teacher; instructor; tutor; punisher; chastiser; ruler; director

ศาสนา saatL saL naaR

[n] religion; creed


[clsf] [numerical classifier for religions]

ศาสนาจารย์saatL saL naaM jaanM

[n] preacher; teacher of religion

ศาสนิกชน saaR saL nikH gaL chohnM

[n, formal, loan, S] [formal term] one who professes his or her belief or faith in a religion

ศาสนิกสนทนาsaatL saL niH gaL sohnR thaH naaM

[n] interfaith dialog

ศาสนูปถัมภก saatL saL nuuM bpaL thamR phohkH

[n] defender of the faith

ศิลปsinR laH bpaL

[n, formal, loan, P, S] [Sanskrit prefix or suffix meaning] artistic, [or pertaining to] art crafts


[n, formal, loan, P, S] art, the arts; artistic technique

ศิลปะsinR laH bpaL

[n, formal, loan, P, S] [Sanskrit prefix or suffix meaning] artistic, [or pertaining to] art crafts


[n, formal, loan, P, S] art, the arts; artistic technique

ศิษยานุศิษย์sitL saL yaaM nooH sitL

[n] all of one’s students, past and present; students who revere a particular teacher or professor; disciples

ศีลseenR laH

[n] a religious commandment or precept, sacrament


[clsf] [numerical classifier for precept or religious commandments]


[n] [Buddhism] high moral character; morality; good conduct

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ศุภsoopL phaH

[adj, loan, S] auspicious

ศุภชลาศัย soopL phaH chaH laaM saiR

The Subhachalasai National Stadium

ศุภนิมิตsoopL phaH niH mitH

good omen; good dream; auspicious time; propitious sign; auspice; dream foretelling fortune, good luck

ศุภผลsoopL phaH phohnR

[prop.n] Suppaphon [a Thai given name]

ศุภมาสsoopL phaH maatF

[n] auspicious month

ศุภรัตน์soopL phaH ratH

[prop.n] Supparat [a Thai given name]

ศุภวิทย์soopL phaH witH

[prop.n] Supawit [a Thai given name]

ศุภอักษรsoopL phaH akL saawnR

[n] letter of a vassal king

ศุลกากร soonR laH gaaM gaawnM

[n] customs; import taxation; douane

เศวตฉัตรsaL waehtL dtaL chatL

[n] white tiered umbrella of kingship (symbol of the monarchy)

สกปรก sohkL gaL bprohkL

[adj] [is] dirty; not clean; filthy; foul


[adj] [is] snide; obscene

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สเด็จพระนางเจ้าสุทิดา พัชรสุธาพิมลลักษณ พระบรมราชินีsaL detL phraH naangM jaoF sooL thiH daaM phatH chaH raH sooL thaaM phiH mohnM lakH saL naH phraH baL rohmM raaM chiH neeM

[prop.n] Queen Suthida, wife of King Rama X

สถานsaL thaanR naH

[n] place; site; location; locality


[n] duty; honor; rank; status


[n] thing; kind; item

สถาปัตยกรรม saL thaaR bpatL dtaL yaH gamM

[n, formal, loan, P] architecture

สนามราชมังคลากีฬาสถานsaL naamM raatF chaH mangM khaH laaM geeM laaM saL thaanR

[prop.n] Rajamangala National Stadium

สเป็กโทรสโขปsaL bpekL thro:hM saL kho:hpL

[n, loan, Eng] [Thai transcription of foreign loan word] spectroscope

สมsohmR maH

[v] to accumulate; collect; gather; amass; hoard; store; increase


[adj] [is] equal; the same; matched; equivalent

สมนาsohmR maH naaM

[v] to repay; to do (fo someone) in return

สมนาคุณsohmR maH naaM khoonM

[v] to repay a debt of gratitude; to return a favor to a benefactor

สมรรถ saL matH thaL

[adj, loan, P, S] able; capable; strong; powerful; brave; skilful; proper

สมรรถนะsaL matH thaL naH

[n] capacity; capability; ability; aptitude

สมานฉันท์ saL maanM naH chanR

[n] reconciliation; harmony

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สยามsaL yaamM maH

[prop.n, adj] "Siam," the former name for Thailand; Siamese


[prop.n] Siam Square [shopping destination in Bangkok]

