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กอ ไก่chickenThe 1st consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ก (ก)
TIS-620 value: 0xก (ก)

5620 Thai words on 113 Pages

Page 51
กาเบรียลล์gaaM baL riianMproper noun, loanword, EnglishGabrielle [an English given name]
กาโบโรน gaaM bo:hM ro:hnMproper noun, geographicalGarborone, the capital city of บอตสวานา  (Botswana)
กาป๊ากgaaM bpaakHnoun[กวย  (Suay) language] shoulder
กาแปลgaaM bplaaeM[กวย  (Suay) language] hips
กาฝาก gaaM faakL[ต้นกาฝาก] [a type of] hemiparasitic vine, Loranthus
nounparasitic plant (in general)
noun, idioma parasite; sponge; freeloader; a person who unconscionably relies on support of others
กาฝากเป็นพืชที่ชอบขึ้นตามต้นไม้ใหญ่gaaM faakL bpenM pheuutF theeF chaawpF kheunF dtaamM dtohnF maaiH yaiLexample sentence"Parasitic plants are those which like to grow on larger trees."
กาพย์ gaapLnoun, loanword, PaliGavya [a type of Thai versification]
กาพย์ฉบังgaapL chaL bangMnoun, proper noun, formal, loanword, Khmer[กาพย์ฉบัง] [a type of Thai versification in which one stanza contains sixteen words or syllables]
กาพย์ยานีgaapL yaaM neeMnoun[กาพย์ยานี] [a type of Thai metrical verse with eleven words or syllables]
กาแฟ gaaM faaeMnoun, loanword, Frenchcoffee
กาแฟดำgaaM faaeM damMnounblack coffee
กาแฟโบราณgaaM faaeM bo:hM raanMnounold style coffee made by brewing or infusing (ชง ) usually flavored with sweetened condensed milk (นมข้นหวาน).
กาแฟผง gaaM faaeM phohngRnouninstant coffee
กาแฟไม่มีคาเฟอิน gaaM faaeM maiF meeM khaaM faehM eenMnoundecaffeinated coffee
กาแฟเย็น gaaM faaeM yenMnouniced coffee (has milk and sugar)
กาแฟร้อน gaaM faaeM raawnHnounhot coffee
กาแฟใส่นม gaaM faaeM saiL nohmMnouncafé-au-lait
กามgaamMnoun, formal, loanword, Palisexual desire; sex drive; eroticism; carnal lust
adjective, formal, loanword, Palierotic; sexual; lustful
adjective[บ้ากาม] sex-crazed; lustful
กามgaamM maH[alternate pronunciation of กาม]
กามคุณgaamM maH khoonMnounthe five sensual desires
กามตายด้านgaamM dtaaiM daanFnoun, phrase, formalimpotence
กามเทพ gaamM maH thaehpFnoun, proper noun, person, phrase, loanword, Pali[formal term] cupid
กามภพgaamM maH phohpHnoun, phrase, formal, loanword, Pali[Buddhism] the World of the sensual ones or the beings with Karma
กามโรค gaamM maH ro:hkFnounsexually transmitted disease (STD); venereal disease; V.D.
กามวิตถาร gaamM witH thaanRnoun, phrase, formal[formal term] sexual pervert; sexual perversion
กามวิตถารประเภทชอบเด็ก gaamM witH thaanR bpraL phaehtF chaawpF dekLnoun, phrase, formalpedophilia (pædophilia)—sexual perversion in which children are the preferred sexual object
ก้าม gaamFnouncrab claw
กามกิจgaamM maH gitLnounsexual intercourse
กามตัณหาgaamM maH dtanM haaRnouncraving for sexual pleasure
กามราคะgaamM raaM khaHnounsexual intercourse
กามโลกgaamM maH lo:hkFnoun[Buddhism] the world of sensual pleasures
กามวิตกgaamM wiH dtohkLnoun[Buddhism] thoughts of sexual pleasures
กามารมณ์ gaaM maaM rohmMnoun, formal, loanword, Palilibido; sexual desire
กามิกาเซ่gaaM miH gaaM sehFnoun, loanword, Japanese[Thai transcription of foreign loanword] Kamikazi
กาเมสุมิจฉาจารgaaM maehM sooL mitH chaaR jaanMnounsexual misconduct
กาย gaaiMnounbody; human body; physique
adjective[ทางกาย] [is] physical
กายgaaiM yaH[alternate pronunciation of กาย ]
กายกรรม gaaiM yaH gamMnoungymnastics
กายธาตุgaaiM thaatFnounphysical body; elements of the physical body
กายบริหารgaaiM baawM riH haanRnoun, phrase, formal, loanword, Pali[formal] exercise (in the morning or at a gym)
กายวิภาคศาสตร์ gaaiM yaH wiH phaakF khaH saatLnoun, phrase, formal, loanword, PaliAnatomy
กายสิทธิ์gaaiM yaH sitLadjectivemagic; miraculous; supernatural
ก่าย gaaiLverbto stack; pile things up; rest one thing on another
verbto put up; erect; lean against
verbto overlap
verb[ก่ายขา] to sit with one's legs crossed
[ก่ายกอง] stacks (of things); many; lots of; plenty; abundant
ก่ายกองgaaiL gaawngM[ก่ายกอง] stacks (of things); many; lots of; plenty; abundant
ก่ายขาgaaiL khaaRverb[ก่ายขา] to sit with one's legs crossed
ก่ายหน้าผากgaaiL naaF phaakLadjective, phrase[is] very worried about; beset by angst
กายภาพ gaaiM yaH phaapFadjective, formal, loanword, Paliphysical
noun, formal, loanword, Paliphysics
adjective, formal[ทางกายภาพ] physical
กายภาพบำบัด gaaiM yaH phaapF bamM batLnoun, phrase, formal, loanword, PaliPhysiotherapy; physical therapy
กายภาพบำบัดกุมารแพทยศาสตร์ gaaiM yaH phaapF bamM batL gooL maanM phaaetF saatLnounpediatric physiotherapy
การ gaanMnoun[placed before a verb or noun to create a noun which indicates a general activity, process, or state] the process of..., the activity of..., an enactment of..., the state of... [see notes]
nounwork; job; task; business; duty; action [can be placed before or after a word—see notes]
noun[a suffix usually placed at the end of a Pali or Sanskrit root word to form a new combined word, a noun]
adverb[พอการ] appropriately; suitably
adverb[พอการ] much; considerably
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