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luaangF lapH
Royal Institute - 1982
ล่วงลับ  /ล่วง-ลับ/
[กริยา] ผ่านหายไป.
[กริยา] ตาย.

pronunciation guide
Phonemic Thaiล่วง-ลับ
IPAlûːaŋ láp
Royal Thai General Systemluang lap

 [verb, intransitive, phrase, formal]
[a common term for all and euphemism for] to die; to be deceased (late); to pass away

componentsล่วง luaangFto exceed; overstep; pass; to go beyond
ลับ lapH[usually followed by ตา ] to be out of sight
related wordsซี้ seeH[colloquial slang, used comically] to die
ซี้ม่องเท่งseeH maawngF thengF[see ม่องเท่ง ]
ดับขันธ์dapL khanR[used with revered senior Buddhist monks] to pass away; to die
เด๊ด detH[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] dead
เดี้ยง diiangF[colloquial slang, used comically] dead; to die
ตาย dtaaiM[general] to die; be dead; perish; decease; expire; terminate; pass away; (car) stop (working)
ถึงแก่กรรมtheungR gaaeL gamM[formal term for all] to pass away; to die
ถึงแก่พิราลัยtheungR gaaeL phiH raaM laiM[royal use only] to pass away; to die; to go to heaven
ถึงแก่นิจกรรมtheungR gaaeL aL nitH jaL gamM[used with those who hold the rank of พระยา ] to pass away; to die
ถึงแก่อสัญกรรมtheungR gaaeL aL sanR yaH gamM[used with those who hold the rank of เจ้าพระยา ] to pass away; to die
ถึงชีพิตักษัยtheungR cheeM phiH dtakL saiR[used with princes with the rank of พระองค์เจ้า] to pass away; to die
ทิวงคต thiH wohngM khohtH[used with พระยุพราช or เจ้าฟ้า who was given special rank] to pass away; to die; to go to heaven
พิราลัย phiH raaM laiM[royal use only] to pass away; to die; to go to heaven
มตะmaH dtaLhas passed away; died
มรณ maawM raH naHdeath; the act of dying; cessation
มรณกรรมmaawM raH naH gamMdeath
มรณภาพmaawM raH naH phaapF[used with Buddhist monks and novices] to pass away; to die
ม้วย muayH[usually used in poetry] to die; to perish; to terminate; to come to an end; to be destroyed; to be finished
ม้วยมรณ์muayH maawM raH[usually used in poetry] to die; to pass away
ม่อง maawngF[colloquial slang, used comically] to die
ม่องเท่ง maawngF thengF[colloquial slang, used comically] to die
มอดม้วยมรณาmaawtF muayH maawM raH naaM[usually used in poetry] to die; to perish; to terminate; to come to an end; to be destroyed; to be finished
สวรรคต saL wanR khohtH[used with the king, the queen, the king's mother, the princess mother, the crown princess] to pass away; to die; to go to heaven
สวรรคาลัย saL wanR khaaM laiM[used with high ranking members of the royal family] to go to heaven; to pass away; to die
สิ้นใจsinF jaiM[euphemism for] to die; to breathe one's last
สิ้นปราณsinF bpraanM[euphemism for] to breathe one's last; to pass away
สิ้นพระชนม์sinF phraH chohnM[used with those with the rank of พระองค์เจ้า and beyond] to pass away; to die
สิ้นลมsinF lohmM[euphemism for] to breathe one's last
saL detL dapL khanR bpaL riH nipH phaanM
[used with the Lord Buddha only] to pass away; to die
เสีย siiaR[is] dead; not living
เสียชีวิตsiiaR cheeM witH[formal for all] to pass away
หมดบุญmohtL boonM[euphemism for] to die
อนิจกรรมaL nitH jaL gamMdeath; demise; end; fate
อสัญกรรมaL sanR yaH gamMdeath
khoonM yaaF saiL baatL laaeoH gaawF ooL thitH suaanL gooL sohnR haiF yaatF mitH phuuF luaangF lapH bpaiM laaeoH laeH jaoF gamM naaiM waehnM
"Grandmother put an offering into the monk's bowl and make merit specifically for her relatives and friends who had passed away and for those whom she wronged in a prior life."
waehM laaM neungL naaM theeM theeF luaangF bpaiM yaawmF luaangF lapH maiF meeM wanM aoM glapL kheuunM maaM daiF
"Every minute that goes by is lost [and] can never be retrieved."
biL daaM khaawngR phohmR luaangF lapH bpaiM laaeoH laaiR bpeeM
"My father passed away many years ago."
baanF neeH jatL phiH theeM gohngM dtekH haiF gapL aaM maaF theeF luaangF lapH bpaiM laaeoH
"There is a Chinese-style funeral ceremony for their deceased grandmother at this house."

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