สรรพsapL phaH

[adj] every; whole; all; complete; entire; universal

สรรพนาม sapL phaH naamM

[n, pl, formal] [grammar] pronoun; pronouns

สฬายตนะsaL laaiM yaH dtaL naH

[n, adj] [Buddhist] six sense-bases

สักหลาด sakL gaL laatL

[n] flannel; woolen cloth or fabric

สังคายนาsangR khaaiM yaH naaM

[v] to check up; sort out; revise; correct


[v] to chant in unison

สังหาริมทรัพย์ sangR haaR rimM maH sapH

[n, formal, loan, P] [laws] movable property; effects; personal property

สัจsatL jaL

[n] truth; truthfulness; fact; reality


[adj] [is] true; real; factual

สัจนิยมsatL jaL niH yohmM

[n] Realism

สัจพจน์ satL jaL phohtH

[n] postulate; axiom

สัจวจน satL jaL waH jaL naH

[n] right speech; truthful speech

สัจสัมมตา satL jaL samR maH dtaaM

[n] wise proverb or saying

สัญชาตญาณ sanR chaatF dtaL yaanM

[n] instinct; intuition

สัตภัณฑ์satL dtaL phanM

[n] Northern style candle holder

สัตยาบัน satL dtaL yaaM banM

[n] ratification; confirmation; affirmation

สัตว satL dtaL waH

[n, adj, part, formal, loan, P] animal; living being; [the prefix] zoo-

สัตวบาลsatL dtaL waH baanM

[n] animal husbandman; livestock raiser; rancher


[n] animal husbandry

สัตวาร satL dtaL waanM

[n] week

สัตหีบsatL dtaL heepL

[n, prop.n] Sattahip, a district in Chonburi, Thailand

สัทวิทยาsatL thaH witH yaaM

[n] Phonology

สัทศาสตร์satL thaH saatL

[n] phonetics

สัทอักษรsatL thaH akL saawnR

[n] phonetic alphabet

สัปคับsapL bpaL khapH

[n] howdah; seat on the back on an elephant

สัปทน sapL bpaL thohnM

[n] ceremonial parasol or umbrella used to signify royal rank

สัปหงกsapL bpaL ngohkL

[v] to nod off while sitting down; doze off

สัปเหร่อ sapL bpaL ruuhrL

[n] undertaker; caretaker of the crematorium [เมรุ] in a Buddhist temple

สัพยอก sapL phaH yaawkF

to speak jestingly; to jest; to joke; to tease; to banter; to make fun; to fool

สัมปรายภพsamR bpaL raaiM yaH phohpH

[n] the afterlife; next life; hereafter

สาธิตยังsaaR thitH dtaL yangM

[prop.n] Sathittayang [a Thai given name]

สามsaamR maH

[adj] three; the number or quantity three

สารบรรณ saanR raH banM

[n] documents; archives; office correspondence

สารีริกธาตุsaaR reeM rikH gaL thaatF

relics of the Buddha

สาสนา saatL saL naaR

[v, loan, P] to manifest (i.e., religious) power; to display (god's) might

สิริวัฒนาพรรณวดี siL riH watH naaM phanM naH waH deeM

[prop.n, pers, formal, loan, P] Siriwattana Panawadee

สุขsookL khaL

[adj] [is] well; happy; joyful; satisfied; content; pleased; blissful; still


[pfx, loan, P] [Pali prefix] [pertaining to] health


[n] health


[adj] [is] in good health; well; not ill


[n] happiness; content; bliss; pleasure

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สุคติ sookL khaH dtiL

[n] heaven; bliss; paradise; path to the heaven; path to perfectness or goodness

สุจริตsootL jaL ritL

[adj] [is] honest; decent; scrupulous; [of behavior] innocent

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สุริยุปราคาsooL riH yoopH bpaL raaM khaaM

[n] solar eclipse; eclipse of the sun by the moon

สุวรรณภูมิ sooL wanM naH phuumM

[prop.n, geog] Suvarnabhumi

เสถียรsaL thiianR raH

[adj, P] [is] stable; certain


[adj, P] [is] strong; firm; solid; immovable

เสลภูมิsaehnR laH phuumM

[n, prop.n] a district in ร้อยเอ็ด  province

โสมนัส so:hmR maH natH

[v] to be happy; joyful; pleased; joyous; glad

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ไสยsaiR yaH

[n, formal, loan, P] magic art; magic originating from India


[n, formal, loan, P] books of great importance

หม่อมราชวงศ์ maawmL raatF chaH wohngM

[n] great-grand-child of a king; Mom Rachawong (a royal title)

หายนภัยhaaiR yaH naH phaiM

[n] disaster and danger

หินhinR naH

[n] stone; rock


[adj] [is] hard; difficult; intricate; thorny; complicated


[adj] [is] vulgar; wretched; base; mean; low; inferior; deficient

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หินยาน hinR naH yaanM

[adj] Hinayana, or Theravada, the vehicle of Buddhism practiced in Thailand, Southeast Asia and Sri Lanka

