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กระสวนประโยคพื้นฐาน » รูปแบบของการใช้ประโยคพูดชนิดต่าง ๆ
The Fundamentals of the Thai Language, 5th ed. » 4: Forms of Address

meeM khohnM maaM haaR khoonM
"There is someone to see you."
meeM khraiM yuuL maiH
"Is there anybody at home?"
maiF meeM khraiM yuuL
"There is nobody in."
wanM neeH wanM theeF thaoF raiM khaH
[spoken by female] "What is the date today?"
wanM neeH wanM theeF sipL haaF khaF
[spoken by female] "Today is the fifteenth."
jaawtL theeF neeF
[e.g. to a taxi driver] "Stop here."
baanF langR yaiL laehkF theeF thaoF raiM
"What is the number of the big house?"
buuhrM aL raiM naH khrapH
[spoken by male] "What (telephone) number is that?"
เบอร์ สี่ หนึ่ง หนึ่ง โท ห้า โท แปด ค่ะ
buuhrM seeL neungL neungL tho:hM haaF tho:hM bpaaetL khaF
[spoken by female] "This is 411-2528."
chanR jaL bpaiM haaR khoonM bpreeM chaaM wanM theeF sipL
"I will go and see Mr. Preechar on the 10th."
baanF langR theeF saamR chaiF maiH khrapH
[spoken by male] "Is it the third house?"
khaoR bpenM khohnM uaanF maakF
"He is a very fat person."
khaoR yuuL baanF laehkF theeF yeeF sipL saamR bohnM thaL nohnR yaiL
"He lives at No. 23 on the main road."
วันที่สิบหก เราจะไปอุบลกัน
wanM theeF sipL hohkL raoM jaL bpaiM ooL bohnM ganM
"We will go to Ubon on the 16th."
chanR jaL bpaiM diaaoR neeH laeL
"I will come now."
chanR jaL bpaiM phroongF neeH
"I will go tomorrow."
phroongF neeH bpenM wanM yootL chaiF maiH khaH
[spoken by female] "Is tomorrow a holiday?"
maiF chaiF khrapH
[spoken by a male] "No, it is not."
wanM neeH chanR maiF meeM rohtH
"I haven’t got a car today."
maiF meeM khraiM yuuL theeF nanF
"There is nobody living there."
khoonM jaL bpaiM gapL khraiM
"Who are you going with?"
chanR jaL bpaiM khohnM diaaoM
"I am going alone."
khoonM ooL dohmM jaL bpaiM gapL phohmR wanM theeF sipL saawngR
"Mr. Udom will come with me on the 12th."
maiF meeM khraiM henR khaoR leeuyM wanM neeH
"Nobody has seen him today."
khoonM dtawngF gaanM aL raiM khrapH
[spoken by male] "What do you want?"
khoonM dtawngF gaanM thaoF raiM khrapH
[spoken by male] "How many do you want?"
khoonM jaL bpaiM theeF nanF maiH
"Will you go there?"
chanR maiF dtawngF gaanM aL raiM khaF
[spoken by female] "I don’t want anything."
ทีแรก ฉันพักอยู่ที่บ้านเพื่อน
theeM raaekF chanR phakH yuuL theeF baanF pheuuanF
"At first I lived in my friend’s house."
เดี๋ยวนี้ ฉันมีบ้านหลังเล็ก ๆ ที่บางกะปิ
diaaoR neeH chanR meeM baanF langR lekH lekH theeF baangM gaL bpiL
"Now I have a small house in Bangkapi."
พรุ่งนี้ ฉันจะไปหาคุณ
phroongF neeH chanR jaL bpaiM haaR khoonM
"I will come and see you tomorrow."
สวัสดีครับ คุณเล็ก
saL watL deeM khrapH khoonM lekH
"Hello, Mr. Lek."
pheuuanF chanR jaL glapL maaM wanM theeF bpaaetL
"My friend will come back on the eighth."
หยุดก่อนyootL gaawnL[used with both a person or horse] whoa!
จะรังเกียจไหมครับ ถ้าผมจะรบกวนขอใช้โทรศัพท์?
jaL rangM giiatL maiH khrapH thaaF phohmR jaL rohpH guaanM khaawR chaiH tho:hM raH sapL
[polite request made by male] "Would you mind if I use the phone?"
จะรังเกียจไหมครับ ถ้าผมจะรบกวนขอใช้ห้องน้ำ?
jaL rangM giiatL maiH khrapH thaaF phohmR jaL rohpH guaanM khaawR chaiH haawngF naamH
[polite request made by male] "Would you mind if I use the restroom?"
จะรังเกียจไหมคะ ถ้าดิฉันจะรบกวนขอใช้ห้องน้ำ?
jaL rangM giiatL maiH khaH thaaF diL chanR jaL rohpH guaanM khaawR chaiH haawngF naamH
[polite request made by female] "Would you mind if I use the restroom?"
จะรังเกียจไหมคะ ถ้าดิฉันจะรบกวนขอใช้โทรศัพท์?
jaL rangM giiatL maiH khaH thaaF diL chanR jaL rohpH guaanM khaawR chaiH tho:hM raH sapL
[polite request made by female] "Would you mind if I use the phone?"
khaawR chaiH tho:hM raH sapL naawyL daiF maiH khaH
[polite request made by female] "May I use the phone, please?"
สวัสดีsaL watL deeM[a polite greeting or farewell used when meeting or parting] hello; goodbye; good morning; good afternoon; good evening; good night; greetings

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