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กอ ไก่chickenThe 1st consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ก (ก)
TIS-620 value: 0xก (ก)

5001 Thai words on 101 Pages

Page 86
กูงงไปหมดแล้วguuM ngohngM bpaiM mohtL laaeoHexample sentence"I'm completey baffled."
กูฟันไปเรียบร้อยแล้วguuM fanM bpaiM riiapF raawyH laaeoHexample sentence"I’ve had sex with her already."
"กูมีของกูแล้ว ติดหัวกูอยู่ตอนนี้"guuM meeM khaawngR guuM laaeoH dtitL huaaR guuM yuuL dtaawnM neeHexample sentence"“I have my own [hat] which I am wearing right now.” "
กูละกลุ้มguuM laH gloomFexample sentence, colloquial"I don’t know what to do anymore!"
กูว่าต้องเข้าใจผิดกันแน่guuM waaF dtawngF khaoF jaiM phitL ganM naaeFexample sentence"I think that they certainly misunderstood."
กู่guuLverbto holler; call out; shout; cry out; hail; yell
noun[Northern dialect] reliquary
กู่ร้องguuL raawngHverbcall out; shout; holler
กู้ guuFverbto borrow [i.e. money] on interest
to dredge out; haul out of the water (as a net)
verb, transitiveto salvage or rescue, rehabilitate
verb, transitiveto restore, regain, or re-establish
กู้เงิน guuF ngernMverbto borrow money with interest
กู้ชาติ guuF chaatFverb, phraseto liberate (the) country; to free (one's) country
กู้ยืมguuF yeuumMverb[กู้ยืม] to borrow; take on loan
กู้เรือguuF reuuaMverbto salvage a ship
กู้วิกฤตguuF wiH gritLverb, phraseto alleviate a crisis; resolve a critical situation
กู้หน้า guuF naaFverb, formalsave face
กู้หนี้ยืมสินguuF neeF yeuumM sinRverb, phrase, formal, idiomto borrow (money) on interest
กู้เอกราชguuF aehkL gaL raatFverbto liberate; achieve independence
กู๊กเกิ้ลguukH geernF[alternate spelling of กูเกิล]
กูเกิลguuM geernMnoun, proper noun, formal, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] "Google"—the search engine
กูเกิ้ลguuM geernF[alternate spelling of กูเกิล]
กู๊เกิ้ลguuH geernF[alternate spelling of กูเกิล]
กูฏาคารguuM dtaaM khaanM[alternate spelling of กุฎาคาร]
กูดguutLnoun[ผักกูด] horn fern; pod fern; oak fern; floating fern; vegetable fern Athyrium esculentum and others
กูยguuayM[alternate spelling of กวย]
กูรูguuM ruuMnoun, loanword[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] guru; (i.e.) sage
กูรูใหญ่ใช้สมองก้อนโตกลั่นกรองงานด้านกฎหมาย จนแทบไม่มีเวลารื่นรมย์กับชีวิตเท่าใดนักguuM ruuM yaiL chaiH saL maawngR gaawnF dto:hM glanL graawngM ngaanM daanF gohtL maaiR johnM thaaepF maiF meeM waehM laaM reuunF rohmM gapL cheeM witH thaoF daiM nakHexample sentence"The big guru is using so much of his huge brain to scrutinize legal issues that he has almost no time to enjoy his life."
กูลguunM[euphonious suffix]
nounslope; embankment
nounlineage; stock; pedigree
เกgaehMadjective[is] mischievous; idle; shirking (one's studies, e.g.)
verbto cripple; disable; twist; distort
เก๊ gehHadjective, loanword, Chinese[is] fake; counterfeit; false; spurious; illegitimate; bogus
เก๋gehRadjective, interjection[spoken] [is] smart-looking; snazzy; chic
เก๊กgekHadjective[is] pretentious; stuck-up; haughty; posturing
verbto expel
เก๊กซิมgekH simMverb, loanword, Chineseto feel hurt; feel bad; worry
เกกมะเหรกgaehkL maH raehkLnounne'er-do-well; good-for-nothing; layabout; idler; badly-behaved person; unruly person; hooligan; beligerent person; delinquent; quarrel-some person
เก๊กฮวยgekH huayMnounChrysanthemum indicum
เก้กังgehF gangMadverbunsteadily; awkwardly; clumsily
เก๋ไก๋gehR gaiRinterjection[spoken] smart-looking; snazzy; chic
เก็งgengMverbto surmise, to guess or estimate, to assume or presume
เก็งกำไรgengM gamM raiMnounto speculate (the profit); estimate; assume the profit; guess; gamble
เก็งกำไรค่าเงินgengM gamM raiM khaaF ngernMnouncurrency speculation
เก็งกำไรค่าเงินบาทgengM gamM raiM khaaF ngernM baatLnouncurrency speculation on the Thai baht
เก็งข้อสอบgengM khaawF saawpLverb, phrase, colloquialto make an educated guess at an upcoming test or exam
เก่ง gengLadjective[is] skilled; talented; superbly performed; skillful; clever
adjectivevery good (said to someone when they do something well)
เก่งกล้าgengL glaaFadjective[is] brave, courageous, fearless, audacious, daring, bold
เก่งจริงนะgengL jingM naHexample sentence"That’s really clever, isn’t it?"
เก่งที่สุดเลยgengL theeF sootL leeuyMexample sentencethe most skilled — "Skillfully done!"
เก่งมาก ๆgengL maakF maakFexample sentence"Very good!" — "Nice job!"
เก่งให้น้อยคือปาก เก่งให้มากคือลงมือทำgengL haiF naawyH kheuuM bpaakL gengL haiF maakF kheuuM lohngM meuuM thamMexample sentence"Deeds are more valuable than words." "Silence is golden but deeds are better" "Actions speak louder than words." "Well done is better than well said."
เก้ง gengFnoun, colloquial[pertaining to ติดเก้ง]
nounbarking deer; muntjac; muntiacini
เก้งไม่สนใจเพราะเหยี่ยวไม่ทำร้ายเก้งgengF maiF sohnR jaiM phrawH yiaaoL maiF thamM raaiH gengFexample sentence"Barking deer are not alarmed because hawks are not a threat to them."
เก๋ง gengRnounsmall vestibule; passenger compartment of a boat or car; sedan
nounshed, hut, small house, shack
เก้งก้างgengF gaangFadjective[is] awkward; clumsy; ungainly
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