หิมพานต์ himR maH phaanM

[prop.n, geog] Himaphan; Himapan; a cold, high forest of northern India


[prop.n] [name of] the second chapter of Vessantara, Jataka tales

หิมาลัยhiL maaM laiM yaH

[prop.n, geog] Himalaya

หีนยานheenR naH yaanM naH

[adj] Hinayana, or Theravada, the vehicle of Buddhism practiced in Thailand, Southeast Asia and Sri Lanka

อกุศลกรรมaL gootL saL laH gamM

[n] evil action

อตรรกยะaL dtakL gaL yaH

[adj] irrational [as in จำนวนอตรรกยะ]

อธิกสุรทินaL thikH gaL sooL raH thinM

[n] the day added to February in a leap year

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อธิบดี aL thipH baawM deeM

[n] director-general; chief official

อธิปไตยaL thipH bpaL dtaiM

[n] sovereignty

อนาคตaL naaM khohtH dtaL

the future

อนารยะaL naaM raH yaH

[adj] [is] uncivilized; savage; barbarous


[adj] [is] despicable; base

อนิจกรรมaL nitH jaL gamM

[n] death; demise; end; fate

อนุสติaL nootH saL dtiL

[n] reflection; recollection; constant mindfulness


[n] [a certain] religious precept

อบายมุขaL baaiM yaH mookH

[n] all vices; allurements which lead to ruin

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อปรกติaL bprohkL gaL dtiL

[adj] [is] abnormal; unusual; strange

อพยพ ohpL phaH yohpH

[v] to evacuate; migrate; emigrate


[prop.n] [book of the Old Testament] Exodus

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อภัยโทษaL phaiM yaH tho:htF

[v] to grant a pardon


[n] pardon

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อภิชนาธิปไตยaL phiH chaH naaM thipH bpaL dtaiM

[n] aristocracy

อภิมหาaL phiH maH haaR

[pfx, adj] [prefix] mega; giant; huge; super

อมรรัตน์aL maawnM raH ratH

[prop.n, pers] Amornrat [a Thai female given name]

อมาตยาธิปไตยaL maatL dtaL yaaM thipH bpaL dtaiM

[n] government by bureaucrats; bureaucratic polity

อมาตยาธิปไตยaL maaM dtaL yaaM thipH bpaL dtaiM

[n] government by bureaucracy; government by civil servants; bureaucratic polity

อยุธยา aL yootH thaH yaaM

[prop.n, geog] Ayutthaya, a province in central Thailand with a 1995 population of 706,502 (rank 33 of 76)

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อรรถคดีatL thaL khaH deeM

[n] lawsuit; legal case; legal action

อรรถรสatL thaL rohtH

[n] beautiful wording; beautiful words; (poetic) flavor; feelings; aesthetic quality

อรรถสิทธิ์atL thaL sitL

[prop.n] Athasit [Thai male given name]

อรรธจันทร์atL thaH janM

[n, formal] grandstand


[clsf] [numerical classifier for grandstands]


stand on which Buddha image is placed

อรรธสระatL thaH saL raH

[n] [sound of halfway between a vowel and a consonant; a semi-vowel]

อรัญวาสีaL ranM yaH waaM seeR

[n] forest monk; monk who resides outside a town or village

อลวน ohnM laH wohnM

[adj, formal] confused; disordered; chaotic; disorganized; higgledy-piggledy; in disarray; jumbled; mixed up; topsy-turvy; untidy; tumultuous; disordered

อลเวง ohnM laH waehngM

[adj, colloq] [is] tumultuous; chaotic; wild; boisterous; riotous; rowdy; turbulent; unruly; reverbverating; loud; resonant; noisy; uproarious

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อลหม่าน ohnM laH maanL

[adj] [is] tumultuous; turbulent; confused; perplexed; disordered; disorderly; unorganized; in disorder; undisciplined; chaotic; disturbing


[v] to move in a disorderly manner; mill around/about; rush in a disorderly manner

อวดอุตริมนุสธรรมuaatL ootL dtaL riH maH nootH saL thamM

[v] to claim to have achieved enlightenment

อวัยวะ aL waiM yaH waH

[n] organ; body part; member; limb

อวิโรธนะaL wiH ro:htF thaH naH

[n] nondeviation from righteousness; conformity to the law [one of the ten kingly virtues]

