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กระสวนประโยคพื้นฐาน » อดีตกาลและกาลสมบูรณ์
The Fundamentals of the Thai Language, 5th ed. » 9: The Past and Perfect Tenses

เมื่อก่อน ผมอยู่ในซอย สุขุมวิท
meuuaF gaawnL phohmR yuuL naiM saawyM sooL khoomR witH neungL
"Previously I lived in Soy Sukhumvit 1."
khaoR yangM yuuL theeF nanF reuuR bplaaoL
"Does he still live there?"
johtL maaiR setL laaeoH reuuR yangM
"Have you finished the letter yet?"
setL laaeoH khrapH
[spoken by a male] "Yes, it is ready/finished." [answering someone from inside the restroom] "Yes, I'm through."
yangM maiF setL khrapH
[spoken by male] "It is not finished."
meuuaF raiL jaL setL
"When will it be finished?"
eekL bpraL maanM saawngR saamR naaM theeM khrapH
[spoken by male] "It will be finished in two or three minutes."
khaoR pheerngF maaM jaakL theeF nanF
"He has just recently arrived from there."
johtL maaiR khiianR setL laaeoH khrapH
[spoken by male] "I have finished the letter."
pheuuanF khoonM yangM maiF henR maaM leeuyM khaF
[spoken by female] "Your friend has not yet come."
chanR kheeuyM bpaiM theeF nanF saawngR khrangH laaeoH
"I have been there twice already."
fohnR dtohkL meuuaF wanM saoR theeF laaeoH
"It rained last Saturday."
fohnR dtohkL maaM saamR wanM laaeoH
"It has been raining for the last three days."
chanR pheerngF daiF rapH johtL maaiR jaakL khoonM chitH
"I have just received a letter from Nai Chit."
คืนนี้ คุณจะทำอะไรหรือเปล่าครับ
kheuunM neeH khoonM jaL thamM aL raiM reuuR bplaaoL khrapH
[spoken by male] "Are you doing anything tonight?"
maiF thamM aL raiM khaF
[spoken by female] "I am not doing anything."
chanR maiF daiF phohpH khaoR maaM naanM laaeoH
"I haven’t seen him for a long time."
ฉันมาจากสิงคโปร์เมื่อ วันที่แล้ว
chanR maaM jaakL singR khaH bpo:hM meuuaF saamR wanM theeF laaeoH
"I came from Singapore three days ago."
มันเปียกมาก อย่าวางบนโต๊ะ
manM bpiiakL maakF yaaL waangM bohnM dtoH
"Don’t put it on the table; it is very wet."
chanR meeM ngaanM dtawngF thamM
"I have some work I must do."
rohtH faiM jaakL ooL bohnM maaM laaeoH reuuR yangM khrapH
[spoken by male] "Has the train from Ubon come yet?"
maaM laaeoH khrapH
"Yes, it has (come)."
chanR yangM maiF kheeuyM bpaiM chiiangM maiL leeuyM khaF
[spoken by female] "I haven’t been to Chiang Mai yet."
chanR jaL glapL baanF thanM theeM theeF ngaanM setL
"I will go home as soon as the work is finished."
อีก นาทีรถไฟจะมาถึงครับ
eekL seeL naaM theeM rohtH faiM jaL maaM theungR khrapH
[spoken by male] "The train will arrive in 4 minutes."
chanR jaL glapL maaM naiM maiF chaaH
"I will come back soon."
khoonM yangM maiF dtawngF glapL baanF reuuR
"Don’t you have to go back home?"
kheeuyM yuuL meuuangM thaiM naanM thaoF raiL khaH
[spoken by female] "How long did you live in Thailand?"
khoonM yuuL meuuangM thaiM maaM naanM thaoF raiL laaeoH khaH
[spoken by female] "How long have you been living in Thailand?"
ยังไปไม่ได้ เพราะงานยังไม่เสร็จ
yangM bpaiM maiF daiF phrawH ngaanM yangM maiF setL
"I cannot go because my work is not finished yet."
ฉันไปเชียงใหม่เมื่อ ปีที่แล้ว
chanR bpaiM chiiangM maiL meuuaF saawngR bpeeM theeF laaeoH
"I went to Chiang Mai two years ago."
chanR maaM phohpH khoonM phaiM ratH khaF
[spoken by female] "I have come to see Mr. Pairat."
khaoR glapL baanF bpaiM laaeoH khrapH
[spoken by male] "He has gone home already."

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