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กอ ไก่chickenThe 1st consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ก (ก)
TIS-620 value: 0xก (ก)

5457 Thai words on 110 Pages

Page 85
กำมะหยี gamM maH yeeRnounvelvet
nounmarigold, Tagetes erecta (Asteraceae)
noungloxinia, Sinningia speciosa (Gesneriaceae)
กำมะหยี่gamM maH yeeLnounvelvet
กำมะหริด gamM maH ritLnounsateen
กำมุgamM mooH[alternate spelling of กำหมุ]
กำยานgamM yaanMnoun[ต้นกำยาน] styrax, a shrub or tree whose bark is used for incense
nounfrankincense; incense of styrax bark
กำยำgamM yamMadjectivesturdy; strong; well-built
กำยำล่ำสัน gamM yamM lamF sanRadjectiveable bodied; well-built
กำราบgamM raapLverbto suppress; subdue; intimidate; tame; subjugate
กำเริบ gamM reerpFverb, intransitive, formalto advance, intensify, grow more daring or venturesome, worsen, become aggravated
adjective[is] presumptuous; demanding; insolent, intense
กำเริบเสิบสาน gamM reerpF seerpL saanRadjective, phrase, idiom[is] insolent; impudent; emboldened
กำเริบเสิบสานgamM reerpF seerpL saanRverbto become too bold, presumptuous, disobedient or aggressive
กำไร gamM raiMnounprofit; gain
adjective[is] profitable
กำไรคือวัตถุประสงค์หลักของผู้ลงทุนgamM raiM kheuuM watH thooL bpraL sohngR lakL khaawngR phuuF lohngM thoonMexample sentence"Profit is the primary objective of investors."
กำไรฉาบฉวยเฉพาะหน้าgamM raiM chaapL chuayR chaL phawH naaFnounshort-term immediate profits; easy money
กำไรเนื้อ ๆgamM raiM neuuaH neuuaHnouna good profit margin; healthy profit
กำไรสุทธิgamM raiM sootL thiHnounnet profit
กำลัง gamM langMauxiliary verb[auxiliary verb indicating the present participle, meaning "in the act of" or "in the process of", similar to the English suffix, "-ing"]
nounenergy; strength; force; power; vigor; ability
nounmathematical or exponential power
auxiliary verb[ไม่ได้กำลัง] [auxiliary verb combination indicating the negative continuous present] is not (+verb)-ing; was not (+verb)-ing
auxiliary verb[คงจะกำลัง] [auxiliary verb combination] is probably (+verb)-ing; may be (+verb)-ing; might be (+verb)-ing
กำลังกลับgamM langM glapLverb[กำลังกลับ] is returning
กำลังกายgamM langM gaaiMnounstrength
กำลังกินgamM langM ginMverb[กำลังกิน] <subject> is (in the process of) eating
กำลังกินgamM langM ginMadjective[กำลังกิน] [is] ready to be eaten (e.g. of fruit)
กำลังใกล้เข้ามา gamM langM glaiF khaoF maaMphraseclose at hand (in a temporal sense); [is] coming soon
กำลังขายgamM langM khaaiRverb[กำลังขาย] is selling
กำลังเขียนgamM langM khiianRverb[กำลังเขียน] <subject> is (in the process of) writing
กำลังคอยgamM langM khaawyMverb[กำลังคอย] is waiting; am waiting for
กำลังคอยกันอยู่gamM langM khaawyM ganM yuuLverb, phrase...are waiting
กำลังคิดgamM langM khitHverb[กำลังคิด] is thinking
กำลังเครื่องเมื่อบินด้วยความเร็วคงที่gamM langM khreuuangF meuuaF binM duayF khwaamM reoM khohngM theeFnoun, phrasecruising power; constant speed of an engine
กำลังจะgamM langM jaLauxiliary verb[กำลังจะ] [auxiliary verb combination] about to...
กำลังจะกลับไป gamM langM jaL glapL bpaiMverb[กำลังจะกลับไป] is about to go back
กำลังจะกินgamM langM jaL ginMverb[กำลังจะกิน] <subject> is about to eat; <subject> was about to eat
กำลังจะเขียนgamM langM jaL khiianRverb[กำลังจะเขียน] <subject> is about to write; <subject> was about to write
กำลังจะช่วยgamM langM jaL chuayFverb[กำลังจะช่วย] <subject> is about to help; <subject> was about to help
กำลังจะดื่มgamM langM jaL deuumLverb[กำลังจะดื่ม] <subject> is about to drink; <subject> was about to drink
กำลังจะเดินgamM langM jaL deernMverb[กำลังจะเดิน] <subject> is about to walk; <subject> was about to walk
กำลังจะทำgamM langM jaL thamMverb[กำลังจะทำ] <subject> is about to do; <subject> was about to do
กำลังจะปิดgamM langM jaL bpitLverb[กำลังจะปิด] <subject> is about to close; <subject> was about to close
กำลังจะเปิดgamM langM jaL bpeertLverb[กำลังจะเปิด] <subject> is about to open; <subject> was about to open
กำลังจะไปgamM langM jaL bpaiMverb, auxiliary verb[กำลังจะไป] <subject> is about to go; <subject> was about to go
กำลังจะพูดgamM langM jaL phuutFverb[กำลังจะพูด] <subject> is about to speak; <subject> was about to speak
กำลังจะมีgamM langM jaL meeMverb[กำลังจะมี] <subject> is about to have; <subject> was about to have
กำลังจะยิ้มgamM langM jaL yimHverb[กำลังจะยิ้ม] <subject> is about to smile; <subject> was about to smile
กำลังจะรักgamM langM jaL rakHverb[กำลังจะรัก] <subject> is about to love; <subject> was about to love
กำลังจะเล่นgamM langM jaL lenFverb[กำลังจะเล่น] <subject> is about to play; <subject> was about to play
กำลังจะว่าgamM langM jaL waaFverb[กำลังจะว่า] <subject> is about to say; <subject> was about to say
กำลังจะวิ่งgamM langM jaL wingFverb[กำลังจะวิ่ง] <subject> is about to run; <subject> was about to run
กำลังจะหมุนgamM langM jaL moonRverb, about to turn
กำลังจะให้gamM langM jaL haiFverb[กำลังจะให้] <subject> is about to give; <subject> was about to give
กำลังจะอ่านgamM langM jaL aanLverb[กำลังจะอ่าน] <subject> is about to read; <subject> was about to read
กำลังใจgamM langM jaiMnounmorale, spirit, encouragement, moral or spiritual support
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