อสัญaL sanR yaH

[adj, formal, loan, P] unconscious; without any feeling

อัคนี akL khaH neeM

[adj] [is] igneous

อัครมหาเสนาบดีakL khaH raH maH haaR saehR naaM baL deeM

[n, arch] Prime Minister; chief of the ministers

อัครมเหสีakL raH maH haehR seeR

[n] queen; consort

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อัญanM yaH

[prn, formal, poet, arch, ancient, loan, Khm] I; me


[adj, formal, poet, loan, P] other; different; differing; unlike the others

อัญประกาศanM yaH bpraL gaatL

[n] quotation marks; speech marks

อัฐatL thaL

[n, prop.n, formal, arch] [an obsolete unit of the old Siam currency] money; satang


[adj, loan, P] [Pali numeral] eight; [usually used as a prefix] eighth

อัฒจันทร์atL thaH janM thaH

[n, formal] grandstand


stand on which a Buddha image is placed


[clsf] [numerical classifier for grandstands]

อัฒสระatL thaH saL raH

[n] [sound of halfway between a vowel and a consonant; a semi-vowel]

อัต atL dtaL

[n, part, formal, loan, P] self; individual

อัตคัด atL dtaL khatH

[adj, formal] destitute; penniless; down and out; impoverished; indigent; insolvent; moneyless; penurious; poor; poverty-stricken

อัตชีวประวัติatL dtaL cheeM waH bpraL watH

[n] autobiography

อัตนัย atL dtaL naiM

[adj] [is] subjective

อัตโนมัติ atL dtaL no:hM matH

[n, adj, loan, Eng] [Thai transcription of foreign loanword] [is] automatic

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อัตภาพatL dtaL phaapF

[n] ego, individualism, individuality, personal circumstances

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อัตวินิบาตกรรมatL dtaL wiH niH baatL dtaL gamM

[n] suicide; self-annihilation

อัตวิสัยatL dtaL wiH saiR

[n] [grammar] subject


[adj] [grammar] subjective


[adj] subjective (based on subjective criteria)

อัธยาศัยatL thaH yaaM saiR

[n] disposition; friendliness

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อัมพรamM maH phaawnM

[prop.n] [Thai formal name] Amaphorn

อัมพฤกษ์amM maH phreukH

[n] paralysis; palsy

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อัมพาต amM maH phaatF

[n] paralysis

อัยการ aiM yaH gaanM

[n] prosecutor

อัลกุรอานanM laH gooL raH aanM

[prop.n] the Koran

อัศจรรย์ atL saL janM

[adj, formal, loan, S] miraculous; marvellous; wonderful; amazing; surprising; astonishing; magic

อัศเจรีย์atL saL jaehM reeM

[n] exclamation mark; exclamation point

อัศวยุชมาสatL saL waH yootH chaH maatF

[prop.n] the eleventh lunar month

อัศวา atL saL waaM

[n, loan, S] horse

อัศวานึก atL saL waaM neukH

[n] cavalry

อัศวินatL saL winM

[n] knight

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อัษฎา atL saL daaM

[prop.n] Asda [a Thai male given name]

อัษฏางค์atL saL dtaangM

[prop.n] Atsadang

อัษราatL saL raaM

[prop.n, pers] Asara [a Thai given name]

อัสดงatL saL dohngM

to set (with respect to the sun); go down

อัสดงคตatL saL dohngM khohtH

[adj] Western; occidental


[n] West

อากาศaaM gaatL saL

[n] weather; air; climate



อาชญากร aatL chaH yaaM gaawnM

[adj] [is] criminal

อาชญากรรม aatL chaH yaaM gamM

[n] crime

อาชญาสิทธ์aatL chaH yaaM sitL

[n] absolute power

อาชวะ aatL chaH waH

[n] rectitude; honesty; integrity; equity; justice [one of the ten kingly virtues]

อาชีวปฏิญาณaaM cheeM waH bpaL dtiL yaanM

[n] professional oath; oath taken by a member of a certain profession

อาตม aatL dtaL maH

[prn] [1st person singular pronoun used by a monk] I

อาราธนาaaM raatF thaH naaM

[v] to ask for; entreat; invite (a monk); ask (a monk) for something

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อาเศียรวาทaaM siianR raH waatF

