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Football and Soccer Terms

ศูนย์หน้าsuunR naaFcentre-forward [position in football/soccer]
เตะมุมdtehL moomMcorner kick [in football/soccer]
กองหลังgaawngM langRdefender; rear guard [football/soccer]
ผู้รักษาประตูphuuF rakH saaR bpraL dtuuMgoalkeeper [football/soccer]
จ่าฝูงjaaL fuungRleader of the pack, league leader [in football/soccer]
ผู้กำกับเส้นphuuF gamM gapL senFlineman [official in football/soccer]
กองกลางgaawngM glaangMmidfielder [football/soccer]
ล้ำหน้าlamH naaFoffsides [football/soccer]
เตะลูกโทษdtehL luukF tho:htFpenalty kick [football/soccer]
ตัวหลักdtuaaM lakLthe pillar of the side, the anchorman [in football/soccer]
ใบแดงbaiM daaengMred card; to be red carded in football (soccer)
กรรมการgamM gaanMreferee; umpire
การยิงgaanM yingMa shot on goal [football/soccer]
ยิงเข้ากรอบyingM khaoF graawpLshot on target; shot on goal
ประตูฟุตบอลbpraL dtuuM footH baawnMsoccer goal
ดาวเตะdaaoM dtehLthe star player [in football/soccer]
กองหน้าgaawngM naaFstriker [football/soccer]
ยิง yingMto attempt a kick at the goal (football and soccer)
ครองบอลkhraawngM baawnMto control the ball [in football/soccer]; ball control
ปัดออกbpatL aawkLto deflect (a shot on goal, e.g.) [football/soccer]
ปราการหลังbpraaM gaanM langRto fort behind (i.e. a defender) [in football/soccer]
ปีกตัวจี๊ดbpeekL dtuaaM jeetHwinger [position in football/soccer]
ปีกชาวbpeekL chaaoMwinger [position in football/soccer]
ใบเหลืองbaiM leuuangRyellow card; to be yellow carded [football/soccer]
ฟุตบอลโลกfootH baawnM lo:hkFFootball World Cup
คานประตูkhaanM bpraL dtuuMcrossbar (of a football/soccer goal)
เส้นประตูsenF bpraL dtuuMgoal line (in football/soccer)
ทดเวลาthohtH waehM laaMinjury time (out)
ฟาวล์faaoM[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] foul
ผู้รักษาประตูphuuF rakH saaR bpraL dtuuMgoalie (hockey); goal-keeper (football/soccer)
ลูกเตะมุมluukF dtehL moomMcorner kick (football/soccer)
เขตโทษkhaehtL tho:htFpenalty area
การดวลจุดโทษgaanM duaanM jootL tho:htFpenalty shootout
ตีไข่แตกdteeM khaiL dtaaekL[in sports] to score a point or goal coming from behind; score first
ทีมฟุตบอลของเราเพิ่งจะตีไข่แตกหลังจากที่คู่แข่งขันนำไป ประตูแล้ว
theemM footH baawnM khaawngR raoM pheerngF jaL dteeM khaiL dtaaekL langR jaakL theeF khuuF khaengL khanR namM bpaiM saawngR bpraL dtuuM laaeoH
"Our football team just put a point on the scoreboard after our opponent lead by two goals."
ทีมเหย้าtheemM yaoFhome team
khaoR mo:hngL luukF baawnM khaoF bpraL dtuuM bpaiM bpenM luukF sootL thaaiH gaawnL johpL gaanM khaengL khanR
"He headed the ball into the goal; it was the last goal before the end of the game."
raH bohpL khwaamM raawnH dtaiF saL naamR yaaF
undersoil heating system (for playing fields located in cold climates)
แฮ้ตถริกhaaeH dtohtL rikH[Thai transcription of foreign loanword] hat trick
เขาทำแฮ้ตถริกได้ แต่กลับถ่อมตัวว่าเพื่อนร่วมทีมชงลูกได้ดี
khaoR thamM haaeH dtohtL rikH daiF dtaaeL glapL thaawmL dtuaaM waaF pheuuanF ruaamF theemM chohngM luukF daiF deeM
"He was able to score a hat trick but humbly stated that [his success was due to] his teammates assisting him with good passing."
ชง chohngM[sports, esp. football/soccer] to provide an assist

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