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กิโลเมตรต่อชั่วโมงgiL lo:hM metH dtaawL chuaaF mo:hngMkph (kilometer per hour)
เกะกะ gehL gaLjumble; disorderly; cluttered; rowdy
khaawpL khoonM maakF
[a person, younger and/or lower in status, thanking the other who is older and/or higher in status] "Thank you very much"
ขอบพระคุณครับkhaawpL phraH khoonM khrapH[spoken by male] a formal expression of thanks, showing one's gratitude, used by persons of the same social status or when a junior, subordinate, inferior, or young person or fellow thanking a senior, grown-up, adult, or an elder
ขอบพระคุณค่ะkhaawpL phraH khoonM khaF[spoken by female] a formal expression of thanks, showing one's gratitude, used by persons of the same social status or when a junior, subordinate, inferior, or young person or fellow thanking a senior, grown-up, adult, or an elder
ขาประจำในบาร์khaaR bpraL jamM naiM baaMa barfly
แดดจัดdaaetL jatL[weather report] [is] sunny
ตรงหน้าdtrohngM naaFbefore; in front of
neeF thaoF raiM
"How much is this?"
เป็นลางbpenM laangMto bode
ฝนตกfohnR dtohkLit rains; rain falls
phaawM jaL baawkL daiF maiH khrapH waaF
[polite, colloquial] [spoken by a male] "Could you possibly tell me ...?"
แฟนเก่าfaaenM gaoLex-boyfriend; ex-girlfriend
มีค่ะ... จะเอากี่เม็ดคะ
meeM khaF jaL aoM geeL metH khaH
[spoken by a female] "Yes, how many do you want?"
มีเมฆมากmeeM maehkF maakF[is] cloudy
meeM yaaM aaetL phaiM rinM maiH khaH
[spoken by a female] "Do you have any Aspirin?"
ไม่เข้าใจmaiF khaoF jaiM[I, you, they] don't understand
ไม่ทราบว่าmaiF saapF waaFI'd like (or want) to know...; I wonder...; I don't know if...
ไม่ทราบว่า คุณพอจะmaiF saapF waaF khoonM phaawM jaL[polite, colloquial] "I wonder if you could..."; "I wonder if you happen to be able to..."
maiF bpenM raiM
"It doesn't matter." — "Never mind." — "You're welcome" — "Don't mention it." — "It's no big deal."
maiF laayoM
"Not bad!"
รึเปล่า?reuH bplaaoL[colloquial form of หรือเปล่า] ...or not?
ฤดูใบไม้ผลิreuH duuM baiM maaiH phliLthe season; spring
ฤดูใบไม้ร่วงreuH duuM baiM maaiH ruaangFautumn; fall (the season)
ฤดูร้อนreuH duuM raawnHsummer; hot season (March - June in Thailand)
ลมแรงlohmM raaengM[weather report] [is] windy
เล็ก ๆ น้อย ๆlekH lekH naawyH naawyH[of an object, matter or issue] little; small; trifling; trivial; insignificant
laaeoH ngaiM
"[indicating that the previous remark seems unimportant, uninteresting or irrelevant] So what?; What of it?"
singL reuuR reuuangF theeF naaF ramM khaanM jaiM
pet peeve
setL laaeoH
[is] already over; completed; ready; "Finished." — "Done." — "Ready." [answering someone outside the restroom] "I'm through."
setL laaeoH khrapH
[spoken by a male] "Yes, it is ready/finished." [answering someone from inside the restroom] "Yes, I'm through."
setL laaeoH yangM
"Done?" — "Finished?" — "Ready?" — [asking someone in the restroom] "Are you through?"
setL laaeoH reuuR yangM
"Are you finished, or not?"
หรือเปล่าreuuR bplaaoL...or not?
หิมะตกหนักhiL maH dtohkL nakL[is] snowy
อะไรก็ได้aL raiM gaawF daiFanything will do; that option would also be fine; whatever; anything will be okay; anything you want
อุ๊ย uyH"Oops!"; "Whoops!"
ไม่เอา maiF aoMdo(es) not want
เส้นใยอาหารsenF yaiM aaM haanRdietary fiber

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