[n] blessing

อาษาฒมาสaaM saatL thaH maatF

[prop.n] the eighth lunar month

อาสนะaatL saL naH

[n] raised platform serving as a seat for monks

อาสาฬหปุรณaaM saanR laH haL bpooL rohnM

[n] the day Buddha was born

อำมาตยาธิปไตยamM maaM dtaL yaaM thipH bpaL dtaiM

[n] government by bureaucracy; government by civil servants; bureaucratic polity

อิสรitL saL raL

[adj, part, loan, P] [is] free; at liberty; autonomous; independent


[n] freedom; liberty; autonomy

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อิสระ itL saL raL

[adj, part, loan, P] [is] free; at liberty; autonomous; independent


[n] freedom; liberty; autonomy

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อิสราเอล itL saL raaM aehnM

[prop.n, geog, adv] [general] Israel; Israeli

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อิสลาม itL saL laamM

[adj, loan, Eng] [Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] Islam; Muslim

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อึกทึก eukL gaL theukH

[adj, colloq] [usually followed by ครึกโครม] [is] noisy

อุตพิด ootL dtaL phitH

[n] stinkweed, Thlaspi arvense

อุตรดิตถ์ ootL dtaL raH ditL

[prop.n, geog] Uttaradit, a province in northern Thailand with a 1995 population of 476,997 (rank 51 of 76)

อุตรนิกาย ootL dtaL raH niH gaaiM

[n] Uttaranikaya; Mahayana sect of Buddhism

อุตรนิกายootL dtaL raH niH gaaM yaH

[n] Uttaranikaya; Mahayana sect of Buddhism

อุตลุดootL dtaL lootL

[adj] hastily; in great confusion; hurriedly

อุทกภัยooL thohkH gaL phaiM

[n] flood; inundation; deluge

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อุทกศาสตร์ooL thohkH gaL saatL

[n] Hydrology

อุทยาน ootL thaH yaanM

[n] garden; park; national park

อุบลรัตนราชกัญญา ooL bohnM ratH naH raatF chaH ganM yaaM

[prop.n, pers, formal, loan, P] Ubol Rattana Rajakanya

อุปการะoopL bpaL gaaM raH

[v] to support, look after, take care of


kindness; charity

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อุปการิณีoopL bpaL gaaM riH neeM

[n] (female) supporter; benefactrix

อุปการีoopL bpaL gaaM reeM

[n] (male) supporter; benefactor

อุปถัมภ์ oopL bpaL thamR

[n, v] to patronize; to help; to support

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อุปทาน oopL bpaL thaanM

[n, formal, loan, P] (economic) supply


imagination; fancy; hallucination

อุปนิสัย oopL bpaL niH saiR

[n, loan, P] habit; trait; characteristic; attribute; feature; idiosyncrasy; mannerism; peculiarity; quality; quirk

อุปนิเสธoopL bpaL niH saehtL

[n] litotes

อุปโภค oopL bpaL pho:hkF

[v, poet] to consume


[adj] consumed; all gone

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อุปมา oopL bpaL maaM

[n, formal] simile


[v] to compare

อุปมานิทัศน์oopL bpaL maaM niH thatH

[n] allegory

อุปไมย oopL bpaL maiM

[n, formal, loan, P] [see อุปมา ]

อุปราชoopL bpaL raatF

a second king; a local king

อุปสงค์oopL bpaL sohngR

[n] (economic) demand

อุปสรรค oopL bpaL sakL

[n] obstacle; snag


[grammar] prefix

เอกaehkL gaL

[n, adj, loan, P] [usually used as an adjective] [is] sole; solitary; single; chief; first; prime; important; leading; excellent; one; alone; lonely


[n, formal] [of Thai Tone] low


[adj, loan, P] [Pali numeral] one; [usually used as a prefix] first; single


[adj] [designating the higest ranking officers]


[prop.n] Ake; Ehk; Aek [Thai nickname for a firstborn son]

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เอกพงษ์aehkL gaL phohngM

[prop.n] Ekaphong [a Thai given name]

เอกมัย aehkL gaL maiM

[prop.n, geog] Ekkamai


common sense

เอกรรถประโยคaehM gatL thaL bpraL yo:hkF

[n] [grammar] simple sentence

เอกสิทธิ์aehkL gaL sitL

[n, aux.v] privilege; prerogative; perquisite; perks

เอกใหม่aehkL gaL maiL

[prop.n] Ekamai [a Thai given name]

เอกาธิปไตยaehM gaaM thipH bpaL dtaiM

[n] autocracy, dictatorship

เอหิภิกขุอุปสัมปทาaehM hiL phikH khooL oopL bpaL samR bpaL thaaM

[n] an ordination of a bikkhu done by Buddha himself

โอชo:htL chaH

[adj] [is] delicious or tasty; succulent or savory; ambrosial; delectable; yummy; scrumptious

ไอยเรศ aiM yaH raehtF

[n] [name of Thai tune]

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