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หม้อ  maawF 
contents of this page
1.small container
2.a pot for cooking
4.[sexual slang] vagina
5.[numerical classifier for battery]

Royal Institute - 1982
หม้อ  /ม่อ/
[นาม] ภาชนะประเภทหนึ่ง สำหรับหุงต้ม และใส่ของบางอย่าง ทำด้วยดินเผาหรือโลหะต่างๆ.

pronunciation guide
Phonemic Thaiม่อ
Royal Thai General Systemmo

1. common Thai word   [noun]
small container

examplesหม้อบรรจุไฟฟ้าmaawF banM jooL faiM faaHbattery
หม้อน้ำรถยนต์maawF naamH rohtH yohnMautomobile radiator
หม้อแปลงไฟฟ้าmaawF bplaaengM faiM faaHpower transformer; power adapter
หม้อกรองอากาศmaawF graawngM aaM gaatLair filter
หม้อน้ำmaawF naamHradiator; boiler
หม้อแปลงไฟmaawF bplaaengM faiMelectrical transformer
หม้อตุ๋นmaawF dtoonRdouble boiler
ทุบหม้อข้าวthoopH maawF khaaoFto destroy one's career
ยาหม้อyaaM maawFtraditional medicine; herbal medicine
thoopH maawF khaaoF maawF gaaengM
"To take the bread out of one's mouth."
ยาหม้อหมายถึงยาไทยที่ประกอบด้วยสมุนไพร กระดูกสัตว์ และเครื่องยาอื่น ๆ ใส่หม้อต้มแล้วกินน้ำที่เคี่ยวจนงวดเพื่อบำบัดโรค
yaaM maawF maaiR theungR yaaM thaiM theeF bpraL gaawpL duayF saL moonR phraiM graL duukL satL laeH khreuuangF yaaM euunL euunL saiL maawF dtohmF laaeoH ginM naamH theeF khiaaoF johnM nguaatF pheuuaF bamM batL ro:hkF
"ยาหม้อ means, Thai medicine which is composed of herbs, animal bones, and other medicinal ingredients (which are) put into a pot and boiled; (you) then consume the liquid (which) is rendered out in order to cure your illness."
suaanL khohnM thaiM nanH makH jaL phraaF reuuR dtohmF gaaengM bpaiM dtaamM reuuangF laeH wiH theeM jeenM nanH chaiH aoM dtaL giiapL kheepF choopH lohngM bpaiM naiM maawF gaoM laoR raawnH
"Thais are accustomed [to preparing oysters] by infusing [them with lime juice] or cooking [them as a] traditional curry dish; the Chinese methods is to grasp [an oyster with] pair of chopsticks and dip it in a pot of hot soup."
maaeF yawL namH bplaaM lohngM bpaiM naiM maawF gaaengM lekH naawyH pheuuaF pheermF khwaamM khemM
"My mother slowly added fish sauce to the curry pot drop by drop to make it a bit more salty."
2. common Thai word   [noun]
a pot for cooking

classifierใบ baiM[numerical classifier for bottles, drinking glasses, backpacks, money, leaves, sheets, hats, the world, cards and other flat objects, eggs]; [colloquial classifier for eggs]
examplesหม้ออบเนื้อmaawF ohpL neuuaHroaster pan
หม้อทองแดงmaawF thaawngM daaengMa copper cooking pot
หม้อข้าวหม้อแกงmaawF khaaoF maawF gaaengMcookware, pots and pans
น้ำตาลหม้อnamH dtaanM maawFpalm sugar in earthen pots
คอหม้อkhaawM maawFthe mouth of an earthen pot
ไม่มีข้าวสารกรอกหม้อmaiF meeM khaaoF saanR graawkL maawF(old adage) to be extremely impoverished or poor, that one has no rice to fill in the pot
หม้อหุงข้าว maawF hoongR khaaoFrice cooker
ปิดตาตีหม้อbpitL dtaaM dteeM maawF[name of a traditional Thai game/entertainment in the past]
หม้ออบmaawF ohpLcasserole (dish)
ผ้าเช็ดหม้อphaaF chetH maawFdishcloth
หม้อข้าวmaawF khaaoFrice pot
ตำข้าวสารกรอกหม้อdtamM khaaoF saanR graawkL maawFto husk enough rice to fill (one day’s) pot — to do enough work to provide food to eat for only one day; to complete just enough for a single, temporary use
ขนมหม้อแกงkhaL nohmR maawF gaaengMcurry custard
ช่างปั้นหม้อchangF bpanF maawFThai name for the Stoke City F.C. (Stoke)
ข้าวปากหม้อkhaaoF bpaakL maawFthe first spoonfuls of rice from the pot
ช่างปั้นหม้อchangF bpanF maawFpotter (a person who makes pots)
หม้อกาแฟmaawF gaaM faaeMcoffeepot; coffee maker
หม้อดินmaawF dinMclay pot
ผ้าจับหม้อphaaF japL maawFpotholder
ฝาหม้อfaaR maawFpot lid
หม้อหุงต้มmaawF hoongR dtohmFcooking pot
แกงหม้อใหญ่gaaengM maawF yaiLto cheat someone in a big manner; trick someone in a major way
หม้อไฟmaawF faiMhot pot (often heated with charcoal and featuring a small chimney in the center)
เธอคิด พร้อมกับคนซุปในหม้อ
thuuhrM khitH phraawmH gapL khohnM soopH naiM maawF
"She thinks while stirring the soup in the pot!"
thoopH maawF khaaoF maawF gaaengM
"To take the bread out of one's mouth."
maaeF aoM thapH pheeM khwaanM lohngM bpaiM khuutL khaaoF theeF maiF dtitL gohnF maawF
"My mother used her rice spatula to dig out the burned rice stuck to the bottom of the pot."
บางที่มีปั้นหม้อ บางที่มีทำเส้นก๋วยเตี๋ยว
baangM theeF meeM bpanF maawF baangM theeF meeM thamM senF guayR dtiaaoR
"Some places produce pottery while others produce rice noodles."
3.   [noun]

classifierหม้อ maawF[numerical classifier for battery]
examplesหม้อไฟmaawF faiMa large battery
หม้อแบตเตอรี่maawF baaetL dtuuhrM reeFa battery
หม้อแปลงmaawF bplaaengMtransformer
4.   [noun, figurative, colloquial]
[sexual slang] vagina

examplesตีหม้อdteeM maawF[colloquial sexual slang] to copulate [used by male when engaging in a sexual intercourse with a prostitute]
ติดหม้อdtitL maawF[impolite slang] to be very fond of (women's) vagina(s)
หน้าหม้อnaaF maawF[colloquial slang] playboy; male flirt; Don Juan; player
5.   [classifier]
[numerical classifier for battery]

ข้าวตากkhaaoF dtaakLdried cooked rice
แบตเตอรี่ baaetL dtuuhrM reeF[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] battery
หม้อ maawFbattery
หม้อบรรจุไฟฟ้าmaawF banM jooL faiM faaHbattery

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