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กอ ไก่chickenThe 1st consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ก (ก)
TIS-620 value: 0xก (ก)

5422 Thai words on 109 Pages

Page 46
กัดกุญแจgatL goonM jaaeMverbto make a copy of a key
กัดขาดgatL khaatLverbto bite off
กัดเซาะgatL sawHverbto scour; erode
กัดฟันgatL fanMverbto gnash (one's) teeth; to bite one's tongue; to restrain oneself
กัดฟันgatL fanMverbto endure; make a determined effort; be patient; bite the bullet
กัดไม่ปล่อยgatL maiF bplaawyLverb, phraseto take serious action; act tenaciously; refuse to let go
กัดรองเท้าgatL raawngM thaaoHverb, phraseto break in a pair of new shoes
กัตญญู gatL yaH yuuMadjective[is] dutiful [see กตัญญู]
กัน ganMadverbeach other; one another; collectively; commonly; together
conjunctiontogether with
verb[a prefix used like the English suffix] "-proof"; to prevent, to obstruct or impede (the progress or entry of), to protect, prevent or keep (something from happening); make a definsive move
verb, transitiveto shave; to trim
[a word used with a verb to indicate exhortation and/or entreaty]
noun[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] "gan", a shortened transliteration of "American", having a slight prejoratory meaning similar to "Yankee"
noun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] gun
Gun; Kan [a common Thai nickname]
verbto separate; isolate
to keep out; prevent; set aside; resist; obstruct
pronoun[pronoun used in comparative sentences to refer to the items being compared]
กันกระเทือนganM graL theuuanMadjective[is] shockproof
กันกระแทกganM graL thaaekFadjective[is] shockproof
กันกระสุนganM graL soonRadjective[is] bullet-proof
กันขโมย ganM khaL mooyMnoun, adjectiveanti-theft lock; preventing theft
กันขโมยรถยนต์ ganM khaL mooyM rohtH yohnMnounanti-theft car alarm
กันจอนganM jaawnMverbto have one's sideburns trimmed
กันชน ganM chohnMnounbumper of a car
กันชนganM chohnMnounbumper; buffer
กันชนรถ ganM chohnM rohtHnoun, colloquialbumper of a car
กันชนรถยนต์ ganM chohnM rohtH yohnMnounbumper of a car
กันดีกว่าแก้ganM deeM gwaaL gaaeFexample sentence"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."
กันแดด ganM daaetLadjectivesunproof; to prevent against sun exposure
กันท่าganM thaaFverbto interpose; block another's way or plan; frustrate; act as an obstructionist
กันน้ำ ganM naamHadjective[is] waterproof
กันแน่ganM naaeFadverb, phrase[expressing irritability] "for sure"; "exactly"
กันบูดganM buutLverbto prevent food from spoiling
กันเปื้อนganM bpeuuanFadjective[กันเปื้อน] soil-proof; dirt-preventing
กันฝน ganM fohnRadjective[is] rainproof
กันไฟganM faiMadjective[is] fire-proof
กันยุง ganM yoongMnounmosquito repellent
กันลมganM lohmMnounwindshield; windscreen (of a motorcycle, e.g.)
กันลมกันฝนganM lohmM ganM fohnRverb, phraseto keep out wind and rain
กันล้มganM lohmHnounanti-crash rollers (for a motorcycle)
กันและกันganM laeH ganMone another; each other
กันไว้ดีกว่าแก้ ganM waiH deeM gwaaL gaaeFexample sentence, idiom"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."
กันสาด ganM saatLnounawning; eave
กันแสงganM saaengRverbto weep
กันหมดganM mohtLadverbaltogether; completely
กันเหอะganM huhLLet's...
กันออกไป ganM aawkL bpaiMverbexclude
กันเอง ganM aehngMadverbeasy; friendly; not standing on ceremony; intimate, amicable, familiar
กันเองganM aehngMpronounamong themselves; with each other
กั้น ganFverbto obstruct; to hide; separate
กั้นเขื่อนganF kheuuanLnoundike; levee
กั้นพื้นที่ไว้ganF pheuunH theeF waiHverb, phraseto cordon off
กั้นรั้วganF ruaaHverbto fence; put up a fence
กันการ์ ganM gaaMproper noun, geographicalKangar, a city in Malaysia
กันดา ganM daaMnounvirgin
กันดารganM daanMverbto lack
adjective[is] deprived of; lacking
กันดารวิถีganM daanM wiH theeRproper noun[book of the Old Testament] Numbers
กันย์ ganMnoun, proper noun, formal, loanword, Pali[ราศีกันย์] Thai Zodiac sign for Virgo, the sixth sign of the zodiac
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