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Football and Soccer Terms

กรรมการgamM gaanMreferee; umpire
กองกลางgaawngM glaangMmidfielder [football/soccer]
กองหน้าgaawngM naaFstriker [football/soccer]
กองหลังgaawngM langRdefender; rear guard [football/soccer]
การดวลจุดโทษgaanM duaanM jootL tho:htFpenalty shootout
เขตโทษkhaehtL tho:htFpenalty area
เขาทำแฮ้ตถริกได้ แต่กลับถ่อมตัวว่าเพื่อนร่วมทีมชงลูกได้ดี
khaoR thamM haaeH dtohtL rikH daiF dtaaeL glapL thaawmL dtuaaM waaF pheuuanF ruaamF theemM chohngM luukF daiF deeM
"He was able to score a hat trick but humbly stated that [his success was due to] his teammates assisting him with good passing."
khaoR mo:hngL luukF baawnM khaoF bpraL dtuuM bpaiM bpenM luukF sootL thaaiH gaawnL johpL gaanM khaengL khanR
"He headed the ball into the goal; it was the last goal before the end of the game."
ครองบอลkhraawngM baawnMto control the ball [in football/soccer]; ball control
คานประตูkhaanM bpraL dtuuMcrossbar (of a football/soccer goal)
จ่าฝูงjaaL fuungRleader of the pack, league leader [in football/soccer]
จุดโทษjootL tho:htFpenalty spot [in football/soccer]
ชง chohngM[sports, esp. football/soccer] to provide an assist
ดาวเตะdaaoM dtehLthe star player [in football/soccer]
ตัวหลักdtuaaM lakLthe pillar of the side, the anchorman [in football/soccer]
ตีไข่แตกdteeM khaiL dtaaekL[in sports] to score a point or goal coming from behind; score first
เตะมุมdtehL moomMcorner kick [in football/soccer]
เตะลูกโทษdtehL luukF tho:htFpenalty kick [football/soccer]
ทดเวลาthohtH waehM laaMinjury time (out)
ทีมฟุตบอลของเราเพิ่งจะตีไข่แตกหลังจากที่คู่แข่งขันนำไป ประตูแล้ว
theemM footH baawnM khaawngR raoM pheerngF jaL dteeM khaiL dtaaekL langR jaakL theeF khuuF khaengL khanR namM bpaiM saawngR bpraL dtuuM laaeoH
"Our football team just put a point on the scoreboard after our opponent lead by two goals."
ทีมเหย้าtheemM yaoFhome team
ใบแดงbaiM daaengMred card; to be red carded in football (soccer)
ใบเหลืองbaiM leuuangRyellow card; to be yellow carded [football/soccer]
ประตูฟุตบอลbpraL dtuuM footH baawnMsoccer goal
ปราการหลังbpraaM gaanM langRto fort behind (i.e. a defender) [in football/soccer]
ปัดออกbpatL aawkLto deflect (a shot on goal, e.g.) [football/soccer]
ปีกชาวbpeekL chaaoMwinger [position in football/soccer]
ปีกตัวจี๊ดbpeekL dtuaaM jeetHwinger [position in football/soccer]
ผู้กำกับเส้นphuuF gamM gapL senFlineman [official in football/soccer]
ผู้รักษาประตูphuuF rakH saaR bpraL dtuuMgoalie (hockey); goal-keeper (football/soccer)
ผู้รักษาประตูphuuF rakH saaR bpraL dtuuMgoalkeeper [football/soccer]
ฟาวล์faaoM[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] foul
ฟุตบอลโลกfootH baawnM lo:hkFFootball World Cup
ยิง yingMto attempt a kick at the goal (football and soccer)
การยิงgaanM yingMa shot on goal [football/soccer]
ยิงเข้ากรอบyingM khaoF graawpLshot on target; shot on goal
raH bohpL khwaamM raawnH dtaiF saL naamR yaaF
undersoil heating system (for playing fields located in cold climates)
ล้ำหน้าlamH naaFoffsides [football/soccer]
ลูกเตะมุมluukF dtehL moomMcorner kick (football/soccer)
ศูนย์หน้าsuunR naaFcentre-forward [position in football/soccer]
เส้นประตูsenF bpraL dtuuMgoal line (in football/soccer)
แฮ้ตถริกhaaeH dtohtL rikH[Thai transcription of foreign loanword] hat trick
แฮตทริกhaaeM dtohtL rikH[Thai subscription of foreign loanword] hat-trick
เสียประตูsiiaR bpraL dtuuMto give up a goal (in football or soccer, for example)
ฟรีคิกfreeM khikH[Thai transcription of foreign loanword] free kick (in football/soccer)
รองเท้าสตั๊ดraawngM thaaoH saL dtatHfootball boots; football shoes with studs; shoes with cleats.
แขวนสตั๊ดkhwaaenR saL dtatH[football/soccer] to hang up one's cleats; retire from playing

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