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คอ ควาย[general] water buffaloThe 4th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ค (ค)
TIS-620 value: 0xค (ค)

5161 Thai words on 104 Pages

Page 24
คราวหน้า khraaoM naaFadverbnext time
คราวหน้าคราวหลัง khraaoM naaF khraaoM langRadverb, phrase, colloquial[colloquial idiom meaning] in the future; next time
คราวหน้าจะมาเฉลยให้ฟังkhraaoM naaF jaL maaM chaL leeuyR haiF fangMexample sentence"Next time I will respond to you."
คราวหน้าต้องเพิ่มใบชาอีกหน่อยนะ khraaoM naaF dtawngF pheermF baiM chaaM eekL naawyL naHexample sentence"Next time you must put in a little more tea leaves."
คราวหน้าเราจะไปบางแสน khraaoM naaF raoM jaL bpaiM baangM saaenRexample sentence"Next time we will go to Bangsaen."
คราวหน้าอยากจะหนีเข้าโรงไปดูหนังก่อนให้เข็ด ถ้าไม่ติดว่าเราออกค่าตั๋วหนังให้มันอยู่khraaoM naaF yaakL jaL neeR khaoF ro:hngM bpaiM duuM nangR gaawnL haiF khetL thaaF maiF dtitL waaF raoM aawkL khaaF dtuaaR nangR haiF manM yuuLexample sentence"Next time I want to get into the theater before anyone else to teach them a lesson, if they don’t blame me thinking that I bought their movie tickets for them."
คราวหลัง khraaoM langRnoun, phrase, colloquialnext time
คร่าวkhraaoFadverbapproximately; tentatively; sketchily; roughly; briefly; not exactly; about
adverb[คร่าว ๆ] approximately; tentatively; sketchily; roughly; briefly; not exactly; about
คร่าว ๆkhraaoF khraaoFadverb[คร่าว ๆ] approximately; tentatively; sketchily; roughly; briefly; not exactly; about
คราส khraatFnouneclipse
ครำkhramMadjective[is] dirty, filthy
noun[น้ำครำ] dirty water; filthy water; sewage; foul water
คร่ำ khramFverbto inlay with silver or gold
verbto moan
adjective[is] blackened; lacquered; inlaid with gold or silver
คร่ำครวญkhramF khruaanMverbto lament; moan and groan; grieve
คร่ำครวญคิดถึงkhramF khruaanM khitH theungRverb, phraseto moan and groan with longing or grief
คร่ำครวญหาkhramF khruaanM haaRverbto yearn for; long after
คร่ำคร่าkhramF khraaFadjective[is] ancient; antique
คร่ำครึkhramF khreuHadjective[is] old-fashioned; out-of-date; antiquated; outmoded
คร่ำเคร่ง khramF khrengFadjective[is] engrossed in; to immerse oneself; [is] absorbed in; be concentrated in; be up to the eyes in; work hard
คริกเก็ตkhrikH getLnoun, loanword, English[กีฬาคริกเก็ต] [Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] cricket; the game of cricket
คริคริkhrikH riHinterjection[sound of laughter; similar to อิอิ and หุหุ, indicating slightly more funny]
คริปโทเคอร์เรนซีkhripH tho:hM khuuhrM raehnM seeMnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of foreign loanword] cryptocurrency
คริส khritHproper noun, person, loanword, EnglishChris; Kris; Cris [an English given name]
คริส เทเวลkhritH thaehM waehnMproper noun[Name of a travel agency] Chris Travel
คริสต์khritHproper noun, person, adjective, loanword, GreekChrist
proper noun, formal, loanword, Greek[พระคริสต์] the Lord (Jesus) Christ
คริสต์ธรรม khritH thamM maHnounthe bible; Christian teachings
คริสต์ศตวรรษkhritH saL dtaL watHnouncentury (of the Christian era)
คริสต์ศักราชkhritH sakL gaL raatLproper noun, formal, loanword, PaliANNO DOMINI [meaning] "in the year of the Lord"
คริสตจักรkhritH dtaL jakLproper nounChristendom; the Church
คริสตธรรมkhriH sohtL thamMproper nounChristianity
คริสต์มาส khritH maatFloanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] Christmas
noun[ต้นคริสต์มาส] Christmas tree
คริสต์มาสเรอะ? เฮอะ! ไร้สาระ! khritH maatF ruhH huhH raiH saaR raHexample sentence, colloquial"Christmas? Bah! Humbug!"
คริสตัลkhritH dtanMproper noun, loanword, EnglishCrystal [an English given name]
คริสตินkhritH dtinMproper noun, loanword, EnglishChristine [an English given name]
คริสติน่า khritH dtiL naaFproper noun, loanword, EnglishChristina; Kristina; Cristina [an English given name]
คริสตี้ khritH dteeFproper noun, loanword, EnglishChristy [an English given name]
คริสตีนkhritH dteenMproper nounChristine [an English female given name]
คริสเต็นkhritH dtenMproper noun, loanword, EnglishKristen [an English given name]
คริสเตียน khritH saL dtiianMnoun, adjective, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] [is]Christian
Christian [an English given name]
คริสเตียน่าkhritH dtiiaM naaFproper noun, loanword, EnglishChristiana [an English given name]
คริสโตเฟอร์ khritH dto:hM fuuhrMproper noun, loanword, EnglishChristopher [an English given name]
คริสปี้khritH bpeeFnoun[Thai transcription of foreign name] Krispy; a Krispy Kreme donut
ครีบ khreepFnounfin; fins
noun[animal part, especially fish] webbing or flank below the abdomen and spine
noun[any] serrated fin-like or saw-tooth flanks as in a palm leaf
ครีบว่ายน้ำ khreepF waaiF naamHnounflipper
ครีพท็อนkhreepF thawnMnoun[chemistry] Krypton, Kr, atomic number 36
ครีม khreemMadjective, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] cream; the fatty part of milk or various skin and body products
noun[สีครีม] the color 'cream'    
ครีมกันแดดkhreemM ganM daaetLnounsuncream
ครีมกันยุง khreemM ganM yoongMnounmosquito repellent (cream)
ครีมโกนหนวด khreemM go:hnM nuaatLnounshaving cream (can)
ครีมทาผิวkhreemM thaaM phiuRnounbody lotion; body cream
ครีมทาหนังตา khreemM thaaM nangR dtaaMnouneye shadow
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