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กอ ไก่chickenThe 1st consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ก (ก)
TIS-620 value: 0xก (ก)

5001 Thai words on 101 Pages

Page 35
กลูซินัมgluuM siH namMnoun[chemistry] Glucinium, Gl, atomic number 4
กลูตาเมทgluuM dtaaM maehtFnoun[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] glutamate
กลูเตนgluuM dtaehnMnoun[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] gluten
กเลวระgaL laehM waH raHnoun, Palicorpse; dead body; remains
nounrubbish; trash
กโลบายgaL lo:hM baaiMnounstratagem or trick, usually depending on deceit; generally pejorative
กวช.gaawM waawM chaawMproper noun, abbreviation[abbreviation for คณะกรรมการวัฒนธรรมแห่งชาติ] NCC
กวดguaatLverb, transitiveto drive, press or cram (something) in
verb, transitiveto chase or pursue (someone or something)
adjective[กวดขัน] [is] strict
กวดขันguaatL khanRadjective[กวดขัน] [is] strict
กวดวิชาguaatL wiH chaaMverbto tutor; cram; coach
กวน guaanMverb, transitiveto mix; to stir; to agitate; blend; to disturb; to trouble
verbto vex; to bother; to annoy; disturb; harass; cause trouble
verbto preserve fruit, to make jam or preserves
adjectivemixed; agitated
adjective[is] preserved
กวนใจguaanM jaiMverbto disturb, bother, annoy, harass, vex, irritate, agitate
กวนตะกอนguaanM dtaL gaawnMverbto stir up mud; muckrake
กวนตีนguaanM dteenMverb, phrase, colloquial, vulgar, idiomto ask for a kick in the pants; bring trouble upon one’s self; to "mess with" someone; you're yanking my chain; you're sure stirring things up; you're cruising for a bruising; you're being cheeky
กวนตีนหรือguaanM dteenM reuuRexample sentence, figurative, colloquial, vulgar"You messin' with me?"
กวนบาทาguaanM baaM thaaMadjective, verb, intransitive, phrase, colloquial, idiomto be disturbing/annoying (and thus asking for) trouble (i.e. getting hurt physically or a kick in the pants) [an euphemism of กวนตีน]
กวนประสาทguaanM bpraL saatLverbto annoy; make crazy; pester; bother
กวนเมือง guaanM meuuangMverb, intransitive, phrase, colloquialto trouble the city or people; to cause public disturbances
กวนส้นตีนguaanM sohnF dteenMverb, vulgarto mess with, to fuck with, to piss someone off for fun
ก๊วนguaanHnoun, loanword, Chinesegang; group
noun[golf] a group of players playing a round together
กวนอิมguaanM imMproper nounGuan Yin, the Chinese Bodhisattva of compassion
กวนโอ๊ยguaanM ooyHadjective, Chineseto irritate; annoy; agitate; disturb; trouble; vex; bother; to be looking for a swift kick
กวย guayMnoun[Western Thai dialect] basket
proper noun, event, loanword, Khmer[of สุรินทร์  (Surin Province)] a traditional sacred village rite depicting the locals' way of life along with an act of "Pa-Gam Ghost Worshipping"—part of Surin's famous annual Elephant Round-up Festival
noun, proper noun, person, loanword, Khmer[of สุรินทร์  (Surin Province)] a mahout or elephant-driver who is very masterful with the arduous routine of training and taming wild elephants
กวยguayMproper noun, loanword, KhmerKuay [another name for the] ส่วย (Suay) [Mon-Khmer people and language of Suphanburi province]
ก่วยguayLverbto run for your life
ก๋วยจั๊บguayR japHnounboiled soup of Chinese noodles, "kuay jap"
ก๋วยจั๊บguayR japHnounpaste of rice flour; a noodle dish with flat, broad noodles
ก๊วยเตี๋ยวguayH dtiaaoR[alternate spelling of ก๋วยเตี๋ยว ]
ก๋วยเตี๋ยว guayR dtiaaoRnoun, loanword, Chineserice noodles
ก๋วยเตี๋ยวกวางตุ้งguayR dtiaaoR gwaangM dtoongF[ก๋วยเตี๋ยวกวางตุ้ง] Cantonese noodles
ก๋วยเตี๋ยวชามนี้ไม่มีคนกินแล้วใช่มั้ย งั้นผมล่อเรียบเลยนะguayR dtiaaoR chaamM neeH maiF meeM khohnM ginM laaeoH chaiF maiH nganH phohmR laawF riiapF leeuyM naHexample sentence"There is no one who wants to eat this bowl of noodles, right? So, I will eat it all, ok?"
ก๋วยเตี๋ยวน้ำ guayR dtiaaoR naamHnounnoodle soup
ก๋วยเตี๋ยวราคา ๒๐ บาทguayR dtiaaoR raaM khaaM yeeF sipL baatLexample sentence"The noodles cost 20 baht [per bowl]."
