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กอ ไก่chickenThe 1st consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ก (ก)
TIS-620 value: 0xก (ก)

5383 Thai words on 108 Pages

Page 28
กริยาเรียงgaL riH yaaM riiangMnoun[Thai grammar] serial verbs
กริยาวลีgaL riH yaaM waH leeMnoun[grammar] verb phrase
กริยาวิเศษณ์gaL riH yaaM wiH saehtLnoun[grammar] adverb
กริยาแสดงการประสบgaL riH yaaM saL daaengM gaanM bpraL sohpLnoun[grammar] stative verbs
กริยาแสดงสภาพgaL riH yaaM saL daaengM saL phaapFnoun[grammar] attributive verbs
กริยาแสดงอาการgaL riH yaaM saL daaengM aaM gaanMnoun[grammar] active or dynamic verbs
กริยานุเคราะห์griL yaaM nooH khrawHnoun[grammar] auxiliary verb
กริยาสกรรมgriL yaaM saL gamMnoun[grammar] transitive verb
กริยาสภาวมาลาgriL yaaM saL phaaM waH maaM laaMnoun[grammar] verb acting as a noun
กริลgrinMnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] grill
กริ้ว griuFverb, intransitiveto burst into anger; lose one's temper; flare up; get angry; be enraged
กรีก greekLproper noun, adjectiveGreek
proper noun[ประเทศกรีก] Greece
noun[ภาษากรีก] the Greek language
กรีซ greesLproper noun, geographical, adjectiveGreece; Greek
proper noun, geographical[ประเทศกรีซ] Greece
กรีฑา greeM thaaMnounathletics; track and field sports
amusement, entertainment
กรีฑาประเภทลานgreeM thaaM bpraL phaehtF laanMnounfield events
กรีฑาประเภทลู่greeM thaaM bpraL phaehtF luuFnountrack (sports events)
กรีฑาสถาน greeM thaaM saL thaanRnounstadium
กรีด greetLverb, transitiveto slit; cut; slash
verb, intransitiveto shriek; scream; squall
verb[กรีดยาง] to tap rubber; to create slashes on a rubber tree to release the latex
verbto whet; sharpen
กรีดgreetL[alternate spelling of กรี้ด ]
กรีดกราดgreetL graatLverbto shriek; scream
กรีดกราย greetL graaiMverb, intransitiveto strut; swagger; swing; give oneself airs and graces
กรีดนิ้ว greetL niuHverb, figurativeto show off; live in idleness; not do a stitch of work; idle about
กรีดนิ้วgreetL niuHverbto gesture with the fingers
กรีดนิ้วgreetL niuHverbto do a thing in an affected manner
กรีดนิ้วgreetL niuHverbto act in a careless manner; act without making an effort; lack diligence
กรีดยางgreetL yaangMverb[กรีดยาง] to tap rubber; to create slashes on a rubber tree to release the latex
กรีดร้องgreetL raawngHverbto scream; shriek; squall; screech; yell; bawl; cry
กรี้ด greetFnoun, interjection, onomatopoeia[sound of a] shriek
กรี้ดกร๊าด greetF graatHnoun, verb, interjectionshriek; scream
กรี๊ด greetHnoun, onomatopoeiaa shriek
verb, onomatopoeiato shriek [to express sheer fear, disappointment or annoyance]
กรี๊ดกร๊าดgreetH graatHadverb[onomatopoeic sound of screaming] shrilly; screech-like
กรีธา greeM thaaMverb[of an army] to march; move; maneuver; deploy
กรีธาทัพ greeM thaaM thapHverb[of an army] to mobilize
กรีนgreenMnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of foreign loanword] green; putting green in golf
กรีนช็อปgreenM chawpHnoun[Thai transcription of foreign loanword] green shop; a place that sells only "organic" products and no synthetic chemicals
กรีนนิชgreenM nitHnoun, loanword, EnglishGreenwich; a city in England; designation of global meridian zero
กรีนาดาgreeM naaM daaM[alternate spelling of เกรนาดา ]
กรีนิชgreeM nitHnoun, proper noun, geographicalGreenwich (city in England)
กรีษgaL reetLnoun, loanword, Sanskritexcrement; feces; (animal's) dung
กรึ๊บgreupHverb[onomatopoeia sound of drinking beer or liquor; a glug] to have a drink [of liquor or beer]
noun[onomatopoeia sound of drinking beer or liquor; a glug] a drink [of beer or liquor]
classifier[numeric classifier for a swallow of a drink]
กรุ grooLnouna cell or hole inside a pagoda
verb, transitiveto partition (a room)
verb, transitiveto pad, fill up, line (a container or area)
กรุgrooL[alternate spelling of กรู ]
กรุแตกgrooL dtaaekLverb, phrase, idiomto get a lot of money
กรุสมบัติgrooL sohmR batLnountreasure; wealth; fortune
กรุกgrookLverb[to be] engrossed (with)
กรุง groongMnouncity, town, capital city
nouncountry; state; nation; kingdom
กรุงเก่าgroongM gaoLnoun(the) old city; old part of the city
กรุงเทพมหานครgroongM thaehpF maH haaR naH khaawnMproper noun, geographical[formal abbreviated way of writing or saying the name of Thailand's capital]
กรุงเทพมหานครจากมุมสูงดูสว่างไสวด้วยแสงไฟพร่างพราวไปไกลลิบgroongM thaehpF maH haaR naH khaawnM jaakL moomM suungR duuM saL waangL saL waiR duayF saaengR faiM phraangF phraaoM bpaiM glaiM lipHexample sentence"From above, Bangkok appears brilliant due to its bright lights as far as the eye can see."
กรุงธนบุรีศรีมหาสมุทรgroongM thohnM booL reeM seeR maH haaR saL mootLproper noun[full name] Thonburi
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