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กอ ไก่chickenThe 1st consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ก (ก)
TIS-620 value: 0xก (ก)

5218 Thai words on 105 Pages

Page 7
กดราคาgohtL raaM khaaMverb, phraseto force down the price
กดไลก์gohtL laiMverbto click on "Like" in Facebook and other social media sites
กดไลค์gohtL laiMverbto like; approve of
กดหัว gohtL huaaRverb, transitiveto oppress; to boss (around)
กดออดgohtL aawtLverb, colloquialto ring a doorbell
กดเอาไว้gohtL aoM waiHverbimpose; set down
กต.graL suaangM gaanM dtaangL bpraL thaehtFnoun, abbreviation[abbreviation for กระทรวงการต่างประเทศ]
กตเวทิตาgaL dtaL waehM thiH dtaaMnoungratitude; thankfulness; appreciation; gratefulness
กตเวที gaL dtaL waehM theeMnoun[กตัญญูกตเวที] gratefulness, sense of obligation or duty
กตัญญุgaL dtanM yooH[alternate spelling of กตัญญู]
กตัญญุตาgaL dtanM yooH dtaaMnoun[poetic] gratefulness; thankfulness
กตัญญูgaL dtanM yuuMadjective[Thai customary and dutiful kindness, deference, gratitude, and reciprocation towards elders] [is] deferential; grateful for
adjective[อกตัญญู] [is] ungrateful
noun[ความกตัญญู] gratitude
กตัญญูกตเวทีgaL dtanM yuuM gaL dtaL waehM theeMnoun[กตัญญูกตเวที] gratefulness, sense of obligation or duty
กตัญญูรู้คุณgaL dtanM yuuM ruuH khoonMadjective[is] grateful, obligated, thankful
กตัญญูรู้คุณgaL dtanM yuuM ruuH khoonMnoungratefulness, gratitude, sense of obligation
กตัญญูกตเวทิตาgaL dtanM yuukF gaL dtaL waehM thiH dtaaMnounthe quality of being a grateful person; gratitude; gratefulness; [Buddhism] one who is thankful for benefits received and reciprocates them.
กติกา gaL dtiL gaaMnoun, loanword, Palicovenant; rule; condition; agreement
กติกาการแข่งgaL dtiL gaaM gaanM khaengLnounrules of a game
กติกาการแข่งขันgaL dtiL gaaM gaanM khaengL khanRnounrules
กติกาการเล่นวอลเล่ย์บอลgaL dtiL gaaM gaanM lenF waawnM lehF baawnMnounthe rules of volleyball
กถา gaL thaaRnoun, poetictreatise; eloqution; discourse
กถามุขgaL thaaR mookHnounpreface; introduction; foreword
กถึกgaL theukLnounpreacher
กทช.gaawM thaawM chaawMabbreviation[abbreviation for คณะกรรมการกิจการโทรคมนาคมแห่งชาติ] The National Telecommunications Commission
กทม. gaawM thaawM maawMproper noun, geographical, abbreviation[abbreviation of กรุงเทพมหานคร] the city of Bangkok
กทม. เคารพต่อกฎหมาย กฎเกณฑ์ ที่ตนเองเป็นผู้รักษาหรือไม่gaawM thaawM maawM khaoM rohpH dtaawL gohtL maaiR gohtL gaehnM theeF dtohnM aehngM bpenM phuuF rakH saaR reuuR maiFexample sentence"Does Bangkok [even] respect the laws and regulations for which it is itself responsible [for enforcing]?"
กน gohnMnoun[แม่กน] the fourth of the "Eight Word Ending Protocols" in Thai grammar, the "-n" sound at the end of a syllable, a live ending [see notes]
ก่น gohnLverb, transitiveto clear (land) of weeds and plant debris; dig out; grub; eradicate
adjective, verb[is] absorbed in; [is] deep in; engrossed in
verbto reproach; abuse; curse; swear
ก่นโคตรgohnL kho:htFverb, phraseto reproach one's ancestors; criticize the past; revile one's forebears; criticize; revile
ก่นด่า gohnL daaLverbto criticize; scold; curse
ก่นสร้าง gohnL saangFverb, transitiveto weed; to clear (land) of brush
ก้น gohnFnounbutt; buttocks
nounbase; bottom
ก้นกรองgohnF graawngMadjective[of a cigarette] filter tipped
ก้นกรองgohnF graawngMnounfilter tip [of a cigarette]
ก้นกระดกgohnF graL dohkLverbto get cocky
ก้นกุฏิgohnF gootL dtiLadjective, idiomfavorite
ก้นขวดgohnF khuaatLnoun, adjective, adverb, phrasebottom of a bottle
ก้นตะกรน gohnF dtaL grohnMnoundregs; discard product; lees
ก้นตะกรน gohnF dtaL grohnMadjective[is] worthless; [is] a waste
ก้นถุงgohnF thoongRnoun[lit. "bottom of the pouch"] a reserve of money for a special occasion
ก้นทะเลgohnF thaH laehMnounseabed; sea floor
ก้นบาตรgohnF baatLnoun, phrasethe bottom of the monk's bowl; leftover food; food remaining after the monks have eaten their meal
ก้นบึ้งgohnF beungFnounthe abyss, the absolute bottom
ก้นบึ้งของหัวใจgohnF beungF khaawngR huaaR jaiMphrase, poeticone's innermost feeling; from the bottom of one's heart
ก้นบุหรี่gohnF booL reeLnouncigarette butt
ก้นปอดgohnF bpaawtLnounlean buttocks
ก้นปอดยอดขุนพล gohnF bpaawtL yaawtF khoonR phohnMexample sentence, colloquial[colloquial Thai adage] "A man with lean buttocks will excel in bed."
ก้นย้อย gohnF yaawyHnoundroopy butt
ก้นร้อนgohnF raawnHadjective[is] fidgety; unable to sit still; to have ants in one’s pants
ก้นหนักgohnF nakLphrase, idiomunwilling to get up from seat; lazy
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