ก๋วยเตี๋ยวราดหน้าguayR dtiaaoR raatF naaFnounstir fried rice noodles
ก๋วยเตี๋ยวเรือguayR dtiaaoR reuuaMnounThai "boat noodle" soup
กวะกวักgwaL gwakLverbto beckon; signal
กวักgwakLverb, transitiveto call or beckon
[นกกวัก] a white-breasted waterhen, Amaurornis phoenicurus
[นางกวัก] a [specific type of] talismanic statue that is used widely in Thai convenience stores and believed to pull or draw wealth to the owners
noun[แมวกวัก] Beckoning Cat
กวักมือgwakL meuuMverbto beckon; signal; summon by gesture of the hand
กวักทรัพย์gwakL thaH rapHnounpeace lily; spathiphyllum
กว่า gwaaLconjunction[suffix used for comparisons] than; more; -er
prepositionuntil; thus far
preposition, colloquialover; a bit beyond; a bit more
adverbby the time...
กว่าเขาจะทบทวนอ่านโพยเสร็จ ฟ้าทางตะวันออกเหนือแนวขุนเขาทอดยาวเหยียดก็เริ่มสว่างเรืองรองgwaaL khaoR jaL thohpH thuaanM aanL phooyM setL faaH thaangM dtaL wanM aawkL neuuaR naaeoM khoonR khaoR thaawtF yaaoM yiiatL gaawF reermF saL waangL reuuangM raawngMexample sentence"By the time he finished re-reading the list, the Eastern sky which stretched out over the mountains began to shine brightly."
กว่าจะgwaaL jaLconjunction, phraseby the time; before
กว่าจะกลับบ้านก็ค่ำมืด แล้วยังต้องทำอะไรอีกหลายอย่าง กว่าจะเข้านอนก็เกือบเที่ยงคืนgwaaL jaL glapL baanF gaawF khamF meuutF laaeoH yangM dtawngF thamM aL raiM eekL laaiR yaangL gwaaL jaL khaoF naawnM gaawF geuuapL thiiangF kheuunMexample sentence"It was late evening before I got home and I still had many things to do. By the time I got to bed it was midnight."
กว่าจะควบคุมเพลิงไว้ได้ใช้เวลาหลายชั่วโมงgwaaL jaL khuaapF khoomM phleerngM waiH daiF chaiH waehM laaM laaiR chuaaF mo:hngMexample sentence"It took a few hours to bring the fire under control."
กว่าจะเจอ คนที่ฝัน คนที่มาเติมให้ใจของฉันมันเต็มสักทีgwaaL jaL juuhrM khohnM theeF fanR khohnM theeF maaM dteermM haiF jaiM khaawngR chanR manM dtemM sakL theeMexample sentence" meet the person of my dreams and finally fulfill my heart’s desire?"
กว่าจะตัดสินใจซื้อเสื้อตัวนี้ได้ เขาเดินอยู่หลายชั่วโมงgwaaL jaL dtatL sinR jaiM seuuH seuuaF dtuaaM neeH daiF khaoR deernM yuuL laaiR chuaaF mo:hngMexample sentence"He has been walking around a few hours before he decided to buy this shirt."
กว่าจะไปถึง ต้องเสียเวลานานกว่าสองชั่วโมงgwaaL jaL bpaiM theungR dtawngF siiaR waehM laaM naanM gwaaL saawngR chuaaF mo:hngMexample sentence"It takes more than two hours to get there."
กว่าจะมาเป็นเพื่อนกัน ต้องใช้เวลา เนิ่นนานgwaaL jaL maaM bpenM pheuuanF ganM dtawngF chaiH waehM laaM neernF naanMexample sentence"It’s taken us so long for us to become friends."
กว่าจะรู้ใจกัน มันก็นานแสนนานgwaaL jaL ruuH jaiM ganM manM gaawF naanM saaenR naanMexample sentence"It’s taken us such a long time to get to know one another."
กว่าเดิมgwaaL deermMadverbthan before; than at the beginning
กว่าที่ขบวนขันหมากจะถึงบ้านต้องผ่านการกั้นประตูของชาวบ้านหลายประตู แต่ก็เต็มไปด้วยความน่ารักเป็นกันเองgwaaL theeF khaL buaanM khanR maakL jaL theungR baanF dtawngF phaanL gaanM ganF bpraL dtuuM khaawngR chaaoM baanF laaiR bpraL dtuuM dtaaeL gaawF dtemM bpaiM duayF khwaamM naaF rakH bpenM ganM aehngMexample sentence"Before the gift procession could reach the home it had to pass many of the villagers’ door barriers but these stops were replete with charm and conviviality."
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