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ภาษา » คำอุทาน
Language » Interjections - Exclamations

กรรรร ganM raawnM"Grrrr..." [usually used of dogs, but sometimes of humans, too]
กระแอม graL aaemMto utter "ahem"; to cough; to clear the throat; to hem
กรี๊ด greetHto shriek [to express sheer fear, disappointment or annoyance]
กันแน่ganM naaeF[expressing irritability] "for sure"; "exactly"
กึ๋ย geuyR[an interjection used to express fear or astonishment ] "Yikes!"
เกินจะเชื่อ!geernM jaL cheuuaFcockamamy; disbelieving; distrustful; doubtful; dubious; sceptical; suspicious; unbelieving; unconvinced
khaawngR phuaakF neeH phaaengM geernM bpaiM
"These things are too expensive."
khaawR saL daaengM khwaamM napH theuuR baawM riH satL
[closing of a letter] Respectfully yours; Regards; Yours faithfully,
khoonM phraH chuayF
"Oh, my goodness!; Oh, my god! Ohmigosh!; God!; Oh, my!"
khoonM phaeH chuayF
[euphemistic exclamation with an attempt to avoid blasphemy and profanity] "Holy Guacamole (Cow, Toledo, Mackerel, etc)!"
kho:htF khemM leeuyM
[impolite emphasis] "(He's) utterly stingy!"
kho:htF beuuaL leeuyM
[impolite emphasis] "(I'm) extremely being bored!"
ใครหนอkhraiM naawR"I wonder who..."
โง่เง่าเต่าตุ่น!ngo:hF ngaoF dtaoL dtoonL[derogatory] [is] unintelligent; brainless; dense; dim; half-witted; moronic; obtuse; simple; simple-minded; slow; slow-witted; thick; foolish; asinine; daft (informal); idiotic; imbecilic; inane; nonsensical; pointless; rash; senseless; unintelligent
จริงหรือ!?jingM reuuRReally?
จ้ะjaF[spoken to a person of lower status, or to an intimate acquaintance] yes
จ๊ะjaH[word added at the end of a sentence conveying intimacy and politeness]
จ๋า jaaR(saying) yes (in a very sweet, darling way; used by males or females)
จ๊ากjaakH[a cry of horror] eek!
จ๊าบjaapH[an informal interjection and transient Thai slang used to express interest or excitement] "(You look) sharp (or spiffy or spruce)!"; "Cool!"
เจ๋ง jengR[expressing admiration] "Cool!"; "Swell!"; "Kick ass!"
แจ๋ว jaaeoRgreat; wonderful; excellent; [interjection] "Cool!" — "Kick ass!"
ฉิบหายล่ะ!chipL haaiR laF"Shit!"; "Holy shit!"
ช่วยด้วยchuayF duayF[a call of distress] "Help!"
ชิ้ว chiuH[an interjection used when you are chasing something away from you]
ชิ้ว ๆ chiuH chiuH[an interjection used when you are chasing something away from you] "Shoo!"; to drive away by saying or shouting “shoo!”
ชู่ว์ chuuF[used to urge silence] "Shh!" — "Hush!"
ไชโย chaiM yo:hM"Cheers!" — "Yay!" — "Hurray!" — "Hurrah!"; "Huzza!"
ซี้ด seetH[an interjection used during an intercourse to express pleasure or to signal that a climax is reached]
ซื่อบื้อ!seuuF beuuF[colloquial slang showing disapproval] (being a) twit; twerp; twirp; nincompoop; numbskull; numskull; prat; dunderhead; halfwit; half-witted; imbecile; moron; moronic; annoyingly stupid or foolish
ดี deeM[is] good; well; fine; nice; excellent; high
ดีล่ะdeeM laFWell!
dtohkL jaiM mohtL leeuyM
"[an interjection used or said immediately after someone has sneaked up on you] You scared the bejesus (living daylights) out of me!"
dtaL lohkL daaekL
"[showing disapproval to a person given to foolish, odd, coarse or undignified joking] What a buffoon!"
ต๊องdtaawngH[colloquial slang] wacky; being a space cadet, oddball, weirdo or weirdie; being a spaz
ตาเถรตก!dtaaM thaehnR dtohkL[exclamation, used mostly by old women when dropping something on the floor or when startled or surprised]
ตาเถรตกใต้ถุน!dtaaM thaehnR dtohkL dtaiF thoonR[exclamation, used mostly by old women when dropping something on the floor or when startled or surprised]
ตายจริงdtaaiM jingM[expressing sympathy] "Alas!"; [expressing surprise, disappointment, astonishment] "Jeez..."
ติ๊งต๊อง dtingH dtaawngH[colloquial slang, sometimes shortened as ต๊อง] being a space cadet; being a spaz; eccentric; odd; freakish; peculiar; quirky; strange; flaky; odd; wacky; lightheaded; forgetful; inept; being a klutz or clumsy person
ทุด thootH[an interjection used to express contempt or spitting one's saliva]
นั่นไง nanF ngaiMbingo!; So that's what happened!
น่าขำ!naaF khamR[is] funny; musing; amused; to feel amused; cockamamy
น่ารำคาญจริงเชียว!naaF ramM khaanM jingM chiaaoM"Blah!"
น่าหัวร่อ!naaF huaaR raawF[is] cockamamy; ridiculous; laughable; comic; comical; farcical; funny; gelastic; ludicrous; risible
น่าอนาถจริงหนอ...naaF aL naatL jingM naawR[showing pathos] "Alas!" — "How pitiful!"
เนี่ย niiaF[a particle and interjection placed at the beginning or the end of a sentence or clause to attract attention or to emphasize]
บรึ๋ย breuyR[exclamation of fear or sensations of cold] Brr!
บ๊ะ baH[expletive interjection of anger or annoyance] darn!, drat!
พุทโท่ phootH tho:hF[an expression of dismay] Alas!
ฟังนะ!fangM naHListen up!
แม่ง maaengF[a rude interjection used to express extreme disappointment, anger and all sorts of bad tempers]
แม่เจ้าโว้ย!maaeF jaoF wooyH[an interjection used to express great surprise] "Boy!"
maiF laayoM
"Not bad!"
เย่ yehF[an interjection used to express happiness and excitement] yay!; hooray!
เยี่ยมไปเลย!yiiamF bpaiM leeuyMBrilliant!
แย่จัง!yaaeF jangMToo bad!
raaF reerngM naawyL siL
"Cheer up!"
เรอะ ruhH[colloquial spelling of หรือ  and an alteration of หรือ —an interrogative utterance, usually expressing surprise or doubt or seeking confirmation] Eh?
ไร้สาระraiH saaR raH[is] ridiculous; nonsensical — "Balls!" (nonsense, stupid); "Blah!"
เลิศ leertF[a stylish exclamation used for praising someone or something] "Wonderful!" — "Divine!" — "Gracious!"
lo:hngF ohkL bpaiM theeM
"Whew! That's a relief."
ว้า waaH[a word placed at the end of a sentence to express doubt or perplexity]
ว้า waaH[an interjection used to express dissatisfaction or when something turns out not as planned]
ว้าย waaiH[exclamation, used by women when surprised or frightened]
ว้าว waaoH[an exclamation of wonder and approval] Boy!
ว้าว waaoH[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] Wow!
วุ้ย wuyH[exclamation, used mostly by men when hurt, startled, or surprised]
เว้ย weeuyH[variant of โว้ย]
โว้ยwooyH[an interjection placed at the end of a sentence or phrase to
  • answer a call
  • call or ask someone
  • express surprise or amazement
] "Hey!"; "Ahoy!"; "Wow!"
โว้ยwooyH[an impolite interjection used to express fury, anger, indignation or an outcry] "What's going on!?!?" "What the hell!?!?"
ส้นตีน!sohnF dteenM[an extremely vulgar curse directed at one who is boorish, loutish, churlish, coarse, crude, oafish, uncivilized, uncouth or vulgar]
sohmR namH naaF
"Serves you right!"
หนอย naawyR[an interjection expressed when one is irate, because the other is deliberately putting you to the test, or because the other is being โอหัง ]
หยี yeeR[expressing disgust] "Phew!" — "Gross!"
หา haaR[used as an exclamation of surprise, interrogation, suspicion, triumph, etc.] Ha?
เหลวไหลlaayoR laiR[is] nonsensical; unreliable; worthless; [interjection] "Blah!"
เหวอ wuuhrR[an interjection used to express fear or astonishment ] "Yikes!"
แหม maaeR[an interjection used to express surprise, coyness or shyness, and discontent]
แหยะ yaeL"Phooey!" — "Gross!" — [chiefly the Midwestern U.S.] "Ish!"
แหวะ waeL[interjection] "Gross!" — "Ish!" — "Phooey!" — "Eew!"
โห่ ho:hLto boo, to hail; [onomatopoeia of the sound of a long undulating shout or cheer]; [an exclamation of contempt, disapproval, disapprobation or derision]
ให้ตายสิhaiF dtaaiM siL"I'll be damned!"
อนิจจัง aL nitH jangM"Alas!"
อ๋อ aawR[an interjection used to express understanding, comprehension, epiphany or discovery] "Oh, that is..."
อะไรนะ?aL raiM naH"What?" — "Huh?" — "What did you say?" — "What was that?"
อะฮ้า aL haaH[an interjection used to express delight or exuberance] "Whee!"
อะแฮ่ม aL haaemFahem
อา aaM[the sound you make when something dawns on you] Ah...
อา aaM[an exclamation of pain, surprise, pity, complaint, dislike, joy, etc., according to the manner of utterance] Ah...
อาเมน aaM maehnM[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] amen
อ้าว aaoF[an interjection used in front of a sentence when something turns out not as planned]
อืมม์euumM[onomatopoeia] Hmmm
อื้อ euuF[an interjection used when you acknowledge what someone has just said]
อื้อหือ euuF heuuR[exclamation of astonishment] "Wow!"
อุ้ย uyF[exclamation, used mostly by men when hurt, startled, or surprised]
อุ๊ย uyH"Oops!"; "Whoops!"
เอ aehM[expressing a pause, hesitation, uncertainty, etc.] er...
เออ uuhrM[particle indicating impolite exclamation of agreement and assent used among close friends only] Yeah.
เอ๊ะ ehH[an exclamation used to express perplexity, doubt, confusion or dissatisfaction] "Say,..." "I wonder..."
โอ้ o:hF[an interjection used to express contemplation; pleading, grief, sympathy, consolation, etc.] Oh!
โอมเพี่ยง!o:hmM phiiangFOam... presto! (May it be as I wish now!)
โอย ooyM[expressing dismay, pain, annoyance, grief, etc.] "Oy!" — "Oy vey!"
โอ๊ย ooyH[expressing sudden pain] Ouch!
โอ้โห o:hF ho:hR[exclamation of astonishment] "Wow!"
โอ้โฮ o:hF ho:hM[expressing surprise, enthusiasm or simple emphasis] Gee! Holy cow!
ฮัดเช่ย hatH cheeuyF[used in written Thai to represent the sound of a person sneezing] ahchoo; achoo; hachoo; kerchoo
ฮ่า haaF[used as an exclamation or representation of laughter, as in expressing amusement or derision] ha-ha
ฮ่าฮ่าฮ่า haaF haaF haaF[onomatopoeia] sound of a loud, boisterous laugh: a sound of gaffaw
ฮึ heuH[used as an exclamation of surprise, bewilderment, disbelief, contempt or interrogation] Huh?
ฮึ่ม heumF[expressing anger] Darn!
เฮ haehM[onomatopoeia] sound of approval or joy (as that received from the crowd, a meeting or gathering)
เฮ้hehH[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] Hey!
เฮ่อ huuhrFform of เฮ้อ 
เฮ้อ huuhrH[expressing exhaustion, relief, etc.] Phew! (i.e. exhaling)
เฮอะ huhH"Bah!"
แฮ่ haaeF[see กรรรร ]
aL raiM jaL khaL naatL neeH
"What the...!" "What a mess!" "Are you serious?"

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