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กอ ไก่chickenThe 1st consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ก (ก)
TIS-620 value: 0xก (ก)

5383 Thai words on 108 Pages

Page 84
กำมะหริด gamM maH ritLnounsateen
กำมุgamM mooH[alternate spelling of กำหมุ]
กำยานgamM yaanMnoun[ต้นกำยาน] styrax, a shrub or tree whose bark is used for incense
nounfrankincense; incense of styrax bark
กำยำgamM yamMadjectivesturdy; strong; well-built
กำยำล่ำสัน gamM yamM lamF sanRadjectiveable bodied; well-built
กำราบgamM raapLverbto suppress; subdue; intimidate; tame; subjugate
กำเริบ gamM reerpFverb, intransitive, formalto advance, intensify, grow more daring or venturesome, worsen, become aggravated
adjective[is] presumptuous; demanding; insolent, intense
กำเริบเสิบสาน gamM reerpF seerpL saanRadjective, phrase, idiom[is] insolent; impudent; emboldened
กำเริบเสิบสานgamM reerpF seerpL saanRverbto become too bold, presumptuous, disobedient or aggressive
กำไร gamM raiMnounprofit; gain
adjective[is] profitable
กำไรคือวัตถุประสงค์หลักของผู้ลงทุนgamM raiM kheuuM watH thooL bpraL sohngR lakL khaawngR phuuF lohngM thoonMexample sentence"Profit is the primary objective of investors."
กำไรฉาบฉวยเฉพาะหน้าgamM raiM chaapL chuayR chaL phawH naaFnounshort-term immediate profits; easy money
กำไรเนื้อ ๆgamM raiM neuuaH neuuaHnouna good profit margin; healthy profit
กำไรสุทธิgamM raiM sootL thiHnounnet profit
กำลัง gamM langMauxiliary verb[auxiliary verb indicating the present participle, meaning "in the act of" or "in the process of", similar to the English suffix, "-ing"]
nounenergy; strength; force; power; vigor; ability
nounmathematical or exponential power
auxiliary verb[ไม่ได้กำลัง] [auxiliary verb combination indicating the negative continuous present] is not (+verb)-ing; was not (+verb)-ing
auxiliary verb[คงจะกำลัง] [auxiliary verb combination] is probably (+verb)-ing; may be (+verb)-ing; might be (+verb)-ing
กำลังกลับgamM langM glapLverb[กำลังกลับ] is returning
กำลังกายgamM langM gaaiMnounstrength
กำลังกินgamM langM ginMverb[กำลังกิน] <subject> is (in the process of) eating
กำลังกินgamM langM ginMadjective[กำลังกิน] [is] ready to be eaten (e.g. of fruit)
กำลังใกล้เข้ามาgamM langM glaiF khaoF maaMphraseclose at hand (in a temporal sense); [is] coming soon
กำลังขายgamM langM khaaiRverb[กำลังขาย] is selling
กำลังเขียนgamM langM khiianRverb[กำลังเขียน] <subject> is (in the process of) writing
กำลังคอยgamM langM khaawyMverb[กำลังคอย] is waiting; am waiting for
กำลังคอยกันอยู่gamM langM khaawyM ganM yuuLverb, phrase...are waiting
กำลังคิดgamM langM khitHverb[กำลังคิด] is thinking
กำลังเครื่องเมื่อบินด้วยความเร็วคงที่gamM langM khreuuangF meuuaF binM duayF khwaamM reoM khohngM theeFnoun, phrasecruising power; constant speed of an engine
กำลังจะgamM langM jaLauxiliary verb[กำลังจะ] [auxiliary verb combination] about to...
กำลังจะกลับไป gamM langM jaL glapL bpaiMverb[กำลังจะกลับไป] is about to go back
กำลังจะกินgamM langM jaL ginMverb[กำลังจะกิน] <subject> is about to eat; <subject> was about to eat
กำลังจะเขียนgamM langM jaL khiianRverb[กำลังจะเขียน] <subject> is about to write; <subject> was about to write
กำลังจะช่วยgamM langM jaL chuayFverb[กำลังจะช่วย] <subject> is about to help; <subject> was about to help
กำลังจะดื่มgamM langM jaL deuumLverb[กำลังจะดื่ม] <subject> is about to drink; <subject> was about to drink
กำลังจะเดินgamM langM jaL deernMverb[กำลังจะเดิน] <subject> is about to walk; <subject> was about to walk
กำลังจะทำgamM langM jaL thamMverb[กำลังจะทำ] <subject> is about to do; <subject> was about to do
กำลังจะปิดgamM langM jaL bpitLverb[กำลังจะปิด] <subject> is about to close; <subject> was about to close
กำลังจะเปิดgamM langM jaL bpeertLverb[กำลังจะเปิด] <subject> is about to open; <subject> was about to open
กำลังจะไปgamM langM jaL bpaiMverb, auxiliary verb[กำลังจะไป] <subject> is about to go; <subject> was about to go
กำลังจะพูดgamM langM jaL phuutFverb[กำลังจะพูด] <subject> is about to speak; <subject> was about to speak
กำลังจะมา gamM langM jaL maaMverb[กำลังจะมา] <subject> is about to come; <subject> was about to come
กำลังจะมีgamM langM jaL meeMverb[กำลังจะมี] <subject> is about to have; <subject> was about to have
กำลังจะยิ้มgamM langM jaL yimHverb[กำลังจะยิ้ม] <subject> is about to smile; <subject> was about to smile
กำลังจะรักgamM langM jaL rakHverb[กำลังจะรัก] <subject> is about to love; <subject> was about to love
กำลังจะเล่นgamM langM jaL lenFverb[กำลังจะเล่น] <subject> is about to play; <subject> was about to play
กำลังจะว่าgamM langM jaL waaFverb[กำลังจะว่า] <subject> is about to say; <subject> was about to say
กำลังจะวิ่งgamM langM jaL wingFverb[กำลังจะวิ่ง] <subject> is about to run; <subject> was about to run
กำลังจะหมุนgamM langM jaL moonRverb, about to turn
กำลังจะให้gamM langM jaL haiFverb[กำลังจะให้] <subject> is about to give; <subject> was about to give
กำลังจะอ่านgamM langM jaL aanLverb[กำลังจะอ่าน] <subject> is about to read; <subject> was about to read
กำลังใจgamM langM jaiMnounmorale, spirit, encouragement, moral or spiritual support
กำลังช่วงชิงgamM langM chuaangF chingMverb[กำลังช่วงชิง] <subject> is competing